Movers and shakers - comparing this year to a year ago.


6. Mai. 2010, 15:07

For my own reference, let's see how the top 20 of the past year compares to the year before.

1) Eels (from 9) ^ 8
-rose because I bought
Useless Trinkets and put it on my pc. The sheer number of songs makes it a new favourite for the shuffle. However, I also love this collection. Eels' b-sides are possibly more brilliant gems than the hits, because they're even more quirky, and quirkiness has always been the main strength of E's songwriting.

-I have grown a bit fonder of Eels than I used to be. But in essence not that much has changed. There was simply too little Eels on my pc before.

-Eels will sooner or later be the number one of all time. Unstoppable essentially.

2) The Beatles (from 2) -
-unchanging. The Beatles forever? In a word: yes. I've heard 11-year olds this year discussing whether a song was onRubber Soul or Revolver. Even Elvis seems to be waning in popularity now, and Bob Dylan is still famous but not as famous as he used to be. The only band of the 20th century I predict to stay famous even in the 22nd are the Beatles. So also for the rest of my life, obviously.

3) Bob Dylan (from 5) ^ 2
Not too long I'd predict him to rise to number one. Now this seems to make sense more. Although the neck-and-neck race with the Beatles should probable be decided in Bob's favor.

4) Tom Lehrer (from 1) v 3
Mainly fell because I expanded my library so much with other artists. Tom Lehrer was the first and only artist whose work I've downloaded on such a large scale.

5) Tom Waits (from 7) ^ 2
Again a new collection caused the rise: Orphans. Pretty brilliant.

6) Leonard Cohen (from 11) ^ 5
Frankly I don't get at all how he could have been ranked that low.

7) De Mannen van de Radio (from 3) v 4
Listening to comedy again and again doesn't really work. However, I don't predict them to fall any further. At a certain point relistening is worthwile.

8) Chris Chameleon (new) *
I guess I hadn't put his album into the system yet back then. Frankly I don't understand how one album merits a top 10 spot, but oh well. Pretty versatile album actually, so it's all good.

9) Freshlyground (new) *
Another South African artist. And another justified hit. Freshlyground is as good as its name implies.

10) Johnny Cash (from 12) ^2

11) Creedence Clearwater Revival (from 15) ^ 4
This rise is a fluke. Seems like a lot but means nothing.

11) James Taylor (from 13) ^ 2

13) Paul Simon (new) *
Funnily enough here my ranting journal entry was predictive. Paul Simon is now in the top 20 by himself, leaving Art Garfunkel behind. Graceland is to blame, and I have no regrets.

14) Dire Straits (from 4) v10
As I uploaded a number of Dire Straits albums first and used to listen to some tracks on purpose more than I do now, I should have know they would drop. But 10 places? Kind of a shocker.

15) Howard Shore (new) *
I had a lot of LOTR tracks on my pc for a long time. But recently I've come to be actually listening to them a lot more. They're actually quite good. In particular the Grey Havens theme.

16) Dan Bern (from 8) v 8
Victim to artists of whom I own more than one record which I've now uploaded. I expect him to fall even further.

16) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (from 14) v 2

18) Ani DiFranco (new) *

19) Bob Marley (new) *

20) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (from 17) v 3

And with 6 new artists in the top 20, what happened to the dropouts?

Donovan, from number 6, is now on a shared number 49. I don't see him coming back to the top 20. I just used to play his albums a lot for some time, to get to know his music.

Hans Teeuwen, from number 10, is now at 21. Seems to me he will stay close to the top 20, but the top 10 is out of reach now. Even more than the Mannen van de Radio, his solo comedy is hard to relisten, as the shock value simply wears off. This is not to say he's only about shock, but it's sure an important element in some sketches.

Jacques Brel, from 16, is now at 28. He'll probably still sink somewhat lower as my musical collection gets bigger.

Randy Newman, from 18, is now at 25. I really should buy some more of his music.

Moxy Früvous, from 19, is now at 23. w/e.

Simon & Garfunkel, from 20, now at 25. Lol.


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