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Jake OwenBeachin' Gestern um 20:33
EminemSurvival 30. Mär., 12:39
Florida Georgia LineRound Here 30. Mär., 12:34
LifehouseYou and Me Lieblingslied 30. Mär., 12:31
John MayerSomething's Missing 30. Mär., 12:24
A Day to RememberOver My Head (Cable Car) 30. Mär., 12:19
The ScriptBefore the Worst 30. Mär., 3:47
BastillePompeii 30. Mär., 3:43
The ScriptArmy of Angels 30. Mär., 3:37
Goo Goo DollsSlide 30. Mär., 3:33
Dan + ShayShow You Off 30. Mär., 3:29
blink-182The Rock Show 30. Mär., 3:26
John MayerVultures 30. Mär., 3:23
Van HalenJamie's Cryin 16. Mär., 12:22
Brad PaisleyTicks 16. Mär., 4:47
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Über mich

I'm Kaleigh. I'm 18 and I probably should've been born about 5 or 6 years before I actually was. I’m pretty average, for the most part. I love performing music, my life would have no meaning if I didn't. I love my niece, Allie May, with all my heart; I can't be sad when I have her in my arms. I have my septum pierced and 0 gauges (I'm aware that neither of them are visible in my picture), although I have extreme belonephobia. I like movies from the '80's and books by Paul Zindel. I believe kindness is one of the few things that matters in life. I made this lastFM account when I was 12, so I’m aware of how lame my name is but I really don’t feel like starting over. At least not now. I can listen to Copeland: The Damned: Winds of Plague: Paramore: BBMak: Stevie Nicks: Willie Nelson, so don’t be surprised by anything I listen to. Feel free to leave a shout; I love to talk to anyone and I'll always reply. Adios, Sugar! ;]

Current infatuations:
Janis Joplin
Ray Charles
Moving Mountains

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