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Sunz of ManPuzzled 8. Mai. 2013
周杰倫鬥牛 8. Mai. 2013
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it's kinda hard keep faith in the things you do when everybody turns back on you
THUG LIFE... the hate U gave to lil' infants fucks everybody

6th Nov 2006 - 23rd Aug 2008
1st track: Don't Believe The Hype ~ Public Enemy
40.000th track: Triumph ~ Wu-Tang Clan

23rd Aug 2008 - ???
1st track: The Point of No Return ~ Im. Technique
1000th track: C.R.E.A.M. ~ Wu-Tang Clan
2500th track: Maggie's Farm ~ R.A.T.M.
5000th track: I Don't Give a Fuck ~ 2Pac
10000th track: Nigga Please ~ O.D.B
15000th track: The Choice Is Yours ~ Black Sheep
20000th track: Know The Ledge (Juice) ~ Eric B. & Rakim
25000th track: Criminology ~ Raekwon
30000th track: R.O.Z.D.Í.L. ~ Chaozz
35000th track: Nah Mean ~ Nas & Damian Marley
40000th track: Feel So Good ~ Mase
45000th track: Zvyřátka ~ Prago Union
50000th track: Get Up ~ The Coup
55000th track: Fame ~ B.o.B.
60000th track: Setting the Example ~ Y Society
65000th track: The Devil Made Me Do It ~ Paris
70000th track: We Had To Tear This Motherfuck ~ Ice Cube
75000th track: Soon Come [Version] ~ Bob Marley
80000th track: Mighty Healthy ~ Ghostface Killah
85000th track: Where Have You Been ~ Rihanna
90000th track: Fight the Power ~ Public Enemy
95000th track: Shook Ones Pt. 2 ~ Mobb Deep
100000th track: Sucka Nigga ~ A Tribe Called QUest


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