Attempts at transcribing Yakuza


25. Aug. 2011, 10:30

Yakuza - Be That As It May (Of Seismic Consequence)

I can see beyond this world,
Million dreams fade out before they're dreamt.
Time will not be forgiving.

I can see beyond this world,
Million themes(?) created before you happened,
Time will not be forgiving.

How long will you break away from the truth?
The terror of the unknowing will be your undoing

How long will you rely on the fables?
Million schemes played out before your eyes,
And you beg for more - into the arms of your maker.

We dance the dance, and by this dance, into the arms of the ether.

Amidst this chaos we meet again
I(?) ruler of these lands
Lord(?) ancient prophets
No match for me
Cherish this (/Generations?), lost in the blink of an eye
Sends it all away
No one to save your soul
It's mine now.

Falling, no tears in your eyes
Taking (/Turning?) my hand
Together we, we'll rise above
We will persevere.

Our bodies will work as one
In a (... base?)
As your mother (...I'll only think?)
Live to nurture and nourish you
Nurturing you, nourish you.

Yakuza Of Seismic ConsequenceBe That As It May


  • senile_bael

    maybe is this way around: Million dreams? created before you happened Lie(s)(?) the ruler of these lands Generations lost in the blink of an eye Don't take? my hand Damn the last part with the "As your mother" is hard to understand...

    25. Aug. 2011, 11:56
  • cybe07

    Million dreams makes sense now looking at how he tends to structure the songs, thanks! however, "don't take" my hand, does it go with the idea of that verse? since next he says "together", I'm thinking "turn, take my hand" but then in my mind I think that's too cheesy and maybe your version is right there. and yes the mother part just completely threw me off, but I'm pretty sure about nurture, nourish, and it fits. perhaps this is an intensely spiritual song? or perhaps it is "martyr"?

    25. Aug. 2011, 12:04
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