oh my effing gawd.....


19. Nov. 2006, 8:20

this week was interesting....

so i saw the East Village Opera Company in concert at a venue about 15-20 minutes very chilly walk from my dorm...
it was spectacularly terrific, reminded me why I like artists like Yngwie Malmsteen and The Mars Volta...while EVOC didn't exactly redefine opera or make me want to go out and watch Rigoletto or anything, it was an amazing musical experience...

ok, ok, so the male vocalist had a voice so pretty it was almost effeminate (just in singing, he sounded like a completely normal, leather-clad guy when he talked), and there wasn't quite enough shredding, solo-ing, riffing, and otherwise absolutely ripping into pieces of the laws of physics by the rock-tastic guitarist.....BUT the show was well put together, contained several old old school opera pieces that made you want to cry like a baby, wondering what people would say did they know you were actually singing along to a 200 year old love song while at the same time banging your head so hard that the people around you started to make death wishes against your attack hair....

then, at the very end, the keyboardist starting singing that Eminem song that kidnapped some musical phrasing from Aerosmith and burned it alive....which completely threw everyone off, but I was cool and pretended to be gangsta, so it was all crunk, my homies...

And on another note that has absolutely nothing to do w/music persay, but more or less my vocal reaction to a horrifyingly traumatizing scene, I watched Borat today, yo....

About as funny as I expected it, more over-the-top than i expected it, and WAY more inclined to naked, obese, middle-aged men running around in hotel lobbies than I could've never hoped to see...a friend asked me, "what did they not use cellophane?"....I wonder if, trying to wash the taste out of his mouth afterwards, Sacha Baron Cohen thought about that crinkling sound that cellophane makes?

La Donna
Peter Kieswalter
Tyley Ross


  • daiz1606

    jazzmin.. is this you?? i don't know how to work this?!

    22. Dez. 2006, 1:05
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