Martin Luther King Day :: Musical Observance


16. Jan. 2006, 21:48

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in the States, so I thought I'd post a few selections that I think capture the spirit and strength of one of the greatest Americans - please share your own. Of course, there's the tribute, Hotter Than July for starters. Here are a few others:

Strange Fruit
Fight For Your Mind
Small Axe
Get Down Moses
Eternal Life
Jimmy Cliff
Just As I Am
If I Had a Child
Africa: Piano Music of William Grant Still
The Maker
Know Your Rights



  • bodhi_44

    Thanks for the reminder of such an important holiday to such a great man. I'm going to listen to Stevie's [[i]Happy Birthday[/i] right now. Peace to you as well.

    16. Jan. 2006, 22:55
  • govinda_

    You know I heard what Zombie was about. It's about the time the Nigerian militia broke into Fela's home and forced his mother out the window, killing her. He wrote the song about the Nigerian soldiers who do the bidding of their superiors regardless of how heinous--they're no better than Zombies. It was the song that most angered the government. Coffin for a Head of State was another song based on his mother's murder if I got my story straight. 'I got a coffin for you right here, motherfucker' was the idea. But you're the Fela man. I just poke a nose into that Afrobeat land you live in.

    17. Jan. 2006, 4:15
  • d-fib

    Yep. Thus, I thought it was a fitting track - in Fela's case, he fought the power with music, and almost became President of Nigeria as a result. There was an unsavory side to much of his politics, but there's no denying the power of his music.

    17. Jan. 2006, 4:48
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