• iTunes is not allowed to soundtrack my life

    6. Jul. 2006, 5:13

    I am so FUCKING bandwagonesque!!

    (P.S. I used my iPod for this, because the music selection on my computer's kind of beat. I think half of my life would be told by the music of Uncle Tupelo...and hence I would be spending an inordinate amount of time listening to old-school country and crying in my beer at Old Dad bars).

    Here's how it works:
    Open your choice of music player and put it on SHUFFLE.
    Press play.
    For every question type the song that's on.
    And when you go to a new question press the next button.


    Opening credits: Dead And Lovely
    I can see we're getting off to a wonderful start.

    Waking up: Out On A Limb
    Dissonant noise, unintelligible vocals, catchy bass...yep, sounds like me getting up at 6:10 AM and chugging down coffee before work. If you listen close enough, you can even hear the Weather Channel Local Forecast voice cheerfully call for rain.

    Average day: Birthday
    Every day is my birthday! And totally '80stastic to boot! Yesssssss

    First date: This Ain't No Picnic
    You think you're so fucking funny there, iTunes shuffle, don't you

    Falling in love: You Are Chains
    If you ignore the lyrics and the title (karma is a bitch, clearly), I could kind of see this as a makeout song. It's got that power ballad flair.

    Fight scene: No One Knows My Name
    Man, the soundtrack to my life is starting to remind me of reservoir dogs (as in, totally random). I can kind of see this more as a song playing on the radio while driving home from a bar fight...I'm going to cheat a little bit, and break out my dream fighting-scene soundtrack song in European Sun
    Side note: this is actually the first song from this list that I had actually heard before its compilation.

    Breaking up: Still Take You Home
    This one actually seems to match! Clearly this segues into...

    Getting back together: Breakthrough
    I guess...I dunno. Looks like this happy ending is to the tune of some seriously bad vocals.

    Life's okay: Avalanche Rock
    Actually, life sounds pretty fucking sweet right about here. Looks like the good times in my life are packed into 23 seconds..awwwwwww
    P.S. this would totally be my travelling music, ala the ubiquitous Family Guy reference, if the constant repeating of the title wouldn't cause the downfall of the human race.

    Mental Breakdown: Yonder Stands the Sinner
    Looks like the voice of conscience that will drive me to madness is the angelic alto of everyone's favorite grunge grandfather.

    Driving: West of the Fields
    I don't actually have anything to comment about actually fits so well, I think I'm going to listen to Murmur while in the work/class commute tomorrow.

    Flashback: The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
    For some reason, the first thing I thought of when hearing this was Austin Powers. I can see much introspection to the tune of this, with lyrics in mind. It better have a cheesy flashback effect to accompany it.

    Partying: Candy Says
    It kind of sounds more like the afterparty, like sitting at Eat n' Park with coffee and cigarettes and listening to some drunk cat outline his or her insecurities...but hey, whatever. Guess I'm the chill party type.

    Happy dance: Once in a Lifetime
    Yeah, that's about how many times you'll see Dan K doing the happy dance (hardie har har). Hey, you know actually kind of works, the more I listen to it. Sounds like the release of much pressure and pent up confusion, or something like that

    Regretting: Turn the TV Off
    My opinion of most time spent engrossed in television.

    Long night alone: One Hundred Days
    Not too much better late night music than that composed by Mr. Lanegan. Quick, before I get depressed...

    Death scene: I Got Drunk
    ::mouth agape:: Well, it looks like I've found my epitaph!!!