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Über mich

Not much to tell. I'm into music, games, philosophy, I'm a musician, Not that it matters.
And here's my youtube channel.
"I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
FilupLees said:
DVLTR said:
Everyone knows Slowdive nathan.
That's like reccing my bloody valentine.

So, there's this band called Saetia. They do this sort of stop-start thing with like, screamed vox and then sometimes he whispers poetry or something.
They're okay, I mean, they just copied everyone else.
westhamcole said:
What was it supposed to be? I'll be honest, I've read the sentence "anything at all, same if u put a cucumber in ur ass while drink lemonade" several times and I'm still at a loss. Is it a poem?

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