No Scrobbing?


1. Jun. 2010, 7:55

It say's I haven't played any music, well that isn't quite true. I play vinyl a lot so computer knows nothing. My Son uses this computer and all he plays is Michel Jackson , I think last fm might call me a 'looser'. I dont hate Mr Jackson but I am not a fan either and I can't believe the poor or should I say bland production on a lot of the lesser known songs. Could he not afford real strings?

I will attempt to sort out scrobbing on my other computer, the one I use to make music. Surprising it may seem, I don't have a big music collection any how, will it scrob unreleased music?

I hope last fm will introduce me to new music. I shall be checking out some of the artist you are listening to that I have not heard of....

All the best for now
PS I have attached the last home video I made for the Alpha track 'Wat du fuc'. The video is from Table foot tourment 09, I do play and won one trophy