• I Desire You, My Subjects To Pray And Worship In The Roman Manner and Be Content…

    1. Apr. 2007, 18:07

    Damn this. The only money I ever make is the allowance I get daily. $10 a day. It's enough for me, I rarely ever eat a lot and tend not to spend frivolously. Only problem is that I have this amazing tendency to spend on stuff I really like. It's an addiction almost.

    I have a bad habit with books. I have a lot and have yet to read. I read a lot, I admit. But I only have 24 hours a day the last time I checked. Movies are another passion of mine and made worse daily by the fact I'm a student of it. I spend money on the cinema and the DVDs from time to time. It's not cheap either, but money rarely is important to me when compared to what I get from watching.

    The third bad habit, for a poor student like myself is music. I have an immense desire to get music. I don't know why. It's very rare for me to go out and not go to a music store. And usually I come out with something in my hand, like today. I have a handphone bill to pay and a library premium membership to renew, which I'll do by tomorrow hopefully, and also some other expenses but instead I blow most of my cash on music CDs. I decided to list here my last fifteen purchases at least for no reason other than I have time on my hands at the moment.

    Any receommendations is appreciated with the most open arms ever. I'll be grateful for it. Thank you.

    Music From Latvia

    Paulo De Carvalho - Desculpen Qualquer Coisinha

    Disraeli Gears


    Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars: The Motion Picture Soundtrack - This Is the 30th Anniversary Edition

    Hṛṣṭa - L'Éclat du Ciel Était Insoutenable

    Hṛṣṭa - Stem Stem In Electro

    Symphony No.3

    Mahala Rai Banda

    The Illusion Of Safety

    Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness

    Gay For Johnny Depp - Blood: The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah)


    Music Of The Middle East

    Déjà vu

    Damn, in these day, when you can have mp3s, the idea and feel of owning CDs or vinyls is so different. Almost epic. Like you just tore down walls or something.
  • The Truth Leaked, Let's Go Blow a Horn and be Merry on Mead

    11. Mär. 2007, 6:50

    A great article that really is very good and highlights what is very important, which is The Librtines are an important band and an excellent band.

    After The Libertines: What today's bands owe Carl and Pete
    By Anthony Thornton
    Published: 09 March 2007

    In November 2002, as albums by Gareth Gates, Sum 41 and Westlife dominated the charts, the debut album by a new British guitar band arrived unheralded on record store shelves. Given downbeat reviews by the British press, it staggered to No 35 in the charts. The following week it limped out, having bothered the charts only briefly, like a scruffy gatecrasher at an exclusive party.

    That should have been that: another British guitar band unable to find a welcome in charts that seemed the preserve of TV talent contest winners, American nu metal and boybands. Yet, five years on, The Libertines' Up the Bracket is considered to be year zero for the current crop of successful Britrockers.

    The charts today are very different. Nu metal is finished, and a reality TV show winner is no longer guaranteed success. Post-Libertines bands rule the charts: Sheffield's Arctic Monkeys came up with the fastest-selling debut album of all time, Whatever I Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, selling more than 1.5 million; Brighton's The Kooks have sold 1.2 million records with Inside In/Inside Out; The Fratellis, from Glasgow, have sold 750,000 copies of Costello Music; and the self-titled debut album by Dundee's The View crashed in at No 1 in January, selling more than 200,000 records in just three weeks.

    Luke Pritchard, the lead singer of The Kooks, thinks music has undergone a seismic change in the past five years. "When we started out, we felt that the music business was vacuous," he says. "We're in a period of transition. It's come round to music again."

    The Libertines wanted to be an important band, but they could not have predicted the impact they would have. The singer and guitarist Carl Barât regretfully split The Libertines in 2004 after a rancorous falling-out with his songwriting partner Pete Doherty. Barât's parting words after the band's final concert were for the fans rather than the media. "It's your turn, really," he said. "All the people who've come to our gigs and picked up a guitar, all the people who say they've liberated themselves... I look forward to what you come up with."

    And they certainly came up with something. Alan McGee, who signed Oasis and managed The Libertines for their last 18 months, says: "The Kooks and The Fratellis and The View are probably the bands you can most call 'post-Libertine'. The Kooks are like a poppy Doherty - they sound like The Libertines' acoustic demos. The View are Up the Bracket-period Libertines, and The Fratellis have just got that Libertines stomp."

    Doherty is now better known for dating Kate Moss and his dissolute lifestyle, but for a generation of music fans and musicians, it's the music of his former band that's important. While Doherty's exploits have been splashed across the media, the bands that followed The Libertines have quietly become big.

    These bands have a homespun sensibility that seems at odds with their massive record sales. It's this attitude - which The Libertines had in spades - that's the key to their success. McGee is delighted. "People needed a year and a half [after The Libertines split] for it to make sense," he says. "But when they got it, it meant that you could forget scummy pop like Robbie Williams and Coldplay. It was a kick in the balls for celebrity culture and reality TV."

    James Endeacott of 1965 records, who signed The View, believes The Libertines were the impetus behind his band. "The View say that Oasis made them want to be in a band. The Libertines made them realise that it was possible," he says.

    These bands don't sound as if they've been produced to sell to an international market; these are homegrown songs that, most importantly, sound homegrown. Accents are authentically British, as are the references. Take The Fratellis' "Chelsea Dagger", which reached No 5 in the charts. It has knockabout charm and a scuffed-up chorus that could only have come from Britain. It's part-"Lambeth Walk" and part-football terrace chant; if anyone outside the UK had a crack at it, it would sound as convincing as Dick Van Dyke's cockney chimney-sweep in Mary Poppins.

    At the turn of the millennium, top sellers such as Coldplay, Stereophonics and Travis produced lyrics made up of vague emotional gestures. In contrast, the lyrics of the post-Libertines set are masterclasses in the delights of British parochial pleasures.

    McGee is adamant that this is a change for the better. "For these bands, lyrics are far more important than they were five years ago," he says. "They're observational, about real experiences. You can feel the spirit of The Libertines' grounded romanticism from songs like 'Time For Heroes' or 'Good Old Days'."

    The View's No 3 hit "Same Jeans" is about dressing down to go to an indie disco; the Arctic Monkeys' "A Certain Romance" is as damning and harrowing a description of a weekend night in a British town centre as The Jam's "That's Entertainment"; and The Kooks even had a single featuring that most British of icons, a sofa, named with a refreshing literalness, "Sofa Song". There's not much likelihood that they'll be recording a US version called "Couch Song". Pritchard says: "I try to keep my lyrics very honest. I hate people pretending to be something they're not."

    Musically, with a post-Libertine band, there's a prevalence of tinny guitars with a trebly register that sound as though the band had just strolled in off the street and plugged in. And an acoustic guitar is never out far away for all but the Arctic Monkeys. "In the late Nineties, it was hip-hop and dance culture; now it's all about songwriting," Pritchard says.

    The production may have a little more oomph than The Libertines, but the origins can't be disguised. Even McGee is impressed. "It's just great songs," he says. "It doesn't matter who recorded them. When I play The View or Arctic Monkeys at a club, the place goes mental."

    Equally, the imagery of the post-Libertines bands is derived from the jumbled British aesthetic of Barât's group. The cover photo of the Arctic Monkeys' debut album - a bloke smoking a fag - is kitchen-sink realism; The Kooks hang out in a Withnail and I-style flat in the video of "Naive"; The Fratellis' covers are illustrated with saucy Alberto Vargas-style pin-ups; and The View's cut-and-paste cover art is Sex Pistols meets MySpace.

    But perhaps the thing that most marks these bands out as post-Libertines is their attitude towards the fans. Traditionally, bands see fans as a necessary evil: they make sure that once the show's over there is an invite-only aftershow before taking themselves off to the hotel. "The social aspect is so important," McGee says. "The Libertines never differentiated between an NME journalist or a fan - everyone was the same."

    Endeacott agrees. "When I was a kid watching Bowie and Bolan, they seemed distant and untouchable. The Libertines erased the barrier between fans and band. The View are a total fans' band; they do it for the 250 kids in front. They're all their mates. It's all about friends and family for them. When they're out, they meet their fans. It's not us and them. The View got that from The Libertines."

    The Arctic Monkeys, the biggest of the lot, should - according to rock cliché - be riding Harleys up and down Sunset Strip in LA and hanging out with supermodels. In fact, they always find time for the fans. Whether it's putting on small, secret shows, going out to indie discos, or - as happened a month ago - giving an impromptu preview of a new song at a clothes shop in Sheffield, they're thinking about the fans precisely because they know exactly what it's like to be one.

    Strangely, the former Libertines themselves have yet to taste the success of the bands they inspired. Their own post-Libertines bands, Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things, have so far sold a fraction of the numbers of records by other post-Libertines groups. Even The Libertines' own records haven't hit such stellar heights. McGee feels that this is the inevitable fate of pioneers. "The Libertines' biggest-selling record was the self-titled second album. It sold 300,000 in the UK, but their influence was monumental," he says.

    "It was like The Clash; until 'Combat Rock' they were a massive influence, but without the sales to match. It was strange with The Libertines, as no one saw it coming, but they changed music, probably for the next 10 years. I don't think Pete and Carl even realise what they've done."

    So have The Libertines joined that elite strata of bands, like the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls, who inspired hundreds of bands but never became million-sellers? Even if that's so, McGee is convinced of their importance. "There's nothing wrong with being the inventors of a formula. They were such an iconic band, and all iconic bands get their rewards. In 20 years' time, people will still be buying those Libs records. I don't know if they'll be buying The Fratellis, but that's not a bad thing. Pop culture is supposed to move really fast."

    It would appear that The Libertines are already getting major recognition, though. A recent poll by the British Book of Hit Albums and Singles put Up the Bracket at No 15 in a chart of the best albums of all time, while NME put the album at No 10 in a list of the best British albums of all time. That's not at all bad for a record that made the short hop from the release schedule to the bargain bins.

    'The Libertines: Bound Together' by Anthony Thornton is published by Time Warner Books (£6.99)
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  • The Bulwarks Cracked and Leaked, Millions of Trolls crawl through, 10,000 side by…

    26. Feb. 2007, 19:44

    15, 000th track : The Jam - "Town Called Malice"

    Quite a good band, something i'll go back to listening from time to time.

    Let's talk about my overall top ten.

    1. The Rolling Stones

    Sweet band, I never liked them at first, maybe 'cause of how they handled their records and concerts and all. But when I first heard them, I fell in love. They were awesome. What's more, I head the instrumentals at first, not the actual tracks. I love their music, their tracks. It's moving and extremely beautiful. I like hearing the lyrics. It's one of those bands that help me a lot in different states of emotion. A great band with many albums for me to discover.

    2. T. Rex

    A relatively new find, but I like the music and the style. It's fascinating to hear and just so tempting and intriguing. I mean with lyrics like, "I drive a Rolls Royce, because it's good for my voice", i don't know, i just can't help but hum. He has an appeal to me, Marc Bolan and his image fascinates me. His music is just awesome. I'll recount and incident. I was walking up and about as I was confused over some problems with love and the girl I liked. I kept thinking about it and I was listening to T. Rex on my iPod. There were a few songs that sort of just slaapped me while in those thoughts. Like when I was wondering should it be a good idea to sms her to go out, Marc Bolan went and sang something love shine on me and things like that and there were parts in other songs too, all linked to the exact emotion at that time that striked me. There was one about taking the opportunity and chance or something. I was just stunned and thought T. Rex was like talking to me. I have been attracted to T. Rex even more since. Oh yah, I asked her for a movie but ever went. Better luck next time.

    3. My Dying Bride

    An awesome band. Their last album captivated me. Also with its lyrics, which sort of related to my love problems, but more because his voice is so amazing. They are absolutely good to listen to be it day or night, on on iPod or at home on an stereo and whatever. It's an appeal difficult to describe. Sensual and smoky and just stunning music that enchants you. Emotionally challenging, it's just fascinating to listen to them. I notice I always discover a lot when I listen to them.

    4. Led Zeppelin

    A band that is just stunning. Their song 'Immigrant Song' is awesome, blows me away and such a great anthemic song, probably the best ever. Their albums are what intrigue me. Each has a different character. I always listen in full and only listen to two singles, the one just mentioned and 'D'Yer Ma'ker'. They have different stylings and their atmospher and mood for each album is very unique. I like listening to their stuff rarely out of emotion but because it's journey, something to discover from here and there, learning a new fact that kind of feeling.

    5. The Beatles

    This is a band that makes lovely music. I don't know what to say, but they have really good stuff to listen to. Both Paul McCartney and John Lennon has bloody good voices and couple that with the splendid experimentations of George Harrison, you have a band that blows you away. I kept playing their album ' Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" often as it was just so kickass. A good band with really good music. They sort of just make you want to understand. Don't know how to explain it.

    6. Kiss

    This is an artist that i mainly listened bacause of their image and a friend of mine is a huge fan of them. I took some time to really get into them as I expected them to be hard as hell but when first heard "Rock n' Roll Over", I was pretty disappointed. But listening to it properly again, I liked them and they outstanding tracks that get you caught to it easily, due to catchiness and the mood.. They don't strike me deeply but their music was really fun and fascinating to hear. I tend to listen to them anytime, it is really music to beat out at.

    7.David Bowie

    An interesting musician, I don't know how to describe. It is an artist that intrigues me a lot to. I like a lot of his albums and only listen to his albums, never to an individual track. He is just mind-blowing to listen to. Not exactly heavy on instruments and all by a long shot but his music is impressive in every maning of the word. It feels like you're in a dream, a beautiful dream that you don't want to end. The imagery and feeling i get out of his songs are always of having the feeling of emptiness, no sadness or happiness but the best feeling in the world. And add to that, the fact he's super cool is an added bonus.

    8.The Blood Brothers

    By far, my most favourie screaming band. The intensity and rage and somehow, the spirit in their music is hard to dissect. Splendid vocal are dashed with cool instrumentation, you feel like you just must dance. I don't know, it's not like it's a joke but their music is so fun and just intense and piercing. It blows me away a lot of times and i cannot get enough of it. You just have to listen to it, it is extremely difficult to put into ink or keyboard what I go through when I hear them. It's like watching Run, Lola, Run and then there's a cowboy in there somewhere.

    9.Motley Crue

    A kickass band with some of the most kickass lyrics and songs. I don 't know, a fun and great band to listen to, always feel like jumping around and dancing or whatever. It's soulful and yet so catchy and aggressive at times. It's a good mix and I have yet to check out all their stuff. They really got a good energy and vibe around their music.

    10.Blind Guardian

    A band with the most killer vocals. If this band's singer, Hensi Kunsch, was born during the time of the Crusades and he was pope instead of Pope Urban II and you had Eric Adams, the singer for Manowar as Emperor Alexius of the Byzantine Empire, history would've been very different. His speech would've got the whole of Christendom to flood the Middle East or something and Eric Adams could get them drunk and do some thumping. Anyway, the epic sounds of Blind Guardian is what attracts me a lot. the voice too, the way he can boom and stretch it and ram it hard at anyone. It is a voice of eloquence and mediaeval spirit. A sweet as hell voice. The band itself is awesome, impressive playing skills that help in the overall sound.

    Alright, it took a long time to write that, but had to be done. a record of my 15, 000 listens. A huge change and probably more changes. Have fun listening and importantly, sleeping. Sleep is pretty important.
  • When The Goblins Munch on the Bones of the Blood-Traitors, The King Burns them with…

    4. Feb. 2007, 8:12

    I reached my 12, 500 track.

    Sufjan Stevens - O Holy Night

    It's from his Christmas album, "Songs For Christmas". Not a Christian myself but this is quite a nice album, with some beautiful tracks.

    One of the best and most powerful artists I've heard is Manowar. Killer band that makes me want to throw something at my sister.

    I've recently heard Spektr, very rare to hear black/atmospheric metal with jazz drumming and all, real good stuff.

    I've recently been very infatuated with John Zorn. His songs are so fucking sweet. The stuff he does with all the different cultural elements all in it is fascinating to hear.

    I've heard my first The Who album, their new one entitled "Endless Wire". It's quite nice actually, very good and was quite a good album to listen to. It sounds like a very happy album, like one where they reflected a lot.

    Another fascinating old school artist is Thin Lizzy. An awesome band, I only heard so far "Vagabonds of the Western World" and it was bloody awesome.

    Also, another artist to make an impression recently is HIM. Sweet stuff, checked out his new album and loved it.

    Cold War Kids and Au Revoir Simone are two other interesting new artists I found, sweet voices and awesome tunes, especially the former, which has some classic rock sounds in it.

    Lastly, another band to mention is SuidAkrA. Melodic folk metal and it's pretty awesome to listen to since I always this sort of folkish stuff. Another folk leaning band but more towards progressive side is Ghost from Japan. Sweet.
  • The Chieftains Unite to put an end to both Empire and Evil, Nobles prepare Assassins…

    13. Jan. 2007, 10:29

    I just listened to my 10, 000th track.

    It's by this person called Hilary Duff.

    The song is titled 'Our Lips are Sealed'.

    Do celebrate with whisky.
  • When the Ink Spills, The Spirit Fades and The Heretics Climb The Cathedral

    30. Dez. 2006, 7:13

    I have not said anything for a long time and decided I have to stop this and start writing something now. It's extremely bad and now I must have a gap from my last record, which is 4500th track to now, which is like 8300 and counting.

    Very recently (this means like a week or so), I've made these amazing finds I must admit is so great. I've not heard of these artists before this and so I'm stunned as I normally am when this happens. Blind Guardian, Haggard and La quiete. I listen to them a lot. What I like about the first one is the vocals and the music, t is just amazing, the lead vox is really one of my favourite vocalists at the moment. Seriously awesome. The second is just fantastic. Amazing music. Operatic singing coupled with growls and the whole instrumentation is just beautiful too. I must admit this band is just bloody great. The last is this band from Italy that plays real screamo. Also very good as their music is somehow nice to hear.

    I've been listening to a lot of genres recently and have made many discoveries since my last journal. One artist I like a lot and it's due mostly to their latest album which is extremely melancholic is Envy. I don't know what the're on about as they sing, or scream if you will, in Japanese but the music is just so good, it feels really nice and the emotion that is displayed is so amazing. Another band is I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook which plays, I think, emo violence. This band has songs that are short but it is the sudden bursts that I like. Mellow guitars and then intense rage and screams. Just bloody awesome.

    I've never been a big fan of The Rolling Stones due to their attitude and the high ticket prices they have at times but I decided to give them a listen and decided to be honest, I actually like them. I mean, they actually have good stuff. Another two artists I did not like initially are U2 and Bon Jovi. Both of these I now have different opinions when I decided to actually check out their stuff.

    I've been really into a lot of music like From Autumn To Ashes, Norma Jean and Poison the Well recently and I just continue listening to them. I don't know, I just find them to hit me very well.

    Another artist I've been into recently due to his new album is Nas. His album, Hip Hop Is Dead is fucking good. I especially like that track with Jay-Z where you have that sampling of The Godfather tune which is like the best tune to come from cinema in my opinion. It's so awesome and that female, Chrisette Michele has a beautiful voice. The stuff she did on that album is also very good. Also, Lupe Fiasco is bloody cool and Viktor Vaughn is amazing. His rap is very old school but the albums he made is somehow very random but is just a very good listen. Works well on rainy days, depending on mood though.

    This is it at the moment. I have more to say, but I need to recount everything accurately and so, I'll clear my thoughts then fill up another entry. I would love any recommendations that you can give.
  • Desecrating the Temple of His Holiness the Blackened, The Virgins get Violated

    25. Nov. 2006, 1:19

    I reached this milestone a while back

    4500th track : mewithoutYou - In a Sweater Poorly Knit

    I love this band a lot. Especially their new album, which is the only I've heard. I'm going to listen to the rest soon.

    I've been in a mood for some of the awesome black metal coming out of France this days. Deathspell Omega is one awesome band. I've heard two of their stuff and I must say I'm impressed. It's seriously brilliant and I hope their coming materiaL will blow me away. Another I've heard is Blut aus Nord. This is a brilliant band too, very unique and interesting stuff, though I've heard theirs lesser.

    I've listened to Arsis new album recently and I must say that it's pretty good, knowing that an American band is doing these kind of genres can sort of pull me away but this was prettuy impressive.

    I finally got hold of some Korpiklaani recently and I love it. The whole real olde school music and style is awesome and really is fascinating. I've always loved this kind of music and it's good to know people make it.

    The Prize Fighter Inferno is seriously nice. I know people think he sounds like a lady and all, but the music is so nice to listen to. I don't know, I just find it to be real good stuff.

    Also, I've been recommended Virgin Black and recently listened to it. I absolutely adore it. The music is decadent and flows well. You really somehow feel you're with vampires and all with black eyes and everything.

    Another band I recommend people check out is Sophia. It's an industrial music solo by some guy who makes brilliant music that gives you a very thought-provoking mood. Listen to it in the rain and it'll sound even brilliant, he sound like he is painfully ripping words out or something like that. I don't know, maybe I'm just talking rubbish but this is the feel I get more or less.

    The most important thing is for last. My Dying Bride is the bloody truth. In my case at least. I keep listening to their stuff. It will be even higher if it scrobbled my iPod. I even listen to it in class and I force friends to listen to it and I feel odd if I don't listen to "Thy Raven Wings". I seriously recommend everyone check this band out. Get their new album, "A Line of Deathless Kings". It's sweet stuff.

    I wish to thank Consummatum Est. I recently did some video, a short one like maybe two minutes and their song really bode well with it. This guy's stuff is difficult to get but if you search for it online, you'll easily find his site and the're a free track there. I would do anything to get his other stuff. Please help if you can and again, recommendations are appreciated.
  • The Baron forces the Halberdiers to march out, gets barraged with arrows

    11. Nov. 2006, 4:58

    I Bring Ya'll the power news

    4000th track : Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines - In My Country There Is Problem (Throw the Jew Down the Well)

    One of the more brilliant songs to come out of this new millennium.

    Lots of brilliant stuff I've uncovered. One is the OST to the Borat film, aptly titled "Stereophonic Musical Listenings That Have Been Origin in Moving Film "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". If you love crazy music and Gypsy songs, this is for you.Esma Redzepova is really good to listen to. Really nice.

    I bloody love Genesis and I recently checked out Steve Hackett. His albums have a sort of power in 'em. A flow or something that captures you somehow.

    One of my favourite electronic artist is Muslimgauze and I've been listening to lots of his material. Amazing how he died young but made so much material. Brilliant.

    My best find for a long time is no doubt Current 93 and he is just sweet. I just love the melody and the creepy style of his work and I seriously think he is one hell of an artist and the best coming from Great Britain. I'm gonna try get more of his stuff online or somehow.

    Another artist to recommend is TV on the Radio. The thing about this group is the way they play and sing. It somehow just makes the sound raw or something like that. Another one is The Jesus & Mary Chain. Really good stuff.

    I'm gonna say this but I tend to have a soft spot for My Chemical Romance and their new album is really interesting. It's not a fanciful concept that I tend to like compared to some other concept albums but the songs moves nicely and the sound and everything, though not outright unique, is still a very good listen.

    Lastly, anyone who likes metal can get hold of this band by the name of Rudra should do it as they seriously are good. They're from here in Singapore and I must say they really make good music. It's called Vedic Metal and it's a genre they sculpted and if you love folk metal or just metal, do get hold of their stuff. The whole thing is an amazing listen and it should be listened in whole. When I first heard one of their tracks, I thought it was pretty silly and had no flow but now checking it again, I'm in love with it. The same goes with Melechesh and Sepultura new albums. Both have the beauty and powerness to really capture me in this kind of music we call metal.
  • The Picket Scatters, the Peasants flee to the border

    5. Nov. 2006, 5:37

    Hear ye, hear ye.....

    3500th track: Judas Priest - Judas Rising

    That is one powerness song.

    I've been listening to lots of Beirut recently and I have to say this is one artist I think is like one of the best of this century. His voice and playing is just seemingly beautiful. Really works well.

    I've made very few discoveries and mostly listen to stuff I love. I kept listening to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band I noticed. Add that to the times I listened on my iPod, that's quite a lot of listens.

    Nothing much to report here as most of the listens are basically stuff I've listened before and so just sticking it safe and not discovering much.
  • The Romp at the Palace is disrupted, The Court Jester runs.

    22. Okt. 2006, 8:33

    Another awesome milestone

    3000th track: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

    Tell me honestly if you think that's not the best song ever.

    Lots of old stuff and some new stuff heard.

    I've finally heard one of Cat Power albums and I'm really into it. Certain tracks remind me of Syd Barrett. That can only be good. Also, Angelic Upstarts are bloody awesome. I really love this kind of music a lot, including The Clash, which is also just damn good. They have a habit of singing a lot about England though, those kind of nationalist anthemic songs tend to interest me a lot.

    Rage Against the Machine is real good. The whole band is sweet. As is Army Of Pharaohs. Good stuff.

    One last thing. Wormphlegm is a pretty awesome artist. Just be sure to control yourself, it can be pretty unnerving. And I have to say From Autumn To Ashes is the goodness, in an angry way. I can't get enough of their stuff.