• over 100 friends =)

    23. Mär. 2011, 16:17

    Thanks to all my friends on lastfm. i must have crossed the 100 mark sometime last night while i was in class.
    I appreciate it, and it's just gonna make my "neighborhood radio" that much better... hopefully i could discover some great music from you guys =)
  • kinda sucks for...

    6. Feb. 2011, 6:23

    ... the fact that it doesn't count all my plays!? i'm kinda over the fact that it won't count my the stuff i listen to at work on my iPhone... but this weekend it hasn't even counted any of the songs i played on my desktop iTunes while the scrobbling is supposed to be on?
    i don't get it anymore so i'm not gonna stress anymore about it.
  • Exile on Main St.

    4. Feb. 2011, 6:10

    so i got to Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street" on my Class of 73 playlist... i hadn't listened to it in months, and I remember not being too bowled over the first couple times i listened. but somehow i loved it today. It really IS one of their best now that i think about it, because it really embodies them at their height and shows that they still stuck to their guns and their own sound even after all their success in the mainstream.
    i loved "Loving Cup" "Happy" especially today.

    i think somehow the "Beggars Banquet" "Sticky Fingers" "Exile" trilogy kind of sounds muddled if you listen back to back, or listen to them consistently for a minute. On it's own though I really thought "Exile" was much more full, and more fun, and just felt like you were hanging out with them jamming in the studio.
  • Velvet Underground and The Doors

    1. Feb. 2011, 17:17

    yesterday I listened to the Velvet Underground and Nico's debut 1967 album. this came after going out of order and listening to their follow up self titled 1969 album on sunday. I think their early stuff, like alot of artists, was them finding their way. I enjoyed a bunch of songs on both albums but especially on the debut I felt like they were channeling some popular groups of the time (Beatles, Stones, Doors) and the second album was really... really... really mellow.
    Ofcourse I had heard of the Velvet Underground before, but never really knew their sound. And one day a bunch of their songs kept popping up on pandora and I was surprised how calming their stuff was. So that led to the downloads. They have some really cool songs like I said before... but I just need to listen to their follow ups to hear them find their own distinct style.
    The lead singer though, his voice is great. I think better than Lennon, McCartney, Morrison and Jagger.

    And yesterday I was studying and listening to my oft-listened to 70's contributions from the Doors. Morrison Hotel and LA Woman. Hotel is easily, to me, the better album with LA Woman being a fun album but a clear sign of the group and Morrison's decay. There are two songs that really stood out for me, i think one from each album (and forgive me, my i turned my iPhone off and I can't remember the name of the second one) -- the first one is "Land Ho!" which is just so fun and I MUST learn the lyrics because it seems like such a fun song to sing along to.

    i'll come back and post the OTHER song.
  • >> 3 days later

    1. Feb. 2011, 17:10

    So i'm enjoying this site.
    one thing i have to admit, i've always been a big geek for compiling charts... so the fact that takes my iTunes playcounts and makes these lists for me is awesome. i have quite a number of lists on my iTunes, but i'm especially in love with the way rates the artists and albums based on play counts.

    HOWEVER!!! i'm noticing that when i listen to stuff at work and than come home and sync the pod... doesn't seem to count those plays. which sucks. i'm thinking i possibly have to do something different, like close out iTunes before i sync it... i'll try it later tonight after class.
  • my no-pop challenge...

    30. Jan. 2011, 3:25

    a couple of weeks ago, i changed the music i sync to my iPhone... so i basically took off all the pop music that is so addictive. i only really listen to my iPhone maybe two hours tops at work. and when i'm home i just listen to my iTunes, so the purpose was to listen to new music -- or stuff on my iTunes that i barely listen to.
    last week i started listening to some of the music i was talking about in my first journal entry. dirty projectors, early beck, sleigh bells...
    the week before listening to more bowie, and the first two led zeppelin albums...
    the week before that just kinda listening off my class of 73 playlist which is just everything i have that falls in between the years 1968-1973.
    so i'll report back on this challenge.
  • current kick

    30. Jan. 2011, 1:07

    ... don't know how it began. but i thought, maybe i'll listen to dirty projectors album -- and that led to me downloading sleigh bells from iTunes (it was a "similar artist") and than that led to me listening to early Beck... and yeah, thats why i set this account to see if could recommend me some music in that vein... we'll see.