• LoG, JfaC, ABR and BtBaM at the Helsinki House of Culture

    9. Mär. 2010, 11:47

    Lamb of God, Job for a Cowboy, August Burns Red, Between the Buried and Me @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki - Monday, 8th March

    So, yesterday was this little event of modern American metal bands. Let me say a few words about the place, Kulttuuritalo (Helsinki Culture House), where this event was organized. It is a place designed, and thus, best suited for classical and acoustic music. Not for bands that play all the volume cranked up with massive, distorted guitar sounds. The acoustic properties of the place blur all the low frequencies into one, incomprehensible mush, and this little characteristic gets pronounced in the back of the hall, where the seating places are. And of course, we had our seats in the upper bout of the leftmost section. But the lucky thing was that there is no separation with seating places and the floor, and the security personnel really didn't care, so we took good use of this freedom, and spent some time on the floor level too.

    We arrived at the culture house some five minutes before the warm-up act for the warm-up act for the warm-up act, Between the Buried and Me started their set, and we didn't want to bother searching for our seats, so we stayed in the floor level. It was no real problem at all, since the majority of the audience weren't there yet - and once the band started playing, a portion of the audience who weren't impressed by the completely un-br00tal introduction to the first song left the floor to grab another beer. The band opened with Fossil Genera - a Feed From Cloud Mountain, a pretty lengthy piece (album version clocking over twelve minutes) from their most recent LP, The Great Misdirect. The unbalance in sounds was obvious from the beginning; the clean vocals were nigh from inaudible, and disregarding the low-end riffing, you could see the fingers of Paul Waggoner running up and down the guitar neck with laughable speed and accuracy, but you couldn't hear anything under the bass mush. And as this was how it sounded like on the floor, I don't want to imagine how it was in the upmost seats.
    Apparently most of the opening song was used getting the sound mix ok, because once the song to close their set, White Walls, began, the balance was pretty decent. The guitar leads were audible in addition to being visible, the vocals of Tommy Rogers were mostly audible too, though the only clean vocals of the song at around eight-minute mark were pretty drowned out by the wall of sound from the instruments. The only thing that was not obvious if you didn't know the band beforehand, or didn't happen to follow the bassist, Dan Briggs, was his basswork. There he was, one of the few bassists in the metalcore scene who doesn't fear to use the upper register of bass (or wear his bass the Beatles-way: REALLY high :D ), and the only evidence was there if you happened to watch what his hands were doing - you couldn't hear the treble parts of the bass guitar at all. Once the bass guitar lines rose above some specific pitch, they got completely drowned out by the low-end wall of sound.
    But despite these few minor setbacks, and a pretty short setlist (yes, they had an opening song and a closing song, and nothing there in-between with 30 minutes time slot), they were really worth of seeing. They didn't really try to fish points from audience, bar some clap-alongs and such, and for example their stage speech between the two songs was "Thanks.", in all its lengthy majesty.

    I had no previous listening experience of the second opening artist, christian metalcore act August Burns Red. I must admit, that their vocalist, Jake Luhrs, did some pretty good job getting the audience warmed up. Unlike Between the Buried and Me, this band, and especially the vocalist, really tried to make some connection with the audience; letting members of the audience, who seemed to know the lyrics, shout parts of the lyrics to the microphone personnally; spinning the mic from its cord in the vein of rock 'n' roll superstars; giving speeches longer than one word or even a sentence between the songs, etc. Also the rest of the band were pulling entertaining gimmicks throughout the show; the bassist, Dustin Davidson, throwing his bass around his shoulders and him and their lead guitarist slapping high-fives when walking past each other.
    The downside was that the band was utterly boring. The songs were a string of some of the most unoriginal *chugga-chugga* -breakdowns, which flowed more or less smoothly from one to each other. The guitar leads were scarce and I guess I once heard one actual guitar solo - in the ending of the final song. Sure, the songs seemed perfect for fourteen-year-old metalheads to bang their head along, and during the show there were a few pretty impressive circle pits. Unfortunately there was really nothing that helped me to distinguish this band from the cornucopia of metalcore bands. Wikipedia tells me that "The band is mostly known for their heavy breakdowns and odd-meter riffs", but not counting the few off beats, the music seemed to be in 4/4 time throughout the set. And sure, heavy breakdowns, oh yeah, that's original. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, heavy breakdowns are the point of metalcore bands! Unfortunately August Burns Red have yet to realize that you can't compose song that are based only on breakdowns. Contrasted to the oddball of the metalcore scene, Between the Buried and Me, who had just left the stage, this band was really a big disappointment.
    And the performance of the band. I don't really want to go there. But I guess I have to, for a quick rant.
    I thought that that idiotic bouncing died with the nu-metal bands after their demise in the turn of the millennia. Well, I guess this is due to the crabcore scene boys and other equally awesome things. But the bassist really wanted to just shut my eyes. Along with his constant, retarded bouncing and that horrible gay emo fringe, his bass playing was simply put, horrible, in the eyes of a fellow bassist. After the incredible, accurate fingerstyle playing of Dan Briggs, this bass playing was lightyears from it. Dustin, the bassist, gripped his low-worn instrument like a baseball bat, and whipped away all the 4 strings at the same time with a pick. It may seem cool to a teenage girl to see a guy play like that, but in the eyes of somebody who knows anything about instruments, you look like a retard and you sound horrible.
    And the sounds. Oh dear, no. With my earplugs, it was all just low-end *brooooooomble* static with occasional brakdown stops. This was partly due to the fact that we were sitting in the place that highlights low frequencies, but it was pretty much the same in the floor level.
    But all in all, with the band's on-stage gimmicks (synchronised crabcore headbangings, aforementioned high-fives, instrument throwings, etc.), really unoriginal material and a few horrible emo fringes and trendy streetwear, this was, in my humble opinion, an Idols band playing something that could be regarded as metal by some idiots. They got the teenage boys (and a few older fellas too) heated up in the circle pit, but as for me: they left me cold and bored.

    The third act was the band which must have one of the most idiotic band names of our time; Job for a Cowboy. As with August Burns Red, I had no idea whatsoever about these guys either. But after the previous shite, I was honestly positively surprised. They didn't play trendy, breakdown-heavy mallcore, but more uncompromising and definitely more impressive form of metal, more in vein of traditional death metal. These guys didn't have what it seemed to be a well-planned choreography, like ABR, but instead they seemed to be just performing there, without gimmicks, just playing music, the way it really should be. The music is what should be entertaining the audience the most, not what the band members are doing onstage.
    The vocalist managed to deliver pretty great low, guttural-y vocals, but unfortunately his high-pitched shreaks were completely out of the reach of the mix, and once he switched vocal registers, it just seemed that the vocals ended abruptly. But this was probably the only problem with the sounds. Otherwise the different frequencies were pretty well defined - a feat on its own considering the difficult acoustics of the culture house - and the dry, thin sound of the kick drum was excellent, because now you could hear it well, it left room for the bass lines, and it didn't deliver that massive onslaught of low frequencies that the previous bands had problems with. Even from the back row seats, where we were listening at first, the bass levels were pretty ok and the balance fine.
    Though JfaC was really not my cup of tea, I was left honestly impressed and entertained, especially after the boring mallcore show of ABR. I was not bored for one minute and they really did some great warming-up for the headliner. But biggest points the band recieves from the moustache of the guitarist Bobby Thompson. Oh god they were awful and awesome. :D He was just like young Tony Iommi. They really made my day.

    And then, finally, Lamb of God.
    The set began with playbacked The Passing, after which In Your Words kicked in. The band played about a little more than a half of the newest album Wrath, it making up about a little less than a half of the show (which makes pretty much sense, as this was the tour to promote the album). Rest of the songs were from Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament, and one older song, that Randy tried to make a singalong; Ruin (well, people actually remembered the lyrics finally during the second chorus).
    The band seemed to be in good mood, especially the bassist John Campbell (who had gotten incredibly much older-looking from what I had seen from the pictures), who was grinning for most of the show, and bobbing head as if just jamming where the rest of the band were headbanging like crazy.
    Also Randy Blythe's tall, hunched-back figure jogged through the stage for the whole show and showed no signs of exhaustion, but instead delivered great vocals throughout. And the problem with Job for a Cowboy - inaudible high shreaks - were no longer problematic. Both low growls and high shrieks by Blythe were easily heard over the heavy instrumentation. The only problems were the few times that the mic picked up some feedback, but it happened only like two, or three times, so no biggie there.
    The biggest problem was that the usually dry and tight drum sound of Chris Adler was now massive, bass-heavy thumping of an average modern metal band, and the problems with sounds arose again. Though the sounds were much better than with ABR, they were no match for the very clear and well-defined sounds of Cowboy. All the instruments and the vocals were somehow audible, but occasionally it was pretty hard to make them up from each other.
    Luckily the performance made up most of the problems with the sounds. The band seemed to enjoy playing there, Randy made the audience give a big hand for the opening acts, and even encouraged people to do a big-ass circle pit during the final songs of the show. Also a Lamb of God -concert must, a wall of death, was witnessed. And during the finale, Willie Adler managed to pull one special guest from the VIP-area to the stage; Children of Bodom guitarist-vocalist Alexi Laiho. I guess the band wanted him to play guitar for the closing song, but he was either completely clueless how the song went or just plain too drunk to play. Anyhow, it was pretty hard to believe that there was the main hailed as one of the greatest guitarists of our time in the world onstage, but at least they seemed to be having fun.

    All in all; this was one of my few metal concerts for the past two years, and I must say, that even though it was refreshing to see both old geezers and teenage girls in their trendy clothes and bleached hair headbanging together, this concert was a bit too long for me. Four hours of almost constant metalcore / death metal pummeling by four bands is a bit too much to take in one sitting. The problem became even more pronounced as the concert went along, as the music of Lamb of God is pretty straightforward, with dynamics almost devoid. Though great songs on their own right, they are pretty similar to each other, and thus, the show became a bit dull, as the only dynamics that there were, were the occasional clean interludes and the one separate guitar solo, the rest of the show just all the same battering. The same thing with ABR and JfaC. On my opinion Between the Buried and Me could've done better if situated in the middle of the rest of the bands, as they are not afraid to use clean interludes, honestly really weird rhythms and time signatures, synths, and rarely even clean vocals, making the music shitloads more interesting in the long run. Now it seemed that the band most worthwhile to see were just rushed off the stage only after two songs just to make room for the following trio of atonality.
    Well, luckily three out of four bands put up, despite some minor setbacks, really an entertaining show for me, and I must admit that it was 35e well spent. I have no stamina to go to concerts like these every two weeks or a month anymore, but it's great to see them every now and then.
  • My overall top 50 list's my 10 favorite songs

    8. Jul. 2009, 19:47

    Here's my Top 50 overall artists, and what I consider to be their 10 greattest songs. Some artist were way too easy, but some were too hard to choose from, as you didn't want to leave any good songs out.
    If you want to get to know some artist you don't know yet, check these songs out. If you know, comment me if you think I've left some too good songs out.

    The Smashing Pumpkins
    1. The Crying Tree of Mercury (Machina, 2000)
    2. I of the Mourning (Machina, 2000)
    3. Ava Adore (Adore, 1998)
    4. Disarm (Siamese Dream, 1993)
    5. Eye (single, 1997)
    6. Zero (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, 1995)
    7. Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, 1995)
    8. Pennies (single, 1996)
    9. Crestfallen (Adore, 1998)
    10. Tear (Adore, 1998)
    (I might be a little weird for a TSP fan, because my favorite albumss are their two newest pre-breakup-era albums, Machina and Adore. But I can't help finding them very enjoyable.)

    1. raison d'être (Gauze, 1998)
    2. audrey (Macabre, 2000)
    3. Kasumi (Vulgar, 2003)
    4. THE FINAL (Withering to Death, 2005)
    5. Mushi (Kisou, 2002)
    6. Red...[em] (Vulgar, 2003)
    7. Hotarubi (Macabre, 2000)
    8. Riyuu (Macabre, 2000)
    9. Yokan (Gauze, 1998)
    10. Zakuro (Macabre, 2000)
    (Some of you might have noticed that I really don't like Diru's The Marrow of the Bone -album: it's the only full length album not represented in the list (bar Uroboros, which is so new I haven't gotten into it yet). Though I enjoy more their older, more melodic works, there are a handful of newer, heavier songs.)

    Porcupine Tree
    1. Trains (In Absentia, 2002)
    2. Anesthetize (Fear of a Blank Planet, 2007)
    3. Nine Cats (On the Sunday of Life, 1991)
    4. Heartattack in a Layby (In Absentia, 2002)
    5. Cloud Zero (Staircase Infinities, 1995)
    6. Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here (Deadwing, 2005)
    7. A Smart Kid (Stupid Dream, 1999)
    8. Don't Hate Me (Stupid Dream, 1999)
    9. Buying New Soul (Recordings, 2001)
    10. Normal (Nil Recurring, 2007)
    (Well, everybody loves Trains. On a side note, I was surprised how well my fav songs cover PT's career, the list has songs both from their oldest album as well as their newest album, and everything in-between.)

    1. H. (Ænima, 1996)
    2. The Grudge (Lateralus, 2001)
    3. Pushit (Ænima, 1996)
    4. Lateralus (Lateralus, 2001)
    5. Sober (Undertow, 1993)
    6. Vicarious (10,000 Days, 2006)
    7. Ænema (Ænima, 1996)
    8. Parabol(a) (Lateralus, 2001)
    9. Rosetta Stoned (10,000 Days, 2006)
    10. Schism (Lateralus, 2001)
    (Too bad Opiate EP just can't compete with Tool's newer works. The songs there are great, but none of them is as great as any of these ones. H. is up there because of its emotional charge.)

    System of a Down
    1. Chop Suey! (Toxicity, 2001)
    2. Sugar (System of a Down, 1998)
    3. Toxicity (Toxicity, 2001)
    4. Spiders (System of a Down, 1998)
    5. Soil (System of a Down, 1998)
    6. Streamline (Steal this Album!, 2002)
    7. BYOB (Mezmerize, 2005)
    8. Aerials (Toxicity, 2001)
    9. Mr. Jack (Steal this Album!, 2002)
    10. Soldier Side (Mezmerize, 2005)
    (SoaD's three newer albums are no match for their two oldest albums. Mezmerize managed to get two great songs up there, but Hypnotize didn't pack a single song that'd be in my Top10. All in all, their musical direction was a downward slope throughout their career.)

    Pink Floyd
    1. Comfortably Numb (The Wall, 1979)
    2. Another Brick in the Wall (the combination of all parts and the surrounding
    songs) (The Wall, 1979)
    3. High Hopes (The Division Bell, 1994)
    4. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Animals, 1977)
    5. Money (The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
    6. Welcome to the Machine (Wish You Were here, 1975)
    7. Keep Talking (The Division Bell, 1994)
    8. Julia Dream (Relics, 1971)
    9. Hey You (The Wall, 1979)
    10. Time (The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
    (The Dark Side of the Moon is an awesome album, but only as a whole. Though great songs it may contain, only a couple of them are as good as these ones. Julia Dream is my newest love from this band, and also the oldest one of the songs. However, not a single Barrett-era songs managed to find their way to my favorites.)

    A Perfect Circle
    1. The Hollow (Mer de Noms, 2000)
    2. The Noose (Thirteenth Step, 2003)
    3. Weak and Powerless (Thirteenth Step, 2003)
    4. Orestes (Mer de Noms, 2000)
    5. Pet (Thirteenth Step, 2003)
    6. Thomas (Mer de Noms, 2000)
    7. Passive (eMOTIVe, 2004)
    8. When the Levee Breaks (eMOTIVe, 2004)
    9. The Outsider (Thirteenth Step, 2003)
    10. The Package (extended version) (Thirteenth Step outtakes, 2003)
    (Though the two first albums are mainly represented here, Led Zeppelin cover When the Levee Breaks must be here, because its rearrangement from the original crashing one is so significant. And I don't find the original The package that special, but it works a lot better as an extended version.)

    1. DRESS (Darker than Darkness -style 93-, 1993)
    2. Long Distance Call (Kyokutou I Love You, 2002)
    3. Taiyou no Korosareta (Kurutta Taiyou, 1991)
    4. darker than darkness (Darker than Darkness -style 93-, 1993)
    5. Snow White (Tenshi no Revolver, 2007)
    6. Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa Overdrive, 2003)
    7. Shanikusai -carnival- (Kyokutou I Love You, 2002)
    8. Kain (One, Life, one Death, 2000)
    9. Rakuen (BT, 1999)
    10. Kyokutou Yori ai wo Komete (Kyokutou I Love You, 2002)
    (Nothing special here. I simply adore the top3, the rest are just great tracks.)

    1. Fade to Black (Ride the Lightning, 1984)
    2. Orion (Master of Puppets, 1986)
    3. Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets, 1986)
    4. Until it Sleeps (Load, 1996)
    5. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ride the Lightning, 1984)
    6. Sad But True (Metallica, 1991)
    7. Unforgiven II (Reload, 1997)
    8. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Master of Puppets, 1986)
    9. The Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning, 1984)
    10. Mama Said (Load, 1996)
    (Well this list is nothing special, except I just had to put Mama Said there, because its amazing how a thrash band can write this country-influenced acoustic ballad that works so well? :D Well, there's a couple more of their post-thrash era, but mainly a list of everybody's favorites.)

    Nine Inch Nails
    1. Hurt (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
    2. Closer (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
    3. Heresy (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
    4. Head Like a Hole (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)
    5. Mr. Self Destruct (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
    6. Terrible Lie (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)
    7. The Hand that Feeds (With Teeth, 2005)
    8. Ghosts I-IV (2008)
    9. Ringfinger (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)
    10. Head Down (The Slip, 2008)
    (Well, The Downward Spiral is just THE NIN album for me. Their debut album is great too. That's why most of the songs are from there. Ghosts is there as a whole, because it's a great album, but I can't pick one single song from it. Plus, you can download it for free!)

    1. FF7 Main Theme (FF7, 1997)
    2. Attack on Dollet (FF8, 1999)
    3. To Zanarkand (FF10, 2001)
    4. The Oath (FF8, 1999)
    5. Off the Edge of Despair (FF7, 1997)
    6. On the Other Side of the Mountain (FF7, 1997)
    7. Terra Theme (FF6, 1994)
    8. Those Who Fight Further (FF7, 1997)
    9. Otherworld (FF10, 2001)
    10. J-E-N-O-V-A (FF7, 1997)
    (IMO FF7 has the best soundtrack from all the FF series, that's why half of this list is from that game. However, FFX's main theme (To / at Zanarkand) is an incredible tune too, one of the greatest songs of Uematsu's career.)

    1. Harvest (Blackwater Park, 2001)
    2. In My Time of Need (Damnation, 2003)
    3. Deliverance (Deliverance, 2002)
    4. Harlequin Forest (Ghost Reveries, 2005)
    5. Bleak (Blackwater Park, 2001)
    6. Windowpane (Damnation, 2003)
    7. Ghost of Perdition (Ghost Reveries, 2005)
    8. Beneath the Mire (Ghost Reveries, 2005)
    9. Master's Apprentices (Deliverance, 2002)
    10. Face of Melinda (Still Life, 1999)
    (My favorites are concentrated on the Blackwater Park - Ghost Reveries -era, with only one older song. That is because I found Opeth through clean prog of Damnation, which lies between Park and Reveries. I guess most people think that this list should contain less Reveries and more Park songs. However, I think that Reveries is the culmination of Opeth's career, containing loads of incredible songs.)

    Malice Mizer
    1. Syunikiss (Merveilles, 1998)
    2. Bois de Merveilles (Merveilles, 1998)
    3. Le Ciel (Merveilles, 1998)
    4. Au Revoir (Merveilles, 1998)
    5. Gardenia (single, 2001)
    6. Beast of Blood (single, 2001)
    7. Gensou Rakuen (single, 2001)
    8. Unmei no Deai (Shinwa memorial box, 2001)
    9. Color Me Blood Red (single, 1997)
    10. Kioku to Sora (Memoire, 1994)
    (Well, the first four songs are from their Merveilles album, which translates to me claiming that it's their best album. However, some of their newer songs are great too. And there are even a couple of their early songs.)

    1. So Did We (Panopticon, 2004)
    2. Dulcinea (In the Absence of Truth, 2006)
    3. Carry (Oceanic, 2002)
    4. Celestial (the Tower)
    5. Weight (Oceanic, 2002)
    6. In Fiction (Panopticon, 2004)
    7. Holy Tears (In the Absence of Truth, 2006)
    8. Wrists of Kings (In the Absence of Truth, 2006)
    9. Grinning Mouths (Panopticon, 2004)
    10. Hall of the Dead (Wavering Radiant, 2009)
    (I'm not that into the early, sludgy EPs of ISIS's career. Panopticon as a whole is sheer awesomeness, but my top 10-list contains songs from all their five albums. I haven't gotten that much into Wavering Radiant, but I have already started liking Hall of the Dead.)

    1. Evidence (Viva Emptiness, 2003)
    2. A Premonition (Viva Emptiness, 2003)
    3. Day (Brave Murder Day, 1996)
    4. Ghost of the Sun (Viva Emptiness, 2003)
    5. Teargas (Last Fair Deal Gone Down, 2001)
    6. Dissolving Bonds (single, 2006)
    7. My Twin (The Great Cold Distance, 2006)
    8. July (The Great Cold Distance, 2006)
    9. The Future of Speech (Last Fair Deal Gone Down, 2001)
    10. Tonight's Music (Last Fair Deal Gone Down, 2001)
    (Viva Viva Emptiness! It really shows what Katatonia albums I heard first. Only Day from Brave Murder Day is a little oddball there.)

    1. Paha vaatturi (1990-1992, 1992)
    2. Hullu planeetta! (Outo elämä, 1998)
    3. Rakkaus on pesti hulluuteen (Lauluja metsästä, 2001)
    4. Me olemme yö (Outo elämä, 1998)
    5. Korkeasta ruohikosta (Hajota ja Hallitse, 2001)
    6. Kuolematon (Outo elämä, 1998)
    7. Kaikki on hyvin (Normaalien maihinnousu, 1999)
    8. Väärinkäsityksiä merellä (Homo Sapiens, 1994)
    9. Leonard ei laula (Outo elämä, 1998)
    10. Me viihdytämme teitä (Normaalien maihinnousu, 1999)
    (Paha vaatturi is simply amazing, what with some twenty tematic changes in the timespan of about two minutes! Now that's prog. :D)

    1. Sekirei (Rebirth, 2001)
    2. Mind Forest (Crescent, 2003)
    3. Lust for Blood (Crescent, 2003)
    4. Emu ~for My Dear~ (Mars, 2000)
    5. Nine Spiral (single, 2000)
    6. Cube (single, 2001)
    7. Death Wish (Moon, 2002)
    8. Asrun Dream (Mars, 2000)
    9. Fragrance (Moon, 2002)
    10. Kizu Darake no Lola (?)
    (Practically the songs that I was introduced to Gackt with. Only exception is Kizu Darake no Lola, which is so WTF that I like it.)

    1. Nue (Hoyoku Rindou, 2003)
    2. Youka Ninpouchou (Hoyoku Rindou, 2003)
    3. Nemuri (Mugen Houyou, 2004)
    4. Oboroguruma (Koujin Rasetsu, 2002)
    5. Mugen (Mugen Houyou, 2004)
    6. Yume Mushi (Mugen Houyou, 2004)
    7. Rasetsu (Koujin Rasetsu, 2002)
    8. Ushioni Matsuri (Koujin Rasetsu, 2002)
    9. Onmyouji (Kikoku Tensyo, 1999)
    10. Tsuki Hime (Fuin Kairan, 2002)
    (Same thing as with Gackt. The songs that I was instroduced to Onmyouza with.)

    1. The Bitter End (Sleeping with Ghosts, 2003)
    2. Sleeping With Ghosts (Sleeping with Ghosts, 2003)
    3. Without You I'm Nothing (Without You I'm Nothing, 1998)
    4. Every You, Every Me (Without You I'm Nothing, 1998)
    5. Blind (Meds, 2006)
    6. Twenty Years (Once More with Feeling, 2004)
    7. English Summer Rain (Sleeping with Ghosts, 2003)
    8. Meds (Meds, 2006)
    9. My Sweet Prince (Without You I'm Nothing, 1998)
    10. I'll Be Yours (Sleeping with Ghosts, 2003)
    (I really don't like Placebo's debut album, and I'm not sure if I like their newest album or not. Black Market Music has some nice songs, but none as great as these. Other three albums quite evenly represented with one single to cause confusion.)

    Yann Tiersen
    1. Um, the whole stuff he has done?

    Marilyn Manson
    1. In the Shadow of the Valley of Death (Holy Wood, 2000)
    2. The Nobodies (Holy Wood, 2000)
    3. Coma White (Mechanical Animals, 1998)
    4. Spade (The Golden Age of Grotesque, 2003)
    5. The Beautiful People (Antichrist Superstar, 1996)
    6. Great Big White World (Mechanical Animals, 1998)
    7. Disassociative (Mechanical Animals, 1998)
    8. Evidence (Eat Me, Drink Me, 2007)
    9. Lamb of God (Holy Wood, 2000)
    10. The Last Day on Earth (Mechanical Animals, 1998)
    (I think that Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood are the best two albums MM has done to date. Antichrist Superstar is good, but too harsh and uneven for my taste.)

    1. Pagan Poetry (Vespertine, 2001)
    2. Play Dead (Debut, 1993)
    3. Army of Me (Post, 1995)
    4. I've Seen it All (Selmasongs, 2000)
    5. I Miss You (Post, 1995)
    6. Human Behaviour (Debut, 1993)
    7. Scary (single, 1997)
    8. All is Full of Love (Homogenic, 1997)
    9. Possibly Maybe (Post, 1995)
    10. Sod Off (single, 1997)
    (Even though my biggest favorite is from Vespertine, I prefer the first three Björk albums.)

    1. Nottingham Lace (Enter the Chicken, 2005)
    2. Datura (Electric Tears, 2002)
    3. Too Many Humans (Population Override, 2004)
    4. Imprint (Pepper's Ghost, 2007)
    5. Mantaray (Electric Tears, 2002)
    6. Coma (Enter the Chicken, 2005)
    7. Waiting Here (Enter the Chicken, 2005)
    8. Jordan (-)
    9. Running from the Light (Enter the Chicken, 2005)
    10. Soothsayer (Crime Slunk Scene, 2006)
    (I was surprised how many Enter the Chicken songs ended up here, because I love Electric Tears. It just is a great as a whole, but most of its songs are not that great when detached.)

    1. Come Cover Me (Wishmaster, 2000)
    2. Nemo (Once, 2004)
    3. She is My Sin (Wishmaster, 2000)
    4. Moondance (Oceanborn, 1998)
    5. Ghost Love Score (Once, 2004)
    6. Angels Fall First (Angels Fall First, 1997)
    7. Wishmaster (Wishmaster, 2000)
    8. Gethsemane (Oceanborn, 1998)
    9. Walking in the Air (Oceanborn, 1998)
    10. Crownless (Wishmaster, 2000)
    (I just don't like Anette's voice. Sorry, but even though Holopainen is the heart and soul of Nightwish, it still needs the operatic vocals. Without it, it's just another, boring pop metal band.)

    Strapping Young Lad
    1. Love? (Alien, 2005)
    2. Detox (City, 1997)
    3. Last Minute (SYL, 2003)
    4. Polyphony - The New Black (The New Black, 2006)
    5. AAA (City, 1997)
    6. Room 429 (City, 1997)
    7. Almost Again (The New Black, 2006)
    8. Antiproduct (The New Black, 2006)
    9. Critic (The New Black, 2006)
    10. You Suck (Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, 1995)
    (City is the best. However, The New Black was something so unexpected, that it's great too.)

    1. Day Sixteen: Loser (The Human Equation, 2004)
    2. Day Six: Childhood (The Human Equation, 2004)
    3. Day Three: Pain (The Human Equation, 2004)
    2. And the Druids Turn to Stone (The Universal Migrator: The Dream Sequencer, 2000)
    3. Day Twelve: Trauma (The Human Equation, 2004)
    4. Dragon on the Sea (The Universal Migrator: The Dream Sequencer, 2000)
    7. Waking Dreams (01011001, 2008)
    8. Day Eight: School (The Human Equation, 2004)
    9. No Quarter (single, 2004)
    10. Liquid Eternity (01011001, 2008)
    (The Human Equation is an album that works both as a whole and as separate songs, which is very rare, even for a prog band. No surprise that half of my list consists of Equation songs.)

    X Japan
    1. Silent Jealousy (Jealousy, 1991)
    2. Art of Life (Art of Life, 1993)
    3. Rose of Pain (Blue Blood, 1989)
    4. Kurenai (Blue Blood, 1989)
    5. X (Blue Blood, 1989)
    6. Drain (Dahlia, 1996)
    7. Week End (Blue Blood, 1989)
    8. Rusty Nail (Dahlia, 1996)
    9. Crucify My Love (Dahlia, 1996)
    10. Voiceless Screaming (Jealousy, 1991)
    (With that piano solo, Art of Life just can't make it to the top, no matter how awesome it is otherwise.)

    -I really don't listen to these guys anymore, so can't really say any favorites

    1. Dehumanization (Catch 33, 2005)
    2. Combustion (obZen, 2008)
    3. New Millennium Cyanide Christ (Chaosphere, 1998)
    4. Bleed (obZen, 2008)
    5. Neurotica (Chaosphere, 1998)
    6. I (I, 2004)
    7. Rational Gaze (Nothing, 2002)
    8. Dancers to a Discordant System (obZen, 2008)
    9. Sane (Chaosphere, 1998)
    10. Straws Pulled at Random (Nothing, 2002)
    (Their last four albums seem to be pretty well represented. Though the older ones are great too, I don't like their songs enough to put them to my Top10.)

    The Cranberries
    1. Promises (Bury the Hatchet, 1999)
    2. This is the Day (Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, 2001)
    3. Will You Remember? (To the Faithful Departed, 1996)
    4. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, 2001)
    5. Hollywood (To the Faithful Departed, 1996)
    6. Electric Blue (To the Faithful Departed, 1996)
    7. Ridiculous Thoughts (No Need to Argue, 1994)
    8. Zombie (No Need to Argue, 1994)
    9. Animal Instinct (Bury the Hatchet, 1999)
    10. I Just Shot John Lennon (To the Faithful Departed, 1996)
    (These ten songs are made of awesome and win. I think that I could live for a week listening to these ten songs only without any problems. Yes, they are that great. But only if you love Dolores' voice.)

    1. Gravity (Lunacy, 2000)
    2. Face to Face (Never Sold Out live, 1999)
    3. Storm (Shine, 1998)
    4. I for You (Shine, 1998)
    5. Rosier (Mother, 1994)
    6. True Blue (Mother, 1994)
    7. Vampire's Talk (Image, 1992)
    8. Forever & Ever (Style, 1996)
    9. Broken (Shine, 1998)
    10. End of Sorrow (Style, 1996)
    (Well, the first five, six songs are really the awesome ones. The rest are not that special, just very good.)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    1. Otherside (Californication, 1999)
    2. Scar Tissue (Californication, 1999)
    3. Californication (Californication, 1999)
    4. Road Trippin' (Californication, 1999)
    5. By the Way (By the Way, 2002)
    6. Snow (Hey Oh) (Stadium Arcadium, 2006)
    7. Stadium Arcadium (Stadium Arcadium, 2006)
    8. Dani California (Stadium Arcadium, 2006)
    9. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 1991)
    10. Pea (One Hot Minute, 1995)
    (Well, Californication was THE album of the 13-year old me. :D Stadium Arcadium is a weird album for me, because I find it rather dull, but it has these three magnificent songs.)

    1. Minne paha haudattiin (Isohaara, 2002)
    2. Elokuun kruunu (Aura, 1994)
    3. Surunmurhaaja (Vainajala, 1998)
    4. Kultanaamio (Aura, 1994)
    5. Vainajala (Vainajala, 1998)
    6. Minun sydämeni on särkynyt Isohaara, 2002)
    7. Ruoste (Aura, 1994)
    8. Pedot (Pedot, 2005)
    9. Sillanrakentaja (Vainajala, 1998)
    10. Mikään ei vie sitä pois (Aura, 1994)
    (Well, mainly here's just a list of their hits, and somehow I happen to like the same songs everybody else does.)

    1. Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (One Time for All Time, 2005)
    2. Radio Protector (One Time for All Time, 2005)
    3. The Conspiracy of Seeds (The Destruction of Small Ideas, 2007)
    4. Welcome to the Times (One Time for All Time, 2005)
    5. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (The Fall of Math, 2004)
    6. Don't Go Down to Sorrow (The Destruction of Small Ideas, 2007)
    7. 65 Doesn't Understand You (One Time for All Time, 2005)
    8. Massive Star at the End of its Burning Cycle (Unreleased II, 2005)
    9. This Cat is a Landmine (The Fall of Math, 2004)
    10. The Distant & Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties (The Destruction of Small Ideas, 2007)
    (One Time for All Time is simply put pure awesomeness, which culminates into its opening track that is placed into its rightful 1st place.)

    1. Isho (Kuchiki no Tou, 2004)
    2. Ware Arubeki Basho (Zekuu, 2003)
    3. Yoru (Tsuuzetsu, 2002)
    4. Danzetsu (Tsuuzetsu, 2002)
    5. Kuchiki no Tou (Kuchiki no Tou, 2004)
    6. Daremo Inai Ie (Kuchiki no Tou, 2004)
    7. Dakukuu (Kuchiki no Tou, 2004)
    8. Soushin no Koe (Zekuu, 2003)
    9. Kono Sen to Sora (Zekuu, 2003)
    10. Kanashimi no Hate (Kuchiki no Tou, 2004)
    (Kuchiki no Tou > rest of their albums. Though some older songs there to mix it all up.)

    Iron Maiden
    1. Fear of the Dark (Fear of the Dark, 1992)
    2. The Trooper (Piece of Mind, 1983)
    3. Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Fear of the Dark, 1992)
    4. The Evil that Men Do (Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, 1988)
    5. Hallowed be thy Name (The Number of the Beast, 1982)
    6. Aces High (Powerslave, 1984)
    7. Out of the Silent Planet (Brave New World, 2000)
    8. Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, 1988)
    9. Brave New World (Brave New World, 2000)
    10. Deja Vu (Somewhere in Time, 1986)
    (Funny, how those couple Brave New World's songs disturb this list of classics. :D Though i can't help liking it, it's pretty rare for an 80s band to do a comeback album that good.)

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    1. As I Sat Sadly By Her Side (No More Shall We Part, 2001)
    2. Henry Lee (Murder Ballads, 1996)
    3. I Let Love In (Let love In, 1994)
    4. Do You Love Me? (Let love In, 1994)
    5. The Weeping Song (The Good Son, 1990)
    6. Stagger Lee (Murder Ballads, 1996)
    7. Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow (No More Shall We Part, 2001)
    8. Loverman (Let love In, 1994)
    9. Where the Wild Roses Grow (Murder Ballads, 1996)
    10. Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore (Let love In, 1994)
    (IMO the three greatest Nick Cave albums are Let Love In, Murder Ballads and No More Shall We Part, which can be seen in that fact that only The Weeping Song is not from those three albums.)

    Devin Townsend
    1. Suicide (Accelerated Evolution, 2003)
    2. Deadhead (Accelerated Evolution, 2003)
    3. Bastard (Ocean Machine, 1997)
    4. Away (Accelerated Evolution, 2003)
    5. Storm (Accelerated Evolution, 2003)
    6. Irish Maiden (Physicist, 2001)
    7. Depth Charge (Accelerated Evolution, 2003)
    8. Earth Day (Terria, 2001)
    9. Truth (Infinity, 1998)
    10. Canada (Terria, 2001)
    (Accelerated Evolution ftw.)

    1. Time is Running Out (Absolution, 2003)
    2. Hysteria (Absolution, 2003)
    3. New Born (Origin of Symmetry, 2001)
    4. Unintended (Showbiz, 1999)
    5. Knights of Cydonia (Black Holes & Revelations, 2006)
    6. Dark Shines (Origin of Symmetry, 2001)
    7. Space Dementia (Origin of Symmetry, 2001)
    8. Endlessly (Absolution, 2003)
    9. Map of the Problematique (Black Holes & Revelations, 2006)
    10. Plug in Baby (Origin of Symmetry, 2001)
    (Showbiz is a rather distant Muse album for me, Unintended being the only song from it. I prefer their newer works.)

    Janne Da Arc
    1. Child Vision (D.N.A., 2000)
    2. Dry? (Z-HARD, 2001)
    3. Sakura (D.N.A., 2000)
    4. Eden ~Kimi ga Inai~ (D.N.A., 2000)
    5. Guilty Pain (Gaia, 2002)
    6. Ring (D.N.A., 2000)
    7. Rasen (Another STory, 2003)
    8. Plastic (Gaia, 2002)
    9. Heavy Damage (Arcadia, 2004)
    10. Gekkouka (Joker, 2005)
    (Well, the top 3 is the main point of this band.)

    The Cure
    1. Love Song (Disintegration, 1989)
    2. Last Dance (Disintegration, 1989)
    3. The Lovecats (single, 1983)
    4. To Wish Impossible Things (Wish, 1992)
    5. Bloodflowers (Bloodflowers, 2000)
    6. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Wish, 1992)
    7. Disintegration (Disintegration, 1989)
    8. Fascination Street (Disintegration, 1989)
    9. Charlotte Sometimes (single, 1981)
    10. Friday I'm in Love (Wish, 1992)
    (Disintegration is one of my greatest albums, though Wish has some great songs too.)

    Children of Bodom
    1. Towards Dead End (Hatebreeder, 1999)
    2. Everytime I Die (Follow the Reaper, 2000)
    3. Silent Night, Bodom Night (Hatebreeder, 1999)
    4. Red Light in my Eyes, Pt. 1 (Somethign Wild, 1997)
    5. Downfall (Hatebreeder, 1999)
    6. Punch Me I Bleed (Are You Dead Yet?, 2005)
    7. Warheart (Hatebreeder, 1999)
    8. Follow the Reaper (Follow the Reaper, 2000)
    9. Mask of Sanity (Follow the Reaper, 2000)
    10. Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood (Hatecrew Deathroll, 2003)
    (I'm not that much into CoB anymore, but if I had to pick one album from them, it'd be hatebreeder. Follow the Reaper has some great songs too, but I really don't find their more recent works that interesting.)

    King Crimson
    1. Three of a Perfect Pair (Three of a Perfect Pair, 1984)
    2. Starless (Red, 1974)
    3. Epitaph (In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969)
    4. The Night Watch (Starless and Bible Black, 1974)
    5. 21st Century Schizoid Man (In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969)
    6. In the Court of the Crimson King (In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969)
    7. Cirkus (Lizard, 1970)
    8. Dinosaur (THRAK, 1995)
    9. Happy Family (Lizard, 1970)
    10. Another Red Nightmare (Red, 1974)
    (Well, this list is practically made of classics, but that #1 is a little bit out of place. Nonetheless, I really like its twirling guitarwork and odd rhythms.)

    Deadsoul Tribe
    1. Regret (A Murder of Crows, 2003)
    2. Why? (The January Tree, 2004)
    3. Spiders and Flies (The January Tree, 2004)
    4. Toy Rockets (The January Tree, 2004)
    5. Just Like a Timepiece (The January Tree, 2004)
    6. Waiting for the Answer (The January Tree, 2004)
    7. Lady of Rain (The January Tree, 2004)
    8. Here Come the Pigs (A Lullaby for the Devil, 2007)
    9. Black Smoke and Mirrors (A Murder of Crows, 2003)
    10. The Gosamer Strand (A Lullaby for the Devil, 2007)
    (If you have to get one DST album, get The January Tree, even if it lacks their greatest song.)

    Nick Arse & the Arsenicks
    1. Keveyden sietämätön olemus (Kamara, 2005)
    2. Vilpitöntä pahaa (Kamara, 2005)
    3. Suuret, viisaat, hiljaiset (Kamara, 2005)
    4. Jälkikirjoitus (Kamara, 2005)
    5. Kehtolaulu (EP, 2007)
    6. Lumen pelko (single, 2005)
    7. Varhaiseläke (single, 2007)
    8. Pohjolan tähdistö (single, 2005)
    9. Huutoa kaislikosta (EP, 2007)
    10. Ehkä kaikki menee hyvin (single, 2009)
    (Though the Arsenicks have released some nice singles recently, I find their 2005 album Kamara their best work.)

    1. Spring (Rosenrot, 2005)
    2. Stein um Stein (Reise, Reise, 2004)
    3. Adios (Mutter, 2001)
    4. Ohne Dich (Reise, Reise, 2004)
    5. Reise, Reise (Reise, Reise, 2004)
    6. Du Hast (Sehnsucht, 1997)
    7. Sonne (Mutter, 2001)
    8. Morgenstern (Reise, Reise, 2004)
    9. Nebel (Mutter, 2001)
    10. Mutter (Mutter, 2001)
    (Basically Mutter and Reise, Reise = Rammstein for me.)

    Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus
    1. Hiljaista (Itku pitkästä ilosta, 2000)
    2. Lintu (Itku pitkästä ilosta, 2000)
    3. Tulkaa kotiin (single, 2002)
    4. Hyvä päivä (Lopunajan merkit, 1999)
    5. Koiranelämää (single, 2004)
    6. Alavilla mailla (Lopunajan merkit, 1999)
    7. Lumessakahlaajat (Rajaportti, 2002)
    8. Viimeinen päivä taivaan (single, 2000)
    9. Itku pitkästä ilosta (Itku pitkästä ilosta, 2000)
    10. Rajaton rakkaus (Itku pitkästä ilosta, 2000)
    (Um. Nothing special here. The top3 are amazing.)

    Led Zeppelin
    1. No Quarter (Houses of the Holy, 1973)
    2. Kashmir (Physical Graffiti, 1975)
    3. Black Dog (IV, 1971)
    4. Stairway to Heaven (IV, 1971)
    5. Immigrant Song (III, 1970)
    6. Achilles Last Stand (Presence, 1976)
    7. Carouselambra (Presence, 1976)
    8. Rock and Roll (IV, 1971)
    9. Dazed and Confused (I, 1969)
    10. The Ocean (Houses of the Holy, 1973)
    (A list of all-time Zeppeling classics with Carouselambra thrown in to cause confusion. I just like its funky drive.)

    1. The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain (You Are There, 2006)
    2. COM(?) (One Step More and You Die, 2002)
    3. Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper (One Step More and You Die, 2002)
    4. Finlandia (Hey, You, 2000)
    5. A Speeding Car (One Step More and You Die, 2002)
    6. 2 Candles, 1 Wish (Walking Clouds and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined, 2004)
    7. 16.12 (Walking Clouds and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined, 2004)
    8. Yearning (You Are There, 2006)
    9. Burial at Sea (Hymn to the Immortal Wind, 2009)
    10. The Kidnapper Bell (Under the Pipal Tree, 2001)
    (Even though songs 2.-10. are superb, the #1 song is so great that even the rest of the songs combined are not that awesome.)
  • The extensive 'Seen Live' list with commentary

    5. Jul. 2009, 16:05

    As of the Karnivool concert in 2013, this list contains 240 artists seen 351 times in 132 gigs, concerts and festivals.

    A Silver Mt. Zion (2008)
    After Forever (2004)
    Agalloch (2012)
    Alaska Kalan (2007)
    Albino Rhino (2012)
    Alcest (2010)
    Amendfoil (2010)
    Amoral (2012)
    Amorphis [5] (2006, 2007, 2 x 2008, 2011)
    Anathema [4] (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012)
    Animals as Leaders (2011)
    Anneke van Giersbergen (2010)
    Apocalyptica [2] (2006, 2012)
    Apulanta [5] (2002, 3 x 2003, 2006)
    Arcade Fire (2010)
    Arch Enemy (2011)
    Arcturus (2012)
    Astral Sleep (2011)
    At the Gates [2] (2008, 2011)
    August Burns Red (2010)
    Avenged Sevenfold (2008)
    Baroness (2012)
    Before the Dawn (2007)
    Behemoth (2012)
    Between the Buried and Me [2] (2010, 2011)
    Black Dahlia Murder (2009)
    Blackfield (2011)
    Blackmore's Night (2011)
    Blanko (2009)
    Bloodbath (2010)
    Boris (2008)
    Breathe the End (2013)
    Brymir (2011)
    Bulldozer (2011)
    Bullet for My Valentine (2008)
    Buzzcocks (2011)
    Callisto [3] (2007, 2 x 2009)
    Cannibal Corpse (2010)
    Caspian (2010)
    Chaos Infinitum [4] (2 x 2005, 2006, 2007)
    Chelsea Wolfe (2013)
    Chestburster (2009)
    Children of Bodom [2] (2005, 2009)
    Church of Misery (2011)
    Cirque du Soleil [2] (2007, 2013)
    Clannad (2012)
    CMX [3] (2006, 2008, 2010)
    Cold Fairyland (2008)
    Crowbar (2010)
    Cult of Luna (2013)
    Cynic (2009)
    Deep Purple (2003)
    Devenial Verdict [3] (2 x 2009, 2010)
    Devin Townsend (2010)
    Devin Townsend Project [2] (2010, 2011)
    Diablo (2006)
    Dir en grey [3] (2 x 2007, 2011)
    Divine Intervention [2] (2 x 2005)
    Domovoyd (2013)
    Don Johnson Big Band [4] (2006, 2007, 2009, 2013)
    dälek (2009)
    Eleanoora Rosenholm (2011)
    Electric Wizard (2011)
    Eläkeläiset (2008)
    Embreach (2013)
    Emiliana Torrini (2009)
    Emperor (2007)
    Entombed (2009)
    Envy (2011)
    Ever Circling Wolves (2008, before joining the band)
    Finntroll (2012)
    First Aid Kit (2013)
    Flogging Molly (2008)
    GAF (2011)
    girugamesh (2009)
    Ghost (2011)
    Ghost Brigade [3] (2009, 2 x 2012)
    God is an Astronaut (2009)
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2011)
    Gojira [2] (2009, 2012)
    Goon (2008)
    Hanggai (2013)
    Hanging Garden [2] (2012, 2013)
    Hell (2011)
    Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset (2008)
    Hidria Spacefolk [4] (2 x 2007, 2009, 2010)
    Hjaltalín (2009)
    Hooded Menace (2011)
    Huoratron (2012)
    Hurt (2006)
    Hässäkkä (2008)
    IA [3] (2011, 2 x 2012)
    Iced Earth (2011)
    Ihsahn (2010)
    Immortal (2009)
    Insomnium [4] (2 x 2007, 2010, 2012)
    Iron Maiden [2] (2003, 2008)
    ISIS [2] (2007, 2009)
    Ismo Alanko Säätiö (2006)
    Ismo Alanko Teholla (2008)
    Jambinai / 잠비나이 (2013)
    Jex Thoth (2011)
    Job for a Cowboy (2010)
    José González (2008)
    Karnivool (2013)
    Katatonia [4] (2009, 2010, 2 x 2011)
    Kent (2008)
    Kìla (2009)
    Killing Joke (2011)
    Korpiklaani (2009)
    Kosmikud (2009)
    Kotipelto (2004)
    Kuilu (2012)
    Kuusumun Profeetta [2] (2009, 2011)
    Kvelertak (2011)
    Ladytron (2007)
    Lamb of God (2010)
    Lapko [4] (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010)
    Lau Nau (2011)
    Lauren Harris (2008)
    Lordamor (2013)
    Lowlife Rock'n'Roll Philosophers (2009)
    Magyar Posse [2] (2008, 2011)
    Maj Karma [2] (2006, 2009)
    Malummeh (2011)
    Mamiffer (2009)
    Manna (2010)
    Manowar (2009)
    Maria Gasolina (2008)
    Mastodon (2012)
    Medeia [2] (2011)
    Medicated [4] (2009, 2011, 2 x 2012)
    Megadeth (2010)
    Melt-Banana (2011)
    Mensura [2] (2005, 2006)
    Meshuggah [2] (2011, 2013)
    Metallica (2004)
    Micachu (2010)
    Ministry [2] (2008, 2012)
    Minutian (2011)
    Mirel Wagner (2013)
    Mogwai [2] (2006, 2011)
    Moi Dix Mois (2007)
    Mokoma [2] (2006, 2012)
    Mono [2] (2010, 2012)
    Moonsorrow (2007)
    Morbid Angel (2011)
    Mother Susurrus (2011)
    MUCC (2009)
    Murderdolls [2] (2002, 2003)
    Murmansk [2] (2009, 2010)
    Muse (2010)
    My Dying Bride (2009)
    myGrain (2005)
    Naamiomiehet (2009)
    Napalm Death (2012)
    Naturemorte (2007)
    Nauticus (2010)
    Nerve End [2] (2012, 2013)
    Neurosis (2009)
    Nevermore (2010)
    Nevernettles (2005)
    Nick Arse & the Arsenicks [4] (2005, 2 x 2006, 2009)
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (2009)
    Nicole [2] (2007, 2009)
    Nightwish [3] (2004, 2008, 2012)
    Nile (2010)
    Nine Inch Nails [2] (2 x 2007)
    Nox Ultima (2011)
    Oddland [4] (2010, 2 x 2011, 2013)
    Omnium Gatherum (2011)
    Oomph! (2006)
    Opeth [4] (2006, 2008, 2 x 2009)
    Oranssi Pazuzu (2011)
    Otherhood (2012)
    Overkill (2012)
    Pain (2007)
    Papa Roach (2002)
    Petter Carlsen (2010)
    Phantom House (2012)
    Philip Glass (2013)
    Placebo (2009)
    Porcupine Tree [3] (2007, 2008, 2009)
    Radar [4] (2008, 2 x 2010, 2011)
    Red Sparowes (2011)
    Regression (2009)
    Refusal (2011)
    Revival Hymns (2012)
    Riverside [3] (2007, 2011, 2013)
    Roger Waters (2011)
    Rotten Sound (2009)
    Rubik (2011)
    Russian Circles [2] (2012, 2013)
    Röyhkä ja Rättö ja Lehtisalo (2009)
    Samuli Putro (2011)
    Satyricon (2010)
    Scandinavian Music Group [2] (2006, 2008)
    Sestina (2013)
    Sielun Veljet (2011)
    Sleep on the Railroad Tracks (2009)
    Slipknot (2004)
    Snipe Drive (2008)
    Sodotory (2010)
    Soen (2013)
    Soilwork (2006)
    Soma Kick (2011)
    Sonata Arctica (2007)
    Stam1na [4] (2008, 2 x 2009, 2011)
    Standard Coil Company [3] (2 x 2007, 2009)
    Subspace Radio (2007)
    Suicide Silence (2012)
    Superchrist (2010)
    Swallow the Sun [2] (2007, 2010)
    Sydän, sydän [3] (2006, 2008, 2009)
    Tarot [2] (2010, 2011)
    Temples (2009)
    Textures (2012)
    The Faceless (2009)
    The Hypnomen (2007)
    The Man-Eating Tree [2] (2010, 2011)
    The Music of Erich Zann (2011)
    The Ocean (2009)
    The Smashing Pumpkins [2] (2008, 2013)
    The Wandering Midget (2009)
    Timo Rautiainen (2006)
    Tombstoned (2013)
    Tool (2006)
    Tortoise (2011)
    Tracedawn [3] (3 x 2008)
    Trauma Field (2012)
    Turisas (2011)
    Tuvalu [3] (2009, 2010)
    Ultra Bra (2012)
    Ultramariini (2006)
    Uriah Heep (2003)
    Vauva [3] (2 x 2008, 2009)
    Von Hertzen Brothers [4] (2 x 2008, 2009, 2011)
    Värttinä (2012)
    Wardruna (2013)
    WASP (2007)
    White Lies (2010)
    Ymir's Blood (2013)
    YUP [6] (3 x 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008)


    A Silver Mt. Zion (October 5th, 2008 @ Club Tavastia, Helsinki): The show was surprisingly interesting, taking into account that it was a post-rock band playing. The set consisted of mainly newer songs that are more vocal-oriented, which didn't bother me at all, but my friends in the audience felt that it would've been better if they had played older, instrumental tracks. Well, some like Efrim's voice, some don't. It was no problem to me, and I was mesmerized for the whole set, and especially God Bless Our Dead Marines' ending part with the a cappella section cycling in three parts was simply amazing. Also the songs that don't have drums in the album versions had them now, giving them more drive and depth. Definitely one of the best gigs of that year, and ASMZ remains one of the bands that I must see again in the future.
    [setlist: 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons, God Bless Our Dead Marines, I Built Myself a Metal Bird, I Fed My Metal Bird the Wings of Other Metal Birds, Horses in the Sky,
    1,000,000 to Make This Sound, There's a Light, encore: Microphones in the Trees, Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River]

    After Forever (December 26th, 2004 @ Jäähalli, Helsinki): They were the first warm-up act of Nightwish. Mostly boring and unoriginal operatic metal. Didn't really catch my attention - except when they played an Iron Maiden cover The Evil That Men Do.

    Alaska Kalan (December 22nd, 2007 @ Club Tavastia, Helsinki): Alaska was the warm-up act of Don Johnson Big Band, and even though I'm not really fond of blues, his energetic live show really hit me. Incredible voice and nice slide guitarwork with his resonator guitar kept the audience definitely entertained. Also his ramblings about the United States and sincere apologies about being an american himself between the songs were sure things to grasp the attention. If I happen to be somewhere around where he's palying, I'm sure to see him again.

    Amorphis (July 8th, 2006 @ Ruisrock, Turku): My first Amorphis show, and quite a regular one. The Way got me pumped up. But I must admit that Tomi Joutsen's dreadlocks were pretty impressive sight when he headbanged.
    Amorphis (August 5th, 2007 @ Ankkarock, Vantaa): Pretty dull for an Amorphis show. But they played Alone, which made me happy. Joutsen's locks still worked.
    Amorphis (June 13th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): A regular set too, but from what I've seen, the best one yet. This one had the biggest audience, so I guess they've been getting popular all the time. Played Alone again, yay, Joutsen's locks still looked awesome, yay.
    Amorphis (June 28th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): Well, pretty much the same thing as in Provinssirock, but they played on the main stage, which somehow added to their stage presence. Though nothing special, it didn't hurt at all seeing them once again live.

    Anathema (July 24th, 2008 @ Nosturi, Helsinki): Well, I'm not a big fan of Anathema, but they were still worth seeing even though I knew only a handful of songs. Before the encore songs Vince Cavanagh emerged from the backstage with a box of beer he said they didn't want, and started throwing beer cans to the audience. You could see they were not too serious about playing, but enjoying it as much as they could.

    At the Gates (July 4th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): I was expecting a lot more of them after having listened them and The Haunted beforehand a bit, but their live show was pretty lame, and their sounds quite horrible. Lucky I wasn't a big fan of them, I might've been disappointed. Didn't stay there long enough to see their set to the end.

    August Burns Red (March 8th, 2010 @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki): Really, on of the most unoriginal metalcore acts I've seen or heard in my life, majority of the songs were just one lousy breakdown after another. Though the band made some good attempts to connect with the audience, their overall performance was horrible, the bassist playing his instrument in a way that a retard plays a broomstick, and especially their synchronized crabcore headbanging; DEAR LORD, NO. With their trendy streetwear and emo fringes, they were practically an Idols band playing crappy music that could fool somebody believing that it would be "metal". I just can't understand how this kind of music is popular in the States and why all the 14-17 -year old metalheads were so excited about this band. After all, there were Between the Buried and Me, Job for a Cowboy and Lamb of God playing in the same venue, and every single one of them put up a shitloads better show than ABR. Just because the vocalist is spinning the microphone from its cord all the time doesn't mean that the band is cool and awesome.

    Avenged Sevenfold (July 18th, 2008 @ Olympiastadion, Helsinki): A7X was Iron Maiden's second warm-up act. In my very humble opinion, they were utter shite. I hadn't heard anything from them beforehand, and I was completely disappointed. There were loads of teen girls in the who were going to see them, and leave before Iron Maiden, I mean, what the hell? Completely unoriginal, reel br00tal riffs mixed with happy-go-lucky pop melodies, guitar solos that made my ears bleed (honestly, they were horrible), and all that topped with the ultimate evil skull-demon-backdrop that fits them like a straight edge dude at Oktoberfest. Brrrh. Never, ever, ever again.

    Boris (May 2nd, 2008 @ Tavastia, Helsinki): Ohmygods, one of the most amazing concerts I've witnessed. When the first song began, the first third of the WHOLE FRIGGIN' AUDIENCE formed a massive mosh pit. During the final part of the show, while the rest of the band were droning, the drummer climbed on his drumset and jumped to the audience, did a quick crowsurf and returned to the drum seat to finish the song. Plus vocalist playing a two-neck instrument that is both bass and guitar is amazing too.

    Bullet for My Valentine (July 6th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): Practically the same thing as with A7X without happy-go-lucky melodies and the backdrop. I can't understand their popularity amongst teen girls. Could watch about the first third of the gig, then had to call it quits.

    Callisto (June 1st, 2007 @ Nosturi, Helsinki): They were pretty dull the first time I saw them live, which was quite a disappointment, because I had really enjoyed True Nature Unfolds and Noir. They played with Swallow the Sun and Before the Dawn, but they were mainly the reason I went to that particular concert.
    Callisto (June 12th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): The new vocalist, Jani Ala-Hukkala was really that this band needed to make their live shows more interesting. Even though not really a showman, his facial expressions when singing growls and shouts are the most furious I've ever seen, as if he was about to beat anyone close enough to a bloody pulp. Full marks for that, because it looks so stupid when somebody is growling like a demon but looks as if they're scared of everything and -one. At least he knows how you're supposed to look when you're growling.
    Callisto (June 26th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): A bit duller show than a few weeks beforehand in Provinssirock. The setlist was not so tight, and unlike in Provinssirock, you couldn't hear almost anything from the low end. The bass was almost nonexistent, which was a pity, because their basslines add so much to their sound, especially when playing live.

    Chestburster (July 4th, 2009 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki): Dude, what stage energy! It's pretty rare I see band's bassist jump from the stage to the moshpit and play bass at the same time! Though their mix of stoner rock, psychedelia and punk was not really my cup of tea, I really enjoyed their performance, especially their speaks in-between songs, where they praised their little hometown of Kouvola, picked up fight with people of Helsinki and joked about syphilis the singer claimed to have. And after the set was over and the bassist and drummer left the stage, the vocalist-guitarist took off all his clothes, played the guitar with his manly parts with wah pedal on full, and finished the set by playing a short part of Star-spangled Banner. Really a live set you don't see every day.

    Cirque Du Soleil - Delirium (September 23rd, 2007 @ Jäähalli, Helsinki): One of the most amazing audiovisual shows I've ever seen. Just wow.

    CMX (July 8th, 2006 @ Ruisrock, Turku): Though CMX is one of my favorite Finnish bands, I must admit that they're not that good live. Or maybe it's because they play live with their original, more punk attitude than in studio, which makes their pretty songs too harsh for me to enjoy.
    CMX (July 5th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): Exactly the same thing as above. Maybe I should go see them play in a club to see if this is just a festival stint.

    Cold Fairyland (February 6th, 2008 @ Tavastia, Helsinki): Actually I was attending this concert to see Magyar Posse play, but this artist was which made in the end the attendance worthwhile. Their amazing combination of western prog rock and Chinese folk music was simply stunning. If anyone has the chance to see them live, just do it! No excuses! You won't regret it.

    Cynic (December 15th, 2008 @ Dante's, Helsinki): I hadn't heard them beforehand and they were supposed to be Opeth's warm-up act, but Opeth cancelled their show due to Åkerfeldt's sickness. However, they managed to arrange a show for Cynic with tickets a measly 4e, so I went to see them out of interest. And they were actually a nice surprise, though their overtly technical approach to music and songs lacking completely the traditional song structure made it a tad hard to get into their show. Maybe next time.

    DIR EN GREY (August 5th, 2007 @ Ankkarock, Vantaa): Um, too much crowd to see them up close (though thank Bog 95% of their fans are teen girls, so I had no problems seeing over their heads with my not-so-tall build). However, the setlist was a disappointment for me, as most of the songs were from The Marrow of the Bone, the weakest of their albums to date IMNSHO. Too much grinding, unoriginal metalcore without melodies. Well, at least they played THE FINAL.
    DIR EN GREY (November 5th, 2007 @ Tavastia, Helsinki): This concert was loads better, I managed to get a lot closer than in Ankkarock, and they played a bit more older songs. The then-unreleased single,DOZING GREEN, was amazing live, especially the intro drums, and playing Riyuu (or Wake) as an encore was a huge surprise for me, which really made my day.
    [setlist: Repetition of Hatred, Merciless Cult, Lie Buried With a Vengeance, Obscure Disabled Complexes, Rotting Root, The Final, Shokubeni, Dozing Green, Hydra -666-, Conceived Sorrow, Dead Tree, Ryoujoku no Ame, Grief, The Deeper Vileness, encore: Riyuu, Kodou, Agitated Screams of Maggots, Beautiful Dirt, Clever Sleazoid]

    Don Johnson Big Band (December 22nd, 2007 @ Tavastia, Helsinki): Though I've seen them couple of times in festivals, they've been nothing compared to this gig. Their light show alone was incredible and one of the Finland's best violinists, Pekka Kuusisto, was playing with them with such enthusiasm I jsut couldn't help enjoying their show. And their vocalist's, Tommy Lindgren's senergy on-stage never ceases to amaze me. I really encourage people to go see this band live, fan or not.

    Eläkeläiset (Can't remember the date, some park festival in summer 2008): The funniest gig I've ever seen. These guys really know how to keep themselves entertained, and the audience just gets entertained at the same time. They don't come to play to people, they come to fuck around and have fun. I really need to see them live more.

    Ever Circling Wolves (July 4th, 2009 @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki): Well, the band's second gig ever, and the first one for the 75% of the band. Even though every band member (me included) said having played completely wrong here and there, during practically avery song, the people in the audience didn't hear anything going wrong and no-one was none the wiser. That's just how it goes. Almost 150 people attended, and we managed to buy ourselves supper from a grill bar after the concert with the ticket sales! Big thanks for Chestburster and Temples for playing with us!
    [setlist: A Desperate Frolic, Picturesque Petrified, Dear Eva pt. 1, Dear Eva pt. 2, One Joyless Knight, Alone, Into the Silence of Ice]

    Flogging Molly (July 4th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): It was incredible, some 10,000-15,000 people were there to see Floggers, and if you stopped for a moment from dancing, you could feel the actual ground beneath your feet going up and down to the beat of the music from the people jumping and dancing! Just wow.

    Gojira (June 26th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): They were the opening act for the festival, and the main reason for me getting the ticket. Even though they played majority of the set from their most recent album, The Way of All Flesh, the show was probably the best in Tuska that year! Especially Joe Duplantier's stage presence was a perfect combination of furious energy and humble amazement of people coming to see them in such big numbers even though they played as early as 3pm in Friday. Playing Remembrance would've made the show perfect, but it was second to none even without it.

    Hurt (June 20th, 2006 @ Nightlife, Helsinki): I got see this band's only gig in Finland to this date by attending some competition and winning attendance tickets for two. Though nothing really special, an acoustic set with just two of the band members, it was pretty amazing that they could make their songs sounds so full and complete with just two acoustic guitars. And even though I'm not really fan of their music, I must admit, that Wince's voice is pretty great, even when singing live.

    Isis (June 30th, 2007 @ Tuska, Helsinki): The only reason I was in Tuska that year. Even playing in full sunlight, the band maintained their magical atmosphere, and the show was simply awesome. The only thing that bugged me a bit, was that they really didn't take any contact with the audience. Practically no-one even glanced at the audience, and Aaron said "thanks" one or twice. Well, maybe it was thair way of maintaining their mysterious aura or something. I don't care. The songs were what mattered. Thanks for So Did We.

    Ismo Alanko Teholla (July 6th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): I was a bit skeptical how good a two-member band would sound, but I must admit that they were nothing short of incredible. However, the most power they managed to get into their rendition of their Sielun Veljet cover, Laulu, which was played mostly with only Ismo Alanko's acoustic guitar, and the final verse he sang without any accompaniment. That song was one of the most touching and moving performances I've ever seen. Period.

    Kuusumun Profeetta (April 25th, 2009 @ Korjaamo, Helsinki): One of the weirdest performances I've seen, and practically only because of the band's singer-keyboardist-musical genius, Mika Rättö. He's just only of this kind. Bowing to no-one, he does what he thinks this world needs to be done. His stage costume alone (a leather cap, "wife beater" and moustache) were a complete show by themselves, with his unique singing voice being the second. They ended their set with an elongated jam while Rättö rambled on, spit spattering from his mouth, while marching like a soviet footman at the same time. There is not enough people like Rättö in this universe.

    Lapko (January 2nd, 2009 @ Nosturi, Helsinki): I've seen Lapko about once a year from 2006, and I must admit that they've been getting better concert by concert. Originally it bugged me that when played live, their pretty, melancholic songs were played faster and cruder, making them losa most of what I liked in them. However it seems that the band has dropped their punkier stage aesthetics little by little and nowadays they sound live the way I like it. This concert was a good example of it, being a nice balance of new songs and old hits, all performed in a way that respects the studio recordings but adds the live energy to them.

    Magyar Posse (February 6th, 2008 @ Tavastia, Helsinki): I had wanted to see this band live for a long time, but their mostly boring live set surprised me. I mean, their hypnotizing songs have so much potential for an energetic live show, but they just remained mainly still, everybody concentrated on their instruments. Except their violinist, Sandra Mahlamäki, who mainly giggled and joked with some people (most likely her friends) in the front row. Maybe I was expecting too much from this band, it being my favorite Finnish post-rock artist. Well, now I know better.

    Manowar (June 27th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): SHIT NO. :DD I could stand looking them for some half an hour and even that was too much. I just don't understand how they can be so popular, even if people listen to them only as a joke! And it was insane, even when we sat several hundred yards away from the stage, we had to use earplugs, and it was too difficult to communicate even by screaming. The volume levels were simply ridiculous. And their costumes and stage speaks and everything. DO NOT WANT.

    Metallica (May 28th, 2004 @ Olympiastadion, Helsinki): I wish I had seen them some 15 years beforehand. From what I've seen from their old concert footage, this show was a shadow of them, mainly an all-the-hits marathon, but without Orion and Fade to Black. Well, the old geezers still knew how to throw a decent show and especially Rob Trujillo's performance was great and energetic, but Metallica is an institution, not a band. How boring it is to hear "Metallica is here to rock you!" or "Metallica loves you" from the man who'd fuck arounf with audience and play guitar that told people to "eet fuk"?

    Ministry (July 4th, 2008 @ Ruisrock, Turku): HELL YEAH. The lightshow and Al Jourgensen's snarling voice in the dark summer night was really a creepy sight, and the mosh pit was insane. Only during one song I managed to hurt one of my toes pretty bad there, and my friend lost his hearing from one ear for a few days. :D And let us not forget Al's coffin-shaped guitar! It was great seeing this band live before they called it quits.

    My Dying Bride (June 28th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): Even though MDB's extremely depressing, slow music doesn't fit at all in the summer sun, they managed to give a great performance, what with Aaron Stainthorpe trembling or kneeling, hanging his head down in between his singing and all. Stage theatrics that'd look silly unless they'd fit so perfectly to their gloomy music. Especially the crushing despair and hypnotizing progression of The Cry of Mankind was simply incredible. All in all, a great concert.

    Neurosis (June 26th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): It was pretty ahrd for me to stand in the front row, dehydrated in the direct summer sunlight, sweating like a pig in my amazing pirate costume, and due to that I couldn't concentrate fully to their set. However, their concert was awesome, shifting from droning sludge to furious hardcore and back. The finale was really worthwhile seeing, first Scott Kelly knocking the mic stand down with his forehead, making his head bleed, Steve von Till following shortly afterwards beating the mic to his head until he started to bleed too, then both of them moving to percussions for the final percussive battery. I had no idea that so droning music could be charged with so much energy.

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (June 28th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): The whole audience held their breath before the show to see if Nick had his moustache or not - and the amount of gasps and banter when Nick finally entered the stage with his lip shaved was enormous. The set itself was amazing, Nick throwing jokes here and there about his moustache, and jumping around like crazy. His stage antics even made me at times nervous, because it seemed that he could fall down or hit somebody with his guitar anytime, but I guess he knew what he was doing, because none of that happened. Only some problems with mic cord getting stuck here and there, but nothing worse. Also Warren Ellis, looking like a hobo with his big, bushy beard, did a great performance by himself, playing his violin occasionally like a guitar, throwing himself to the ground and rolling there, playing his violin or tenor guitar furiously. And Conway Savage's decadent artist-look, what with his grog glass and cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, was The Coolest Sight Ever.
    [setlist: Tupelo, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, Red Right Hand, Deanna, Midnight Man, The Ship Song, Henry Lee - Breathless - Jesus of the Moon, We Call Upon the Author, The Mercy Seat, There She Goes My Beatiful World,. The Weeping Song, Papa Won't Leave You Henry, Stagger Lee, Lucy, encore: Get Ready for Love, Love Letter, Let the Bells Ring]

    Nine Inch Nails (April 10th, 2007 @ Jäähalli, Helsinki): The show's opening was one of the weirdest ever. Roadies were there putting the stage up and everything, and suddenly Trent Reznor was there too, carrying stuff, but no-one seemed to realize it and all the lights were on and everything. He carried some guitars, talked to some people there, walked around, walked to the microphone, and then all the lights except one went out, and only then did the audience seem to realize that Trent was there. What's wrong with the people? Anyways, NIN's set was great, and especially Aaron North's wild stage antics were constantly drawing attention from Trent's furious output. Simply put, a great show.

    Opeth (July 8th, 2006 @ Ruisrock, Turku): People whined that Opeth's music didn't work if played outdoors in the sunlight, but in my opinion, it worked really well! A great set of songs, though the buggers played a set 10 minutes shorter than they had time reserved. Also this was the time I heard Deliverance the first time in my life, and I was honestly blown away by the hypnotizing outro riffery.
    Opeth (February 15th, 2009 @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki): Opeth kept their promise, and played a concert in Helsinki after cancelling their show in December. Though the cable factory is not the best place to play concerts, Opeth still threw a great concert and kept the audience entertained for the whole evening. Many people complained about Åkerfeldt's choice of having a short jukebox-set after getting frustrated of people shouting song names between the songs, but I found it pretty hilarious, relieving the atmosphere and showing that even though their music might be deep, the band is not so serious. So during this short set, everytime somebody shouted a song name, the band would play the first riff or two, stop abruptly, and Mikael saying blatantly to the mic "next." I don't get it how people could get pissed with this short set of musical stand-up comedy!

    Placebo (June 26th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): I had heard that Placebo's previous gig in Finland was a disappointment, Molko looking like he wouldn't care less playing in Helsinki, they going through their set with minimum effort, so I was a bit prepared for this concert. Fortunately my expectations were not met, Placebo was awesome and Molko was playing and performing with full energy. Even though it seemed that they'd play mainly the songs off their then-most-recent album (Battle for the Sun, which seems to be pretty dull for me), they started to include more and more of their older songs towards the end of their set, and if not counting Blind and Twenty Years, they played every single one of my favorite songs (and there's quite a lot of them!). Especially the edgier and distorted rendition of Sleeping with Ghosts was simply brilliant! With Nick Cave's gig, this was the best concert of the festival.

    Porcupine Tree (December 15th, 2007 @ Jäähalli, Helsinki): An amazing set that included both new material and oldies goldies (such as Hatesong and A Smart Kid). In addition to the band's small but yet noteworthy stage presence, the animations in the backdrop and the lightshow were nothing but incredible, especially the breaking waves in the third part of the gargantuan Anesthetize, and the music video to Way Out of Here. I'm waiting eagerly for their next concert in Autumn!

    Riverside (November 9th, 2007 @ Nosturi, Helsinki): A decent gig, with nothing special. Still it really was worth attending, because even though they were not that much of showmen, the songs worked very well live.

    Röyhkä ja Rättö ja Lehtisalo (June 13th, 2009 @ Provinssirock, Seinäjoki): OH YOUR GOD YES Rättö is divine. Though their set was pretty nice, Kauko Röyhkä doing most of the frontman's job with his charsima of Finland's own version of Morrissey, practically everyone was holding their breath with an insane leer when the band broke into a hysterious jam while Rättö rose from his seat and started to do a hilarious-yet-stone-serious kung-fu-performance, shouting complete nonsense in the process. And some people who managed to break their eye contact with Rättö's mezmerizing perormance might have wondered why there was a person dressed as a gorilla standing in the right side of the stage, doing nothing. I guess it was there just to see if people could see a gorilla onstage if Rättö is performance his own, feverish rendition of kung fu.

    Stam1na (June 28th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki) These guys honestly how to throw an entertaining performance. They were aware that Immortal had played the night before yesterday, so the band had painted their own faces in corpse paint too. Also their speaks between their songs reflected this (Hyrde doing classic Immortal-poses or shouting "Norja PERKELE!" (Hell yeah, Norway!)). However, things took a weird turn, when they were supposed to perform a guitar solo -duel, and the PA went crazy. Instead of hearing anything what they were playing, there was only some white noise, which lasted for few minutes, and then nothing. After the next song started, the only sound that the band managed to make came from their backline, and the PA was up and running only moments before the song was finished. Also some utter jackass decided to throw a bottle at the drummer during their encore song, and the band left the stage 15 minutes early. But even with these complications Stam1na managed to give off an amazing gig, which was probably the best out of the three I've seen.

    Subspace Radio (November 9th, 2007 @ Nosturi, Helsinki): They were the warm-up act for Riverside, and I was surprised how boring could progressive metal get. Basically it was completely uninteresting version of Dream Theater, which isn't much, as I'm not that big fan of DT. Mainly the audience seemed to look everywhere around them but the band during their show.

    The Faceless (June 27th, 2009 @ Tuska, Helsinki): I saw their vocalist buying ice cream the day after their concert! :D Anyhow, they threw a nice set, even though I didn't know any of their songs. The only downside was their pretty minimal performance, which left pretty little to see if you didn't know the songs. Only this amazing black dude who was one of their two guitarists moved around a bit more, thrashing his head around and moving like you should when playing music as crushing as The Faceless.

    The Ocean (December 15th, 2008 @ Dante's, Helsinki): I had no idea what expect from this band, but I was very positively surprised after their set. Their stage antics were so aggressive I was amazed no-one got hurt, and the music worked really good. Too bad they had problems with their samples as their Macintosh crashed so they had to manage without them, but to me, it didn't matter one bit. Great music, amazing show.

    The Smashing Pumpkins (March 3rd, 2008 @ Jäähalli, Helsinki): Well, I really went to see them because of their older songs, and lucky me, they played quite a decent amount of them. After all, I found Zeitgeist pretty dull, and nothing like the older works of Pumpkins - it seems that Corgan lost his edge as a songwriter after Machina. Though some new songs were played, there were also good old songs like Today, Cherub Rock and Bullet With Butterfly Wings. They also played a grungier and edgier version of Ava Adore, and even though I've never been that fond of Try, Try, Try, I was completely mezmerized by it there. The things that bugged me a bit were that Ginger Reyes seemed to play most of the songs an octave higher, and thus the low end of the bass was almost nonexistent, and that it seemed that Pumpkins is not a band anymore, but Corgan, Chamberlin and some random musicians who you couldn't care less, because the live musicians didn't really do anything. The only people in the spotlight were Billy and Jimmy. IMO that is a bit too much from Corgan, no matter how big an ego he has. Oh well, enough with this rant. A great gig by mr Corgan and mr Chamberlin. I only wish that James Iha and ´d'Arcy would've been there too.
    [setlist: Porcelina of the Vast Oceans, Behold! the Night Mare, Bring the Light, Tonight, Tonight, Mayonaise, Try, Try, Try, Superchrist, (Come On) Let's Go!, Stellar, Perfect, Lily (My One and Only), The Rose March, Today, Tarantula, Stand Inside Your Love, Ava Adore, Drown, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, 1979, That's the Way (My Love Is), My Blue Heaven, The Everlasting Gaze, Cash Car Star, jam (Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep, Foreplay by Boston, For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield, Wasted Years by Iron Maiden), encore: Cherub Rock]

    Tool (July 9th, 2006 @ Ruisrock, Turku): The gig I had waited more than any other to this date, and it was ruined by one asshole. Though I expected to see a lot of people there, the sheer amount of people who turned up and the crowd pressure up front surprised me completely. You couldn't move, because you were stuck from four sides, and when songs kicked off, you just moved along with the crowd, feet off the ground. However, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that we had turned up one and half hours before the gig to be as close to the band as possible, some asshat appeared beside us some 5 minutes before the band started playing, couldn't get any further and lit up a joint. No problem there. The problem started when the songs started, because he thought it was cool to have his own 1-man moshpit, hurting everyone around him. No, we couldn't move away form him, because of the crowd pressure. No, we couldn't tell him to stop, because we did several times, and it didn't help one bit. No, we couldn't hurt him to make him stop, because we did, and he told us that "it hurt" when we rammed an elbow to his stomach, and then continued to hit us. We spent 75% of the concert preparing for the next blow, so surprisingly we couldn't see that much. AND WHO THE FUCK IS MOSHPITTING DURING THE SLOW PART OF Pushit?! Idiot. That concert would've been a billion times better if we could've moved only a few feet away from him. Well, at least the set list was great.
  • My musical expectations concerning this year

    2. Feb. 2009, 21:43

    Awaited albums:

    Well, the top thing might be the upcoming album 'Wavering Radiant' by the post-metal outfit Isis, which is to be released this May. Since ISIS's musical progression from Mosquito Control EP to the In the Absence of Truth -album released 2006 has been more than interesting a thing to follow, I'm having my expectations high concerning this new album.

    Secondly, UK's finest in post-rock, 65daysofstatic, is rumored to be writing material for their new album, which is supposed to be released this spring too. Though Destruction of Small Ideas had some great tracks, I hope they're shifting back to the more electronic soundscapes of One Time for All Time. Though I think I won't be disappointed even if the album isn't going to sound anything like that. Come whatever may.

    I've also read that Steven Wilson has mentioned somewhere that Porcupine Tree would be releasing a new album sometime this year. I'm expecting that they are delving further into the heavier sounds they've been fusing into their rather radio-friendly prog for the past few albums. And I hope that around the album's release they're going to promote it with a tour, that'd reach Finland too! After all, they performed three times during the course of one year a short while back, why would they now forget Finland? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Tool's vocalist Maynard James Keenan had mentioned that there will be a new release in the future. Unfortunately no dates were told, and probably it's just talk now. And the timespan between the previous Tool albums has been something like 4-5 years, and the most recent one, 10,000 Days, was released only three years ago, it's probably futile to hope a new one this soon... But one can always hope! With any luck we'd have a new Tool album this year!

    Swedish metal outfits Opeth and Meshuggah released new albums just last year, so it would be quite unprobable to have new albums this year.. Opeth's Watershed was a little disappointment for me, so it's not biggie if we're not having a new one this soon, but Meshuggah's ObZen was so amazing it left me craving for more! I mean, how further they can develop their unique extreme metal sound? If they could release just one tiny EP or something...?

    Japanese speed metallers X Japan seem to be up and running, without their superb guitarist, hide, though. But they recorded a single, I.V., a year ago, but nothing more came up, which is a shame, because that song wasn't that bad. It would be only fair to have something more and new from this grand old man of Jap metal.

    And it would be about damn time to have some new Lapko songs too! The past Lapko gigs I've seen have been mainly of Young Desire, plus a few random songs from the two previous albums. We demand something new!

    Probably the first new awaited album I'll be listening to, is Japanese Mono's Hymn to the Immortal Wind, which is set to be released this March. Yays!

    Also, some bands that I hope to see during the course of this year:

    Mastodon and Lamb of God are the warm-up bands for Metallica here in Helsinki this summer. I've seen the headliner once before, and I'm not that interested in seeing it again, but I guess I could try to scrape some money just to see these two bands warming Metallica.

    Katatonia, Gojira and Meshuggah are my must-see bands, that, to this date, I've managed to miss. It's because they are always playing a) when I'm somewhere away, b) as a warm-up act for an artist I'm not really interested in seeing, or c) in some random festivals, where they would be the only band worth seeing. And I wouldn't want to cross half the country and have me bankrupt just for one band. My biggest hope is to have Meshuggah here having their own concert, instead of seeing them play in some festival.

    Muse and Marilyn Manson both were playing in Helsinki a little more than a year age, but I missed both of them, as there was a ton of other great bands to see then too. And my bank account can take only a limited amount of bands at a time. So it would be nice to have them here, but this time not almost simultaneously.

    Björk has cancelled her last two gigs here in Finland, so it would be only fair to have her here and actually have that concert so many people have been waiting for!

    Opeth cancelled their concert here in December due to Mikael Åkerfeldt's illness, but luckily a replacement gig was announced, and I'm seeing them once again in a few weeks! Huzzah!

    And of course, it would be amazing to have Tool here again. If they would come, I hope this time I wouldn't be that badly mauled, and I could actually concentrate on the band, instead of dodging elbows in the front row.

    Post-rock band This Will Destroy You will be coming to Finland this spring. I'm not sure yet if I will be attending that concert - probably will - but if some post-rock bands are missed here in Finland, they are 65daysofstatic, Mono and God Is An Astronaut! With any luck, at least one of them ends up here before christmas!


    edit Feb12/09

    It seems that at least Gojira are coming to Finland this summer, to Tuska festival! I guess I just have to buy the tickets, and hope for a good set!

    edit Mar/12

    And my biggest hope is coming true! Meshuggah are actually coming to Finland, and they're having their own private concert! Hoorays! *has ticket in pocket*
  • Impressions on Ruisrock '08

    7. Jul. 2008, 22:36

    Ruisrock '08 @ Turku, Finland

    Friday 4.7.

    Stam1na - Probably the best band there is to start the festival. Though we missed a couple of first songs, we managed to see most of the show, and it really was worth it. Stam1na's energetic blast of finnish thrash metal was the much needed energy shot after the early waking and long car trip to the festival.

    At the Gates - Checked the first half of the set. Though the band playd decently, they were pretty anemic compared to Stam1na we had seen only minutes earlier. And as I hadn't listened to them much beforehand, the songs seemed pretty similar to each other and thus, dull.

    At this point we went to take a quick peek at Ensiferum, but decided that it was pretty boring and there was better stuff to do. We were supposed to check Amorphis, but in the end we ended up playing Guitar Hero III at a gaming tent with rissy. Not a biggy though, as everybody had seen them play several times.

    Porcupine Tree - Definitely the most awaited band of the weekend. The setlist was pretty solid, but Heartattack in a Layby and Arriving Somewhere but Not Here were omitted this time too. Well, after the opener, Blackest Eyes, came the regular fan favorites; extended Open Car, The Sound of Muzak, Way Out of Here, Even Less, lengthy pieces Anesthetize and Hatesong and a nice special treat; Mother and Child Divided! Unfortunately the show was closed with Halo, and not with Trains. Despite I almost broke my nose as I banged my head during the heavy moment of Anesthetize, and it took me most of the remainder song to recover, the show was still absolutely worth of the friday ticket alone. Thank you PT for such a great show!

    After the PT show we decided to take a short break by sitting at a beer tent for a while, and once Nightwish started to play we moved a little closer to have a better view for them. After about 4-5 songs, me and di_Morte went to see Ministry, who were having several time more energetic show than Nightwish. Though Al Jourgensen's moustache was far less significant than it used to be, the show was still awesome, and eventually we ended going into mosh pit, where we managed to stay for two songs, and during this time I had injured one of my toes so badly I had hard time walking through the whole saturday, and di_Morte had temporarily lost hearing from one of his ears. All in all, a show nothing short from amazing. And the band's bassist Tony Campos was the spitting image of Kerry King ffs! :D (without the tattoos, of course).

    Ministry was the final performer of the evening, and we went to sleep after the show.

    Saturday 5.7.

    I came to the festival at 11:30, half an hour before Lapko was scheduled to perform, even though from my previous experiences, Lapko is better heard from records than live. Well, luckily I had decided to come, as this show was the best Lapko show I've witnessed to this date (well, this was only my third one..), and easily better than the band's records. Anyways, the band played a tight set, and in addition to the Young Desire that was played almost in its entirety, they played two of my fav songs; Kill, Fuck, Die and Future Planes from The Arms.

    Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset was performing straight after Lapko. As it was pretty crowded in front of the stage, I watched the band play from a little bit further away. The band remained pretty distant for me, as i hadn't heard a single song from the band beforehand. Though Herra Ylppö performed with energy and fury, the rest of the band remained pretty static and thus, the band was pretty boring to watch. The greatest moment of the show was when the band covered Lasten mehuhetki, a very fitting song for the sunny summer day.

    For the next two hours I had nothing to do, as all my friends were coming to the festival at around 4pm, and it was 2pm. For the majority of this time I lied in a bean bag chair in a small tent close to the gates, letting my feet have a well-deserved rest.

    After my friends arrived we went to see Scandinavian Music Group, a band whose bittersweet and soothingly beautiful music fits more than perfectly for the Finnish summer. And after all, they definitely have the best female vocalist of Finnish pop bands. The best moments of the show were songs Vierailla kallioilla and Vieläkö soitan banjoa?. And it was nice to hear some yet-unreleased material too.

    I had to leave during SMG's encore to get good places from the almost-front row of Opeth's set. Luckily rissy and friends were there already, so it wasn't hard to get to up front. Unfortunately Opeth did the same thing as they did in '06; they playd a set too short! For a one-hour slot, they played less than 50 minutes. Blasphemy, I say! Well, fortunately they had a pretty decent setlist, covering songs from several albums. I had wished for another Deliverance (which they played two years ago at the same festival, at the same stage), but Master's Apprentices was a decent substitute. And it was nice to see that the lineup changes (or Martin's short hair) hadn't changed the band's live performances one bit for the worse. But I'd suggest that M. Åkerfeldt could buy trousers a size or too bigger.

    Flogging Molly was next. Some sources say that Bullet for My Valentine had the biggest crowd, but what I could see, Molly had lots and lots more. And this was the first time ever I witnessed earth literally shaking to the rhythm of the music. The ground actually moved up and down as people jumped and danced to the rhythm of the faster and more upbeat songs. Honestly, it was a very strange thing to feel. Anyways, Molly did a superb show, Dave King cracking jokes between the songs and the band playing furiously around him. Songs ranged from the oldies to the ones from the newst album. Though not a fast one, my favority was Float, which offered some rest for the feet (and lungs, as there was lots of dust in the air always when people danced and jumped).

    CMX came after Molly, we originally intended to watch the full set, but we ended up moving ourselves to the stage where Von Hertzen Brothers were going to perform, basically because A.W.Yrjänä's voice seemed to be a little bit out of tune through the band's set - especially during the higher parts. Not really nice stuff to listen to in the long run.

    Von Hertzen Brothers was the final artist of the evening for us, and it worked very well. Even though I hadn't heard a single song from the band, I still found myself enjoying the band's show. Their clever combination of radio friendly rock and sheer prog is superb, and their vocal harmonies were nothing short of amazing. Especially Kie's and Jonne's energetic performance with their guitar and bass, respectively, was awesome. And me and my friend were cracking jokes how it seemed that Jonne was scratching his knees while he played bass as he kept the instrument as low as it seems physically possible.

    Sunday 6.7.

    YUP was the opener for Sunday, and the band delivered and excellent combo of oldies and goldies. Some newer one were thrown in too, but they were no match for those incredible festival hits, such as Homo Sapiens, Paha vaatturi, Suomen suurin tv and Minä olen myyrä. There was not that much people at noon, so it was fun to see once again the little big man of Finnish rock, Jarkko Martikainen, play and perform so close up without the pressure of the surrounding.

    After YUP we went to check Raappana, who was performing with Sound Explosion, but it really didn't hit me, as I'm not that big fan of reggae, and even less so when it comes to reggae sung in Finnish. It was pretty fitting stuff for the Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't really painful for me to stand there through the set. But I guess I wouldn't have missed anything, if I had been somewhere else during that time.

    Shortly after Raappana performed Ismo Alanko Teholla, which was one of the greatest shows of the weekend. Ismo sang perfectly in tune, and the hypnotic percussionwork of Teho Majamäki was something incredible. About half of the songs performed were from the duo's new album, and half were Ismo's hits from his solo/Säätiö, Sielun Veljet and Hassisen Kone-era. Songs like Tällä tiellä, Rakkaus on ruma sana and Levottomat Jalat became something completely new when they were performed only by these two guys - only with vocals, acoustic guitar / piano and Teho's percussions. But probably the greatest song of the whole weekend was the encore song, the haunting Laulu, originally by Sielun Veljet, which of the final part was sung completely without instrumentation. By the time the song ended I was almost in tears, and probably even would've been unless Ismo had thanked the audience with continuing a joke somebody from the audience had shouted earlier. Anyways, a performance which was definitely worth seeing.

    After that I had boring time for about two hours, as my friends had left before Ismo, and there was nothing good to see for awhile. In the end, however some of my friends came to see Bullet for My Valentine. I was surprised by the band. Maybe I had high expectations, but the band pretty much sucked. The songs were unordinary, the vocalist had pretty louse voice for clean parts, the riffs were boring and the snare drum was mixed poorly. We checked about a third of their set and left to see if José González was any good. Well, it was better, but my guess is that this dude works better on records than live, because it's rather dull a show if there's just a guy and an acoustic guitar and the songs are all slow and quiet and pretty (these adjectives generally are equal to "poor festival song"). So it wasn't my cup of tea either.

    Fortunately we hadn't much waiting before Kent started their set. At first I was actually suprised how ugly the bandmembers were, especially when contrasted how beautiful and soothing their songs are. Not your every day pop stars. The show was quite good, but there could've been a bit more motion onstage. The vocalist Joakim was the only one to move for the majority of the show, and he just looked pretty much bored and downright glum for the first half of the show. During the latter half he began to look that he enjoyed performing there, and a couple of other band memebers even started to move a bit, but all in all, they were pretty motionless and glum for the show. It was an ok show, even though they didn't really convince me with their stage antiques. But hey, at least the had 4 guitars played at the same time on stage during some of the songs. Even Iron Maiden doesn't do that.

    There were a couple more bands probably worth seeing after Kent, but my feet were beginning to feel as if they wanted to amputate themselves, so I started the long journey out of the festival grounds.

    All in all, the festival was very good this year, and I managed to see almost all the bands I wanted to, and even a couple of surprises. A shitload of money well spent.
  • Pros & cons of Final Fantasies VI - XII

    9. Mai. 2008, 14:27

    (I've left FFI-V because I haven't played most of them, and of those which I've played, I really can't remember anything.)


    +: The music. Nobuo Uematsu really knows his job.
    +: A plethora of characters. You really had people to choose from.
    +: Shadow rules.
    +: Kefka. Simply one of the maddest baddies on the FF history.
    +: SNES nostalgia.
    +: Pretty interesting story.
    +: A vast world - at least when compared to its peers.
    +: The Esper system was quite ok.
    +: Most of the personal skills of the characters were actually *gasp* quite useful.
    -: A plethora of characters. Most of them were left quite distant.
    -: SNES. It isn't that easy to own a legal copy of the game, and the PS1 version is lousy, the loading times are fatal to mental wellbeing. Plus the platform sets its own restrictions (graphical etc.).


    +: The music. Nobuo Uematsu's flagship. Probably remains my favorite game soundtrack for the rest of my life.
    +: Interesting story.
    +: Sephiroth. The meanest badass of the FF history.
    +: Majority / all of the characters were interesting.
    +: The incredible amount of amazing sub-games.
    +: Lots of stuff to do.
    +: The world map was simple enough to know it by heart, even from the beginning.
    +: The limit system worked.
    +: The FMVs.
    +: Knights of the Round for instant win.
    +: Fat Chocobo for instant awesome.
    +/-: W-item glitch.
    +/-: The materia system was simple, great, and it worked, but it didn't really have that feel of characters really learning stuff or you customizing them.
    +/-: The graphics. They were the best of their time, but nowadays rather outdated. Personally I like the battle animations and the lego characters and I think the backgrounds are very cool / beautiful, depending where you are.
    -: There was no real challenge. You could easily play the game throughout without dying even once. Emerald and Ruby Weapon were the only really challenging moments, and if you knew what you were doing, even they didn't pose any real challenge.
    -: Where is Holy?!
    -: Cloud is pretty much a spineless wimp, most of the time.


    +: Actually, the junction system was quite handy at customizing the attributes of characters.
    +: Most of the summons were pretty cool.
    +: You didn't have to boost Diablos or Cactuar to have them do decent damage.
    +: Triple Triad was actually quite fun and addictive.
    +: Graphically nice. Impressive, but not overdone.
    +: You could summon Cactuar and Tonberry (HELL YEAH). Odin and Diablos were cool too.
    +: Though not surpassing FFVII soundtrack, the soundtrack here was great, too.
    +: Nice storyline and interesting world.
    +: Ruby Dragon is one of the coolest dragons designed by Square.
    +/-: Probably remains the only modern FF (FFX-2 excluded) where the whole cast of characters are 'normal' people.
    +/-: Some people may find Squall angsty and annoying, but I thought he was a pretty cool guy. eh wields gunblade and doesn't afraid of anything.
    +/-: The limit system was pretty ok, each character having their own ones and such, but it was funny how their spamming wasn't restricted in any way.
    -: Junction system wtf?
    -: The romantic aspect of the story was a few times a bit too much.
    -: GF wtf? 'Summon' is just fine.
    -: Where are the MPs? Limited number of magics and the 'draw' system sucked.
    -: It sucked that up until the final parts of the game you had to use boosted GFs to deal fair amount of damage, and due to this most of the get a BIT too repetitive and boring after a while. tldr; too much GF summoning.
    -: Money by SeeD Rank (and the SeeD rank thing itself) sucked.


    +: Graphically new interesting ideas, eg. the bubbles above the heads of the characters who speak or think and the "?" and "!"-bubbles.
    +: Return to the 4-character party.
    +: Pretty original and interesting characters.
    +: The FMVs. Bahamut vs. Alexander FUCK YEAH.
    +: VIVI!
    +/-: What the hell? You can steal more than once?
    +/-: The pre-assigned classes for the characters are a divider. Some people think is restrictive, others consider it as return to the roots.
    +/-: ATEs. You really don't like them, but they are of no harm, either.
    -: There is NO FUCKING REASON why you die & get gameover'd if some of your characters are knocked offstage (eg. by "Snort") and then the remaining characters are killed. Does the character out of screen go like "oh, my friends died? I guess I die too now, despite I'm otherwise perfectly fine"? Fuck that.
    -: The trance system sucked big time. You aren't able to plan their use, they usually come up in random small enemy fights, and the enemies are dead before you can even use them. And then it's lost. Sucks.
    -: The game seems to be sticky and slow (and that sucks if your character is eg. poisoned, because the characters take damage by time, and if somebody casts a long spell, this poisoned dude is dead well before you can do anything. Fuck that, too.
    -: It's practically impossible to get Steiner's final weapon in the game due to the NTSC/PAL difference (you have to get to the final place under 12hrs, and PAL runs slower than NTSC version, but the clock ticks the same time in both)
    -: Kuja is a wannabe-Sephiroth, but fails miserably. Sephiroth's looks might have been feminine, but Kuja's simply girly. Not in a good way.
    -: Though a nice idea first, the mogs as save points became frustrating after a while.
    -: The Tetra master tried to be advanced version of Triple Triad, but failed miserably.
    -: Most of the time the battle graphics seemed like the guys at Square were trying to pull off more than PS1 was capable of. Especially with bigger magics it was hard to see what's going on.
    -: Though Chocobo Hot & Cold may have looked as a nice game in the paper and it may be a source of great items, it is EXTREMELY frustrating and annoying game. And even then, it's pretty addictive.


    +: The character customization to the max! (Sphere grid offered something to hassle with for a hilarious amount of time for the hardcore gamers)
    +: At Zanarkand (aka To Zanarkand) is one of the single greatest pieces Nobuo Uematsu has ever composed.
    +: Auron is cool.
    +: Anima is cooler.
    +: Dark Aeons were the coolest. Finally, some challenge.
    +: The new turn-based battle system worked really well.
    +: Break Damage Limit! 99999 FTW!
    +: Blitzball actually was rather fun a minigame, though I didn't think so at first.
    +: Nice twists within the storyline which was both straightforward and complicated. Not the best, but definitely good.
    +: The new way of controlling summons worked.
    +/-: I miss the world map, but its absence really didn't bother me in the end.
    -: Why in the hell Bahamut is carrying a friggin' wheel of fortune in its back?!
    -: Yuna and Tidus are simply annoying.
    -: The majority of the voice actors were pretty lousy.
    -: Seymour is so lousy baddie. And so gay. In a bad way.


    -: Haven't played, but what I've seen my friends playing it, I haven't liked it one bit.
    -: Dress system & Garment grid WTF?


    +: A nice idea that you could play FF with & against your friends.
    -: But I don't consider it a part of FF series, more of an spinoff.


    +: Finally! No interrupting random battles.
    +: Beautiful as hell.
    +: The Marks and Elite marks were a nice addition.
    +: The world is quite nice and varied. It just feels so restricted when you can't explore the world map.
    +: Definitely challenging, it didn't take much to die - especially earlier in the game.
    +: Remains as one of the few Final Fantasies, which have honestly challenging and difficult final boss. Even though I completed it with first try, it was damn difficult.
    +/-: The voice actors were significantly better than those in FFX, but still not A-class.
    +/-: The money is rare. Actually quite a nice change in the FF series.
    -Where are the mini-games?
    -: The summon system sucked. I summoned about three-four times during the whole game, and mostly of interest, not because I really needed to. And the Espers are permanently restricted to one character? What a great idea! Dudes, you really are geniuses!
    -: Most of the time the color palette was pretty neutral, and thus, boring.
    -: The quickenings sucked. One of the lousiest limit break animations in the history of FF. Instead of being somehow related to the characters, they were just pointless, graphically impressive fireworks.
    -: The characters are definitely the most faceless bunch of random hangarounds in the history of FF. Even now, I have really hard time recalling the names of the characters, even though I have played the game for well over 100 hours.
    -: The story could have been interesting, but it wasn't, and even though it was bloody well long (and boring), it still felt as if it was cut short.
    -: MagicKs and TechnicKs? Come on.
    -: One of the lousiest, repetitive, unmemorable soundtracks I've ever heard.

    +: Finally, something completely new!
    +: Interesting and fun.
    -: Most of the characters remain really distant.
    -: You're lucky to get through a random fight in only 15 minutes, generally they take 30-60 minutes. Boss fights can span from 30 to 90 minutes.
    -: The game is mainly fighting and story excerpts.

    Well, FF junkies, comments? Do you agree or disagree with em? Do you have your own pros and cons you think I've forgotten?

    (and I will add more to this list as soon as I come up with them)
  • What to see @ Ruisrock '08

    1. Mai. 2008, 10:33

    Friday 4.7.

    Must see:
    Porcupine Tree (Saw them last December, wasn't enough. Hopefully they play Arriving Somewhere and Heartattack in a Layby this time..)
    At the Gates (Haven't really listened to them, but I guess I should check the pioneers of melodeath out once they happened to reunite and stuff.)
    Nightwish (Not really into them anymore, but I guess I should check them out with this new lineup too. Maybe Anette will be more interesting performing live than Tarja was.)
    Stam1na (Funny, how I haven't seen Stam1na live yet, after all, they're one of the bands that tour the most in Finland. Missed them even in Ruisrock '06 because of the 2-hour queue that hit us by surprise. Better luck this time.)
    Ministry (Well, I guess I shouldn't miss one of the last times ever (or who knows, perhaps not?) to see this legend of industrial live. After all, they've even got a couple of good tracks.)

    Probably worth checking out:
    Amorphis (They do kick-ass live shows, but I've seen them a few times already, so I guess it's not really mandatory to see them this time.)
    Ensiferum (A couple of my friends are nuts about this band, so I guess I should go and see what kind of stuff this is. Though previous bands win, if the shows overlap.)

    Saturday 5.7.

    Must see:
    Opeth (Saw them last time in Ruisrock '06. Many didn't like that show, but I did. Hopefully they play some older fan favorites, though a couple of songs from the new Watershed would be nice too.)
    Scandinavian Music Group (Saw these too in Ruisrock '06, and they were really amazing. A must-see really, if they put another show good as that.)
    CMX (and these too, last time seen in Ruisrock '06. Let's see if they sky gets cloudy once again when these guys take the stage. ;) )
    Flogging Molly (These guys were in Ruisrock '06, TOO, but I missed them. Will not this time, though.)
    Von Hertzen Brothers (Everybody tells me how amazing they are. Gotta check them out if they really are.)
    Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset (Haven't heard them yet, but I've heard that they are not that far away from Ylppö's Maj Karma, which is great. And Ylppö really knows how to perform on stage.)

    Probably worth checking out:
    Lapko (Saw them -surprise, surprise- in Ruisrock '06! But I've seen them after that, too. I guess I could miss this occasion, after seeing them already a couple of times, but if there are no better bands around when they're on the stage, I'm there. Though they are better on record than live.)
    HIM (Not really my cup of tea, but if there isn't any better bands to watch in the evening, I guess I could see them.
    Hanoi Rocks (well, they're Hanoi Rocks.)

    Sunday 6.7.

    Must see:
    Kent (It's about damn time for me to see them live.)
    YUP (Artist I've seen the most times live in my life. And every damn time the setlist has been completely different. Last time (in Ruisrock '06..) was mainly a cavalcade of underground oldies hits, which was really nice, but this time they culd pull off some bigger hits too.)
    Ismo Alanko Teholla (Ismo is simply amazing dude, most of the things he touches, turn to gold, and stuff like that. I have no reason not to see this duo.)

    Probably worth checking out:
    Bullet for My Valentine (Don't really listen to them, but I guess they are better than nothing, is such time should come.)
    Apocalyptica (Seen them (Ruisrock '06 - this is getting pretty repetitive), so I haven't got any big needs to see them. But I guess I could go and see them should nothing better come up.)
    Interpol (Out of curiosity - never heard one single song.)
    Turisas (The same thing with Ensiferum.)
    Apulanta (Seen them so many times it hurts. But if it seems that they will be playing oldies, I guess I could hang around and listen.)

    Any bands that I've missed, but I definitely must see?
    Give a recommendation. Punk bands I'll pass, though.
    full artist list: http://www.ruisrock.fi/index.php?group=10

    Hopefully they will release the schedule soon.. :F
  • My ultimate over-the-top dream festival

    21. Mär. 2008, 1:13

    So. I had been thinking about doing a journal entry about a gigantic rock festival that would have only my favorite artists performing my fav songs. And when I found out that some other people had done this kind of journal too, the thing was settled.

    Anyh00, there are no rules. eg. if the band is disbanded and half of the members are dead, it doesn't matter. Though I try to keep the setlists reasonably short.

    Well here we go:

    evening openers:

    -Reality Dream III
    -Out of Myself
    -Acronym Love
    -Loose Heart
    -I Turned You Down
    -Second Life Syndrome
    -Out of Myself

    Janne Da Arc
    -Heavy Damage
    -Junky Walekr
    -Guilty Pain
    -Child Vision

    Deadsoul Tribe
    -Spiders and Flies
    -Just Like a Timepiece
    -Black Smoke and Mirrors
    -Coldest Days of Winter
    -Toy Rockets
    -Wings of Faith

    The Cure
    The album Disintegration in its entirety

    -Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper
    -Lost Snow
    -A Heart Has Asked for the Pleasure
    -Are You There?
    -2 Candles, 1 Wish
    -Mere Your Pathetique Light
    -The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain

    and the Friday headliner:
    -Plug In Baby
    -Space Dementia
    -Map of the Problematique
    -Supermassive Black Hole
    -Micro Cuts
    -Dark Shines
    -Time is Running Out
    encore: Knights of Cydonia

    and of course there would be some rock clubs, and the one where I would end up in would have:

    -Namida ga Koboretara
    -Doko E Iku
    -Yasei no Taiyou
    -Yume no Hana

    -This is Aggressive Melancholy
    -Killer Whales
    -Red Song
    -Hugging the Phone
    -I Have a Name
    -Panda Eyes
    -Future Planes
    -Kill, Fuck, Die
    -Funerals and Parties

    Then the next day, starting at around noon:

    -Rational Gaze
    -Soul Burn
    -Straws Pulled at Random
    -Dehumanization & Sum
    -New Millenium Cyanide Christ

    Nick Arse & the Arsenicks
    -Lumen pelko
    -Suuret, Viisaat, Hiljaiset
    -Vilpitöntä pahaa
    -Keveyden sietämätön olemus
    -Pohjolan Tähdistö

    -Special K
    -Sleeping With Ghosts
    -I'll Be Yours
    -Protect Me From What I Want
    -Taste in Men
    -English Summer Rain
    -Every You Every Me
    -The Bitter End

    Strapping Young Lad
    -Last Minute
    -Room 429
    -You Suck
    -Almost Again
    -Polyphony / The New Black
    -Two Weeks

    -Human Behaviour
    -Army of Me
    -All is Full of Love
    -Hidden Place
    -I Miss You
    -Play Dead
    -Sod Off
    -Possibly Maybe
    -Pagan Poetry

    *now it's getting a bit darker*

    -Radio Protector
    -Conspiracy of Seeds
    -This Cat is a Landmine
    -Don't Go Down to Sorrow
    -I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
    -Install a Beak in the Heart that Clucks Time in Arabic
    -The Distant & Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties
    -Welcome to the Times
    -Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

    -Dalai Lama
    -Reise, reise
    -Stein um Stein
    -Ohne Dich
    -Du Hast

    The Cranberries
    -This is the Day
    -New New York
    -Ridiculous Thoughts
    -Animal Instinct
    -Electric Blue
    -Daffodil Lament

    X Japan
    -Art of Life (minus the +10minute Piano solo)
    -Rusty Nail
    -Voiceless Screaming
    -Vanishing Love
    -Crucify My Love
    -Silent Jealousy

    And the Saturday headliner:
    Marilyn Manson
    -The Nobodies
    -Antichrist Superstar
    -In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
    -Disposable Teens
    -The Last Day on Earth
    -Coma White
    -Great Big White World
    -Heart Shaped Glasses
    -Sweet Dreams
    -The Fight Song
    encore: The Beautiful People

    and after that, I'd find myseld from some goth/industrial club with

    -Darker than Darkness
    -Shanikusai ~carnival~
    -Long Distance Call
    -Taiyou no Korosareta

    Nince Inch Nails
    (short bits of Ghosts would be played between the songs)
    -Mr. Self Destruct
    -Starfuckers, inc.
    -The Hand that Feeds
    -The Collector

    and then;

    -Kouga Ninpouchou
    -Tsuki Hime
    -Ushioni Matsuri
    -Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze
    -Yume Mushi
    -Yoka Ninpouchou

    -Me viihdytämme teitä
    -Minä elän vaarallista elämää
    -Normaalien maihinnousu
    -Rankat ankat
    -Ihana elämä
    -Pohjoinen Zen
    -Hullu planeetta
    -Me olemme yö
    -Seitsemän haaksirikkoista
    -Lihavia luurankoja
    -Paha vaatturi
    -Homo Sapiens

    -Ghost of the Sun
    -Tonight's Music
    -My Twin
    -A Premonition
    -Inside the City of Glass
    -In the White
    -Sweet Nurse
    -Soil's Song

    -Audience KILLER LOOP
    -Dozing Green
    -Raison d'être
    -Red.. [em]
    -The Final

    -Master's Apprentices
    -The Baying of the Hounds
    -In My Time of Need
    -A Fair Judgement
    -Face of Melinda
    -Ghost of Perdition
    -Harlequin Forest

    Malice Mizer
    -Bois de Merveilles
    -Kioku to Sora
    -Le Ciel
    -Beast of Blood
    -Color me Blood Red
    -Gensou Rakuen
    -Gekka no Yasokyoku
    -Unmei no Deai
    -Au Revoir

    and as the evening sets, the main stage becomes the only stage on use, and the numerous headliners start to pull off their sets one by one, and the festival ends by any luck by next morning.

    First headliner:
    -So Did We
    -Red Sea
    -Wrists of Kings
    -Grinning Mouths
    -Celestial (the Tower)
    -All Out of Time, All Into Space / Holy Tears
    -In Fiction
    -The Beginning and the End
    -Divine Mother (The Tower Crumbles)

    Second headliner:
    A Perfect Circle
    -Weak and Powerless
    -The Noose
    -When the Levee Breaks
    -The Package
    encore: The Hollow

    Third headliner:
    System of a Down
    -Soldier Side / BYOB
    -Chop Suey!
    -Mr. Jack
    encore: Aerials

    Fourth headliner:
    Porcupine Tree
    -Open Car
    -A Smart Kid
    -Arriving Somewhere...
    -Fear of a Blank Planet
    -Russia on Ice
    -Rainy Taxi
    -Sound of Muzak
    -Buying a New Soul
    -Wedding Nails
    -Cloud Zero
    -Nine Cats
    -Don't Hate me
    -Blackest Eyes
    encore: Trains

    Fifth headliner:
    Pink Floyd
    -Wish You Were Here
    -Another Brick in the Wall pts. 1, 2, 3 and The happiest Days of Our Lives
    -Hey You
    -Wearing the Inside Out
    -Vera / Bring the Boys Back Home / Comfortably Numb
    -Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    -Have a Cigar
    -Goodbye Blue Sky
    -Keep Talking
    -Welcome to the machine
    -High Hopes

    Sixth headliner:
    -The Grudge
    -Parabol / Parabola
    -Right in Two
    -Ticks & Leeches
    -The Pot
    encore 1: Schism
    encore 2: H.

    Final headliner:
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    -The Everlasting Gaze
    -Stand Inside Your Love
    -Bullet With Butterfly Wings
    -The Crying Tree of Mercury
    -I of the Mourning
    -Tonight, tonight
    -Heavy Metal Machine
    -Hello Kitty Kat
    -Cherub Rock
    -Tribute to Johnny
    encore 1: Zero
    encore 2: Ava Adore

    Now, would I be the only one buying tickets? Or would other people attend a concert like this?
  • A random list of artists that exhibit sexiness of some sort

    9. Mär. 2008, 23:58

    Maynard James Keenan
    No we're not talking about the voice of Tool. We are talking about the man performing onstage when Tool plays live. The man, who, while singing, moves erratically, as if having a series of spasms, and having an almost visible charisma that very few buildings can fully contain.
    And though not really present in Tool's music, he has that really deep, 'meaty' voice, really an epitome of sexiness. Just check out any song by Puscifer and you'll believe me.

    Atsushi Sakurai
    An incredible voice and an incredible showman. He can be everything from a vampire count to Japanese version of Johnny Depp. Youtube is your friend here, do yourself a favor, and search for his solo songs or videos of BUCK-TICK. Maybe not the oldest B-T ones, but you'll find one quickly.

    Devin Townsend
    You wouldn't get this even if I tried to explain. But watching the music video of Strapping Young Lad's Love? might help. Might.

    PJ Harvey
    You have here a nice package of great voice, vision and charisma. What I've heard, her performances are incredible, but I've yet to witness that.

    Take the text from above artist. Multiply it several times. Sorry all fans of PJ, but Björk > PJ.

    Kyo and Toshiya
    After seeing DIR EN GREY live a couple of times, I must admit, that these guys are the ones that are really dripping sexiness onstage. The rest are more laid-back, or energetic and having fun, whereas these two guys concentrate on the fanservice part. And Toshiya even does it unshamefully on purpose, and you can see it clearly (and hear it, as fangirls are obviously very present).

    No question about this one, no suree. Go and check Malice Mizer's music video for Beast of Blood for starters.

    Peter Steele
    Well, we have here a man that outsizes Frankenstein, has long black hair, voice several miles deep and a cold, dead stare in every Type O Negative promo shoot he happens to be looking at the camera. Every goth girl's day dream, if I'm not completely misunderstood?

    Steven Wilson
    Is as hot as an angsty nerd can get. A part of Porcupine Tree's charm, to be honest.

    Robert Plant
    Well, if you like those thin, lady-like rock boys of the 70s that just wail and moan on the mic. But, he's really one of the best of them. The definite center of a Led Zeppelin concert, unless I'm misguided by the concert footage from the 70s.

    Marilyn Manson
    As with so many artists mentioned above, just go and check his music videos off youtube. He's just the best at what he's doing.

    Nick Cave
    Well, this guy is sexy any time, doing anything. Even in a horrible pink shirt. Proven by music video of Stagger Lee by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. But I must admit that I'm not really a fond of those new moustache of his.

    Anthony Kiedis
    I guess no further description needed here? Well, one word: Otherside.

    Dolores O'Riordan
    What I've seen from the live videos of The Cranberries, she has incredible onstage charisma and attitude, fitting perfectly her unique voice and looks.

    Well, this one's a tad harder to prove. If you have a chance to see Oomph! live, go and check them out. Incredible stagemanship, dressed in that peculiar mad and crazy sexiness.

    Rammstein in general. You may deny it, but you still know it.

    Melissa Auf Der Maur
    Well, actually I've seen her only playing bass in two music videos of The Smashing Pumpkins, but that has already convinced me. Wished she was still on board. D'arcy's fine too, but even though being the original member, she's still no match to Melissa.
  • My 10 favorite guitar solos by Japanese bands.

    17. Dez. 2007, 12:23

    I've reached the conclusion that, unlike in Yngwie Malmsteen's music, speed ≠ emotion in guitar solos of Japanese music. At least in most cases. Instead it's emotion >>> speed. Many a guitar solo played by a jrock band is a slow, wailing and emotional piece, but in most cases it doesn't mean that the guitarist would be poorly skilled; many bands have also a few songs with a solo that's simply put friggin' difficult to play.

    Anyh00, for just a short pastime, I decided to post up my ten favorite jrock/metal/whatev. guitar solos (and then some)

    10 - Byakuya by Blood (2:55 - 3:20)
    This piece is not that special, but somehow very nice to listen to, and though being quite regular, even rather a cliché, it fits the song perfectly. Even that fast part sounds good - having been left short enough.

    9 - Nue by Onmyouza (3:52 - 4:38, 5:25 - 5:53)
    Nue's solo is split in two by a short instrumental jam, and the reason why it's listed here is especially for the first, calmer and more melodic solo, suiting perfectly the song's soundscapes. Basically the second solo's there only because Onmyouza have Karukan, one of the best guitarists to walk the face of Japan, and of course he must have some space to show off.

    8 - Toumei Nakago by VIDOLL (2:12 - 2:54)
    Regular jrock solo; simple, pretty slow and wailing, but nevertheless incredible. Its changes from guitar's middle to high register and long, ringing withdrawal back to lower register even after vocals have returned to fill their duty is simply speaking awesome.

    7 - gravity by LUNA SEA (3:34 - 4:00)
    This guitar solo is as simple as solos get. But if I remember correctly, Sugizo had stated that not being so skilled with lightspeed guitar playing, he likes to emphasize the melodies and emotion carried with it instead. At least this solo supports that theory; it's probably the most beautiful single moment in Luna Sea's repertoire.

    6 - Reila by Gazette (3:14 - 4:15)
    Though I'm not a biggest fan of Gazette, I have to admit they have penned down at least one good piece; the guitar solo of reila. It would be an ok song as a whole too, but its chorus gets quickly too repetitive and annoying. reila's guitar solo clocking over one minute consists of two distinct parts; Aoi's first part is full of long notes, simple shifts and bends, whereas Uruha's effects-heavy second part introduces some quicker picking and some neat up-and-down scale runs. Though I prefer the melancholic first part, the second part is great too, blending in with the first one perfectly.

    5 - Mushi by DIR EN GREY (4:48 - 6:29)
    Quite clever pick from Dir en grey to end up their most tragic song with such a wailing solo. Though the solo begins at 4:48, it's just a short introduction, and the guitar goes quiet for a short while, but the solo itself is still over one minute long, and is one of the most emotional pieces Diru has ever written. There would be no better ending for Mushi.

    4 - Youka ninpouchou by Onmyouza (2:09 - 2:53)
    In this solo Karukan manages to play some long notes etc. melodic parts, but in the end he lets it go and rips some lightspeed scale runs and impressive sweeps. This solo just fits perfectly the combination of heavy and pretty of this song. It may not be Karukan's most impressive solo, but definitely the prettiest.

    3 - Syunikiss by Malice Mizer (2:58 - 3:12)
    Well, this is more like a guitar duo than a solo, because after the quiet interlude, both Mana and Közi go solo, both of them playing differently, contributing to each other's part. Pretty rare a thing in Marisu songs, these guys don't really do solos. But this is how you use two guitars effectively. Even though the other may be using every guitar effect possible, not sounding even remotely like a guitar. But hey, that's just Malice Mizer. I was surprised that even the first guitar sounded like a real guitar.

    2 - Zakuro by DIR EN GREY (4:11 - 4:57)
    This is a very simple solo. I mean VERY. Easy one even for a beginner. But damn it's good. So melancholic, suiting excellently this tragic song. Honestly, the most amazing climax in any Diru song. And the song itself is one of their best, too. The only thing that bothers me is that if Diru can compose melodies of this beauty, why they don't do those anymore? >:/

    and *drumroll* my favorite j-solo!

    1 - Silent Jealousy by X Japan (4:35 - 5:22)
    Oh yes. Not really a surprise for anyone knowing anything about j-music. The solo in this song is just so amazing. The dual guitar harmonies, open string runs, tapping and whatnot speed metal clichés delivered at breakneck speed, but not single once you get the feeling that it's just amelodic mish-mash. X were definitely the greatest band ever (well, probably sharing #1 with Iron Maiden) to write so catchy, melodic twin guitar harmonies that really are a joy to listen to. hide and Pata really knew what they were doing.


    And then some!
    As in, honorable mentions:

    -ART OF LIFE by X Japan
    From a 30-minute speed metal track, it's quite dull to pick up single solo, or to discuss about every damn solo on the track. And though they are pure gold, they aren't as memorable as any solo in the list above.

    -EDEN by To Destination (2:00 - 2:20)
    Quite short and not that memorable, but nevertheless rather astonishing guitarwork to be in a theme of anime series.

    -LOVE PHANTOM by B'z
    This song is simply amazing. Beginning with eerie, oppressing sounds, it suddenly explodes into a happy-happy-go-go jpop. And this honestly comes out of nowhere. And the most incredible thing is that there is guitarwork of that level playing this kind of music. Oh, you Japanese. :D (The song itself doesn't have a distinct solo, but it has several guitar licks here and there throughout the song.)

    -kyukon by The Yellow Monkey (2:34 - 2:49)
    Nothing special here. This song is just filled with nostalgia, and the guitar solo fits in like a glove.

    -Dry? by Janne Da Arc (2:29 - 2:54)
    This band is definitely one of the most skilled bands in Japan. Though at first they may sound like a heavily pop-influenced rock band, it doesn't take long to hear the level of musicianship behind the band. The influences from jazz and progressive metal are clearly audible in almost every song and the solo here is a homage to prog metal bands who tend to appreciate virtuosity over melody. And that's why it didn't make it to The List. It's quite awesome, but I tend to prefer melody over speed. Sorry, Janne.

    Oh, and if there are some guitar solos that pop into your mind that I should give a listen (or a few), just drop a reply!