another top 10 quiz


13. Dez. 2006, 4:25

thank you eggling!

1. Blink 182
2. System of a Down
3. Queen
4. Disney
5. Hair
6. Shakira
7. Cat Stevens
8. Muse
9. Franz Ferdinand and Webber (tied)
11. Barenaked Ladies

1) favourite song by 4?
Damn I have NO IDEA. However, these days, since I recently saw the Broadway musical version of Tarzan, I have been listening to the songs from that Disney a lot.

2) how many times have you seen 5 live?
Zero. But one day, if it ever runs again and I can see it....I would LOVE to.

3) good memory of 10?
(11 in my case) Hmmmmmmmm...singing One Week with Nayantara was SO much fun. It was totally random, on a bus ride, but it was very cool...I haven't forgotten!

4) how did you discover 6?
Oooooh Whenever, Wherever came out! XD It was hard NOT to know who she was!

5) first song heard by 1?
If I am not mistaken, it was All the Small Things

6) favourite song by 7?
This changes a lot...but I think I can safely say it is a tie between Trouble, The First Cut Is The Deepest, and Father & Son.

7) mood 3 puts you in?
It depends on the song, of course! Some of them make me incredibly sad (e.g. Save Me), some nostalgic (e.g. We Are the Champions), and some just plain HAPPY (e.g. Fat Bottomed Girls).

8) how many times have you seen 1 live?
none....and I won't because *sob* they are OVER!

9) what band do you associate with 8?
Ummmmmmmm none!!

10) which song of 2's makes you sad?
Soldier Side, Roulette...and that is all, I think.

11) who was 5 recommended to you by?
I grew up with Hair. Sooooo Dad? He's the one who intro'd the music to me at a young age!

12) favourite album of 2?
Probably Steal This Album.

13) how did you discover 10?
(11 for me) My sister listened to them a little, I ended up liking them more than her in the end!!

14) how long have you been listening to 7?
Since I was born, as far as I know!!

15) song of 3's that you dont really like?
MAYBE...Now I'm Here. It never grew on me.

16) song of 8's that you could listen to on repeat foever?
Sing for Absolution.

17) favourite lyric of 5?
All of What a Piece of Work Is Man, or all of The Flesh Failures. I also adore the lyrics for sodomy and Colored Spade.

18) do your friends like 4?
Haha yes they do!!

19) how did you discover 3?
They have been around since forever and I always kinda knew they existed, but I re-discovered them after they were on a mix CD my friend made for me.

20) least favourite song by 7?
Hmmmmmmm....I don't know!!

21) what you like to do while listening to 1?
Sing along!

22) mood 10 puts you in?
Hehe depends on the song. They make me happy in general. They are geniuses!

23) something you dont like about 4?
Well no more songs are made for Disney cartoons anymore...that really sucks.

24) favourite album of 9?
Franz Ferdinand and perhaps the music in Evita.

25) first song you heard by 2?
Bubbles I think!


  • tobymacfan

    I love We Are The Champions by Queen. Great song. I wouldn't listen to any of those artists or songs.

    13. Dez. 2006, 20:04
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