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  • SlimPvC

    Thanks! >>"thx for your time and effort on"

    November 2009
  • LuopioAnkka

    Ooh! A great taste of music! Sorry to reply so late, I was a bit out the last... 37 days ;)

    Oktober 2007
  • lemmy87

    thanks man! yours is pretty nice. i checked out your site, you've got a nice sound, think i like 'new territory' the best. Have you heard any Minilogue? Based on your taste an sound, i think you'd probably like them x

    September 2007
  • adivad

    Hello back atcha. I love visiting a super neighbor's page and seeing a bunch of stuff I don't know! Yay new stuff!

    August 2007
  • nofi

    EH, me wine 'ouse!

    Juni 2007
  • nofi

    Happy nueve de Mayo, amigo!

    Mai 2007
  • nofi

    Shout out.

    Dezember 2006