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21. Jan. 2008, 21:19

I think I first ran into CMX back in 1997, visiting a friend who was a great fan of the band. Back then my friend was listening to Discopolis and was waiting for his copy of Cloaca Maxima. I considered CMX to be okayish, but didn't really dig it enough to get a copy for a private listen. Some time later Vainajala was released, and it was the first album that really caught my interest. Everybody else seemed to have a hard-on for the album's name song - Vainajala, my favorite was Vierasta Viljaa. This time I made a copy of the album, and I may be the very first person in finland, who dumped the album into MP3's as my friend got the album a day before it was officially released :) I listened Vainajala a lot, and eventually bought an honest copy of the album.

During the years, I've bought the new albums as they've been released. Every now and then I've also bought some of the earlier ones aswell. Last tuesday I finally got the last 3 missing albums; the gold versions of Kolmikärki Gold and Veljeskunta Gold, and then their latest album, Talvikuningas. Completing the collection of so far released disks gave me the idea of listening them in chronological order to get a bigger picture of what happened to CMX during the years. After some Googling, I see I'm not the first one to get this idea, but I still wanted to go ahead, and here's the outcome.

Johannes Kastaja (EP, 1987)
Errrmm... okay. The 3 songs in finnish on this album are rather something .. peculiar. For example, Lapsi tells about raping an infant son. There's also 3 songs in english, and I think this was the last time CMX performed in english. If you ask me, I give this decision two thumbs up.

Raivo (EP, 1989)
This EP seems to pick up from where Johannes kastaja left off. No mercy, full on rage just like the album's name suggests. CMX has had songs that combine different styles throughout their career, but there are songs on this EP, Maailmoiden välissä for example, that use odd sounds like horns or other SFX to fill the silent parts of the song. This seems to remind me of Juice Leskinen's song Sika for some reason... :)

Kolmikärki (LP, 1990)
This one was CMX's first LP. My favorite here is Pyörivät sähkökoneet, although this time I like the re-make, Pyörivät Sähkökoneet '04 track better. Anyway, the first LP is a bit more refined than the two EPs before it, so I'd say it's a good start, and gives us evergreens like Nahkaparturi :)

Tanssitauti (EP, 1990)
Oh, this one has the ever-popular gig-song, "Matti". To be honest, I never understood why everyone seems to love that song, but out of Tanssitauti's songs, my personal favorite is Pimeä maa, which is the kind of slow moody tracks I love in the contrast of hard trashy songs, like Pornogeneraattori.

Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot (EP, 1991)
I had actually heard the re-made version of the name song, Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot before the original song. I can't really say which I like more, the original or the re-made version. This EP also has 3 other songs, which pretty much are prime examples of early days CMX.

Veljeskunta (LP, 1991)
Back in the days of BBSing we used to have meetings, where people of the BBS scene came together for a day of two. You could call those meetings the prototype of the modern LAN-meetings. Anyway, Veljeskunta has the #1 song we used to play back then - Kätketty Kukka. However, we didn't listen to it back then because we thought it would rock. No, we listened to it because it made us laugh uncontrollably for hours and hours. The part where the slow and easy lyrics all the sudden become shouting just short circuited something in our young heads. Years later I think I can relate to the feeling the song actually is about.

Aurinko (LP, 1992)
Aurinko is one of the albums I actually bought recently. It has the original versions of two of my favorites; Tähteinvälinen and Ainomieli. I most definately like this version of Ainomieli - the female sung chorus was both surprising and original. Timanttirumpu again is the most odd track on this album. Really.

Aura (LP, 1994)
Ruoste is probably my favorite on this one. I recall having a long conversation about this track in 2001, visiting an IRC-buddy and a friend at Lahti. For some reason, the message of this track seems to give people the most odd ideas and conclusions. I recall my friend back then insisting on that the song tells about female masturbation. To me again this reminds of that fact that eventually everything we own, does bind us and never let's us just "let go" and be free, and this song is about burning all that and finally being free. Go figure.

Rautakantele (LP, 1995)
I have to admit that at first I didn't really like this album at all. Pretty much everybody else were going nut about it, but it did have very little for me. Over the time, the songs Rautakantele and Kirosäkeet were the first two that got into my playlists. But it took years before finding the true "hit" on this album - Pirunmaitoa. It happened in the christmas 2005, when I found it I'm going to be a daddy. The song suddenly just sunk in and I found one way to approach this song: it's about the "what the hell I'm going say to this child? where on earth I'm going to get all the information I need? I'm standing here with a pint of devil's milk and I need to gulp it down". Total mindfuck stuff. Even after losing the child, the song still works for me.

Discopolis (LP, 1996)
This album has the original Aamutähti. I used to listen to this track and look out of the window watching as the snow falls at night. One of the best working mood songs ever. Epäonnisten Liikemiesten Helvetti again sounds like something from Kolmikärki. I don't know if that's a good thing.

Cloaca Maxima (Collection, 1997)
This colletion is responsible for introducing me to the older parts of the CMX songs. It also bears some of the most successful remakes of songs, like Ainomieli '97, Musiikin Ystävälliset Kasvot '97 and Aamutähti '97.

Vainajala (LP, 1998)
So, this is the album that pretty much started it all. The first one that caught my interest. Like I said earlier, Vierasta Viljaa was the first song I liked, but I think nowdays my favorite is Vainajala. This album also has one well working "morning hours" song - Vanha Talvitie.

Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (Double-LP, 2000)
After Vainajala I pretty much gave up on music and listened to and for years. During those years, a friend of mine gave me a copy of a CD single with Jatkuu Niinkuin Sade. I had this single on my harddisk all that time, and I listened to it couple of times. Then one day in 2004 I remembered the track and Googled about it. I found out it was a part of Dinosaurus Stereofonicus, which I then acquired. When I got hold of the CD, I first thought it was a colletion, as the case had two discs, but then I realized it was something I had personally never seen before - a two disc release! After Vainajala, the album sounded really different. It was even slower and calmer than Vainajala, and virtually had no traces of the old trashy CMX. While this release is one of the smoothest one to listen, it's still one of my least favorite releases.

Isohaara (LP, 2002)
Some years after Dinosaurus Stereofonicus a friend of mine offered a copy of Isohaara in MP3s. I was rather reluctant after Dinosaurus Stereofonicus, but eventually I gave in and took the MP3s. Veitsenterä was the first one I liked on this album. Others followed, but I think the best part of this release was actually it's cover. I think I saw the cover as a poster on someone's wall, and remember looking at it for a long time. It was the type of desperation that attracted me a lot back then.

Aion (LP, 2003)
I bought this CD with Pedot, which was a bad decision, as I liked Pedot a lot more and this album never got as intensive listening as Pedot. Palvelemaan Konetta was the track that was overplayed in radio, but it did nothing for me. Then again the desperation and feeling of finiteness (is that even a word?) in Kuoleman risteyksestä kolme virstaa pohjoiseen really hit me hard.

Cloaca Maxima II (Collection, 2004)
To be honest, I bought this collection only because it had Vainajala '04 on it. Back when I first heard Vainajala, I also heard that it used to be a 12 minute song, which was then cut into 6 minutes. I really hoped to find the 12 minute version here only to get dissapointed. But Cloaca Maxima II wasn't a total waste - it gave me two new favorites: Olet Tässä and Lepattajat. It also had a new version of Pyörivät sähkökoneet, which I liked a lot.

Pedot (LP, 2005)
This album was an instant hit for me. I had heard Pedot on a radio several times before I got the album, and had completely fallen in love with it. Pedot is also one of the songs I really love after a pint .. or ten. The more drunk I am, the more this song rocks. But the songs that kick arse do not stop there. Uusi Ihmiskunta, Kain and Syysmyrkkylilja also got in my "best of CMX" list.

Talvikuningas (LP, 2007)
Talvikuningas is an album that probably deserves a journal entry of its own. After hearing about the new CMX album that was supposed to be a science fiction story, I had doubts. Serious doubts. Will this be the point of CMX's career, where to go so artistic no-one can understand them any more. And the album having one, an hour long song on it? WTF? At first I laughed at the special edition they released last year, and bought the normal version. After listening to it, I really regret that I didn't buy the special edition. This album sank in like a bottle of 80% vodka (oh and believe me, a bottle of 80% vodka sinks in REAL good). It's like a time machine, making one hour of my life disappear every time I hit the play button. I don't really think I should even consider about any favorite parts of this album (although it is chopped into 12 seamless parts), but the tracks Pretoriaanikyborgit, Tähtilaivan kapteeni, Punainen komentaja and Quanta are so total mindfuck both lyrically and musically, that it actually sets whole new standards for CMX. If I ever find the special edition, I will most definately buy it. I also pray to whatever gods necessary for them to make an actual movie out of the Punainen Komentaja's trailer.

So, there you have it. When talking about CMX, I've encountered many people, who claim to be fans of the CMX's older songs and to loathe the new releases. I think I may have been thinking about giving up on the band somewhere in the time when Dinosaurus Stereofonicus was released, but listening to the latests albums like Pedot and Talvikuningas, I no longer have any doubts. I like CMX. I like it a lot. I guess I'm just your average mainstream listener or something :)

Anyway, I'm looking forward for CMX's next release.


  • Arnoe

    Aika kiva luotaus CMX:n levyihin :P

    6. Apr. 2008, 14:21
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