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    21. Jul. 2011, 8:48

  • I'll Find You by Julian Grebe

    29. Aug. 2009, 22:17

    Mother Fucker I Know You Did It
    Mother Fucker Don't Try & Deny It
    Mother Fucker It Was Both Of Us
    You Remember That Day?
    That Shit Filled Day
    I DO! You Know I Do!
    I'll Get Back At You
    Don't You Worry
    Remember You Said
    "Come Into My Car,
    Lets Have Some Fun,
    You Can Touch My Guitar"
    It Didn't Stop There
    You Fooled Me Once More
    You Can't Fool Me Now, I'm Smarter Now
    When I Get Back, I'll Find You
    I'll Kill You
    But I Won't Stop There
    I'm Gonna Grate and Peel You

    Don't Worry Your family Will Be Safe
    From Me? Hell NO, but YES From Everybody Else
    When I Find 'em Ill Kill Em
    Like I'm Killing You
    I'm Still Drawing Up The Plan, To Execute It On You
    Your Guts Will Flow, Your Blood Will Spill
    You'll Feel It All, I'll Make Sure You Will
    I'll Keep You Alive For Days And Days
    Just So You can Watch Your Family Die
    One By One I'll Kill 'em In Front Of You
    Once I'm Done With Them

    I've got more for you
    I'll Do What John Doe Did In 'Seven'
    Years And Years Of Pain You'll Feel
    Only Then Will You Die and I Will Cry
    But Tears Of Happiness Not Of Sorrow
    It'll Probably End There, For I Cannot Say
    But You Will Be The One Now That's All I'll Say.