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Katy PerryRoar 11. Apr., 21:59
La RouxIn for the Kill 11. Apr., 21:55
Lady GagaThe Edge of Glory 11. Apr., 21:50
Spice GirlsSpice Up Your Life 11. Apr., 21:47
RobynHang with Me 11. Apr., 21:43
RobynNone of Dem 11. Apr., 21:37
The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age of the Understatement 11. Apr., 21:24
ATB9 PM (Till I Come) 11. Apr., 21:21
Bingo PlayersGet Up (Rattle) 11. Apr., 21:18
Mr. OizoFlat Beat 11. Apr., 21:13
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  • Metality


    8. Okt. 2011 Antworten
  • Chrome_Ada

    Saw a Thundercat, had to drop a shout!

    29. Jun. 2011 Antworten
  • drofflinen


    6. Okt. 2010 Antworten
  • RichKR

    You have a great library!

    1. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • doctorjmo

    sorry,there waz sum girl w/ her shirt up. v.d.:very disgusting,i just needed help,thanx!! iz that a thundercat!! late. j.

    14. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • doctorjmo

    tell her to put her shirt down!!

    12. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • albur


    29. Mär. 2010 Antworten
  • chainsawvigilan

    Cymande, cool.

    14. Jan. 2010 Antworten
  • MsFranx66

    Hi Cram99! No problem, be my guest. Are you using my loved tracks' list? It' s a bit incomplete as l haven't added all my Muse and Interpol loved tracks in there yet, so if you want more, just ask! Also let me know which ones you like, I'm interested ;)

    13. Jan. 2010 Antworten
  • countviktor

    your welcome

    9. Jan. 2010 Antworten
  • tryptamine6

    Hells Yeah. Toadies F'n Rock! Saw them last year too. Great Show!

    30. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • xXxjaninexXx

    I know! he wasn't a real rock star. I liked Wes better though. but tapes were so cheap. CDs are all like 15$ ughh. I miss walkmans hah. :)

    28. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • MadRangerMan

    HUGE Deep Purple fan from way, way, way back!!!! My daughter thought it would be funny to add some Aly & AJ, Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana to my library! That's a quick way to screw up my metal veins!!

    17. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • MadRangerMan

    Thanks for the add! You like some really great bands!!

    17. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • robrockley

    Oh, and about the Blue Album - it's definitely their best album overall - for a few different reasons. As a songwriter, I'm still amazed how good every single song on that album is. It's not my favorite Weezer album to listen to, though. That varies but the Weezer album that I listen to more frequently than any other is "Pinkerton". What are your thoughts on this? Is it Blue Album all the way for you? I have really mixed feelings about their new album. I'm not sure what Rivers was trying to do. But I've felt that way before about Weezer albums so maybe I'll change my mind if I listen to it some more.

    10. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • robrockley

    Greetings. Thanks for the shout. Sure, I've seen "Dig!". That's what began my obsession with the BJM. I had heard some of their music prior to seeing the film but I didn't know much about Anton or what the BJM was about until I saw "Dig!". I think I've seen it like 8 times now. Any time a friend of mine says they haven't seen it, I make them watch it with me. Aside from being an interesting documentary, I found the film to be very inspiring, actually. I like most of the Dandy Warhols music but they come across as really into themselves whereas the BJM, while completely dysfunctional, had something truly authentic. I could go on and on about this topic but I'll stop here as you probably just meant to say hello. Very interesting library. It's kind of all over the place. I appreciate eclectic musical taste!

    10. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • pouncing_panda

    "Boxing" is also awesome, while we're on the topic. Was listening to it on the train home today and thinking how "wintery" it was.

    9. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • JoelTheCat

    Rivers Cuomo better get well soon! :(

    8. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • pouncing_panda

    Favourite BFF song? That's tough. For me it's a tie between "Philosophy" (for optimism), "Video" (for sarcastic venom) and "Evaporated" (for tear-jerking sadness).

    7. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • Bayou16


    5. Dez. 2009 Antworten
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