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Über mich

I enjoy the beautiful sound of musical tunes, writing, the enjoyment of laughing, live performances, many types of art(mostly painting/drawing and photography), the abstract form of thought, acquaint; a sublime, aesthetic melody of the genius poetry by Conor Oberst. the outdoors, the 60's and 70's(wish I could say I've lived through them), warmth being brought amongst others, classy types of decoration, vans warped tour, thesauruses, carnivals, gore, having one way conversations with my pets, The Mighty Boosh, documentaries, parallel thoughts between myself and others, old record stores, starting over completely, seeing others I love with joy in their eyes, Omaha, Nebraska.

I hate today's society, the feeling of lonesomeness, the fear of death, being sold short, underestimated, amiss air being breathed upon, the abandonment of others, roaming thoughts of being shaken, heartache being seen across another face, pity, doubtfulness causing sorrow just about everywhere, repeatedly spelling things incorrectly(which I do an awful lot), all those selfsame people, vague thoughts, feeling unloved, unwanted, and ignored.

//Take a look at my blogs and what not. Follow me if it is in your intrest. That would be greatley appreciated. C:

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