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IchaAnimal 4. Mär., 19:47
IchaAnimal 4. Mär., 19:43
P.A.L.All systems collapsed (Ext. Version) 13. Jan., 22:10
Arnold SchönbergBeginning To E 13. Jan., 21:58
LúnasaAibreann (Hornpipe) 13. Jan., 21:54
LeadbellyEasy Rider 13. Jan., 21:51
Señor CoconutDREAMS ARE MY REALITY 13. Jan., 21:47
HorslipsDusk 13. Jan., 21:47
Terence FixmerRage 13. Jan., 21:40
Terence FixmerRage 13. Jan., 21:40
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Über mich

I am chris coreline,
i make music, which is best described as 'Electro Bleepy Noise' or EBN.
i refuse to take myself or my music too seriously.
i have aweful music tastes, which swing from grinding industrial noise, to electropop via JS Bach, and all this with lashings and lashings of 80's cheese,

my slightly ropey looking website, with more free things
my artist page, with free things!
my humble voice page, for your RDA of well shiney web 2,0 goodness.
my blog with news and winging.

and finally, my album which everyone should buy, because it makes me happy.