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Gr†LLGR†LLSlow Dancing 16. Dez. 2013
EmancipatorGalapagos 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorNatural Cause 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorEve II 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorAfterglow 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorThe Way 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorDusk To Dawn 6. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorGalapagos 5. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorNatural Cause 5. Jun. 2013
EmancipatorEve II 5. Jun. 2013
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my laptop dont scrobble no mo

benrag said:
cptn is the pied piper i am the rats

I've thought a lot about this, and I believe that people who care about music on the internet have to be the coolest people in existence, especially if it's noise or has experimental or avant garde somewhere in the description.

im such a whore. cptn_ will disown me, he is too good for me

Again, get the fuck off cptn_ and go back to the last.fm group.
If you can't shit with the big dogs, go piss with the puppies.

If you want something I have msn, lancingllama@hotmail.com. add me and we can talk about girls.

TresLovesKari, you are a humongous faggot who is trying too hard to be ironic. Talibantasic, you are an annoying LOL RANDUM /b/tard and I wish ill of you. Levi, while slightly less randum than Talibantastic, you are also quite irritating. Cptn_, you are a cool guy with good taste. That is all. Except for myself, who is a musical fratboy with underdevloped tastes and a misguided sense of righteousness on this board.

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