My life according to Hawthorne Heights


25. Apr. 2010, 16:58

Answer questions by the name of a song by one group / artist ( do not use any song title twice!)

Name the note *my life* *according to* *band*

Choose your artist:
Hawthorne Heights

Are you male or female?
This Is Who We Are

Describe yourself:

How do you feel right now:
Somewhere In Between

Describe the place you are currently living at:
Dead In The Water

If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would that be:
I Am On Your Side

Fave transportator:
The Transition

Your best friend is:
Silver Bullet

Fave color:
Blue Burns Orange

The weather is:
Screenwriting An Apology

Fave time of the day:
Wake Up Call

If your life was a tvshow, its name would be:

What life is for you:
Four Become One

Current relationship:
The Business of Paper Stars

What's wrong:
Corps of Corpses

Expectations on your future:
Life On Standby

I wouldn't mind:

Scared of:
End of the Underground

Best advice:
Let Go of Everything You Know

If I changed my name, it'd be:

Quote of the Day:
Here I Am

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  • p0lteRg3isT

    cool ich hab das auch grad mit Hawthorne Heights gemacht ^^

    30. Jun. 2010, 16:40
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