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James BrownThe Boss 9. Nov. 2012
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SkrillexSkrillex Orchestral Suite By Varien - Bonus Track 6. Jan. 2012
SkrillexBreakn' a Sweat 6. Jan. 2012
Cat PowerNude as the News 14. Aug. 2011
HeliumPat’s Trick 1. Aug. 2011
The FrogsAdam & Steve 1. Aug. 2011
Kaada/PattonCrépuscule 1. Aug. 2011
Kaada/PattonL'Absent 1. Aug. 2011
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Pimpdaddysupreme believes that everyone has a right to comment on the culture that controls them, and with consolidated corporate interests bombarding us with advertising and government propoganda on a daily basis, this right is more important than ever. The country that taught us "We The People" are in charge of our destiny now tells us to shut up and buy. It steals our cultural heritage and claims it as it's own, only to litgate if we steal it back. Our outlets of Free Speech dwindling on a daily basis, FM, AM, TV, Internet radio all being gobbled up by corporate/government control. Making it impossible to compete both in volume and affordablilty. We have been taught to believe that Government was our problem, but our lack of education has made the importance of Lopez Ceremonies more important than our own history. The problem is not Government, but our lack of representation. Our voice is not heard over the billions of corporate dollars buying our freedoms. The powers that be don't want us to buy it back (paying taxes), they want us to buy their product. And as Government and corporate interest become more and more intertwined, Government will cease to exist. We will no longer be ruled by democracy, but Feudalism. (look these words up, please) As wage slaves, we cannot afford to fight these battles in the facist courtrooms of America. We have no choice but to forge our way through the wilderness creating our own rules, and reclaiming what is ours "By any means necessary". Pimpdaddysupreme appropriates and recontextualizes found media to create a new work. This new work is protected as Fair Use" and in some cases is outright parody of existing works. Pimpdaddysupreme mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to Free Speech. Pimpdaddysupreme is a new form of Media Marauder that entertains and offends women and men equally.

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