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14. Nov. 2006, 16:37

...these were the number one hits on my birthday every year since the year I was born. I would like to sincerely thank mieteck for giving the links to these sites:

US and UK CHARTS: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/member/birthdayno1.php
Just UK: http://www.everyhit.com/dates/index.html

Sooooo here we go!

March 27, 1989:
US No. 1: Eternal Flame
UK No. 1: Like a Prayer

Man...OK the cool thing is, I know these songs. The cooler thing? I kinda like em! Not my fave tunes EVER, or anything, but they are cool.

March 27, 1990:
US No. 1: Black Velvet
UK No. 1: The Power

I only know the Power, and I love it! It's SO catchy, and silly. It makes me happy. Woo!

March 27, 1991:
US No. 1: Coming Out of the Dark
UK No. 1: The One and Only

I don't know any of these...I mean, I know who Gloria Estefan is, but I only know like one or two songs...

March 27, 1992:
US No. 1: Save The Best To Last
UK No. 1: Stay

Don't know these either! I only know of the 'scandal' that surrounded Vanessa Williams, but none of her songs...

March 27, 1993:
US No. 1: Informer
UK No. 1: Oh Carolina

Don't know any of these either!

March 27, 1994:
US No. 1: The Sign
UK No. 1: Doop

Oh my GOD! I love the Sign! XD That is such a great song to sing along to, I swear. My sister was a huge fan of Ace of Base too, so I kinda feel attached to them since they were always around! DOn't know Doop though...

March 27, 1995:
US No. 1: Take a Bow
UK No. 1: Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)

I don't know any of these songs, but that wiggle song sounds amusing! ;D

March 27, 1996:
US No. 1: Because You Loved Me
UK No. 1: Firestarter

Oh, my Godsh. I freakin' love that Celine Dion song. It's so sweet, and I remember it being EVERYWHERE. I have that album somewhere!

March 27, 1997:
US No. 1: Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
UK No. 1: Who Do You Think You Are / Mama

Ohhhh the Spice Girls! I was totally in love with each of those songs...actually, with ALL of those songs. I wanted to be just like them! I was so stupid! XD

March 27, 1998:
US No. 1: Getting Jiggy Wit It
UK No. 1: It's Like That

Oooooh Will Smith! I loved that song too. I pretended to know the words when I did not! Heehehehehe...awww I thought he was the hottest dude ever.

March 27, 1999:
US No. 1: Believe
UK No. 1: Blame It On The Weatherman

Cher?! Geez I even forgot that song existed! I'd better go find it! XD

March 27, 2000:
US No. 1: Maria Maria
UK No. 1: Never Be the Same Again

I like both of those songs. They aren't great faves of mine, but I do sort of like them. Santana totally rocks!

March 27, 2001:
US No. 1: Angel
UK No. 1: Pure And Simple

Ohhhh I LOVE the song Angel! Not too big a fan of Shaggy, but this song is really, really good. I am lucky!

March 27, 2002:
US No. 1: Ain't It Funny
UK No. 1: Unchained Melody

Awwww I LOVE Gareth Gates. I am such a teenybopper for him! XD I love his version of unchained melody (even though I do think that the original is better). Ain't it Funny isn't too bad but I actually see it as one of my lesser faves coming from Jennifer Lopez.

March 27, 2003:
US No. 1: In Da Club
UK No. 1: Spirit In The Sky

Oh GOD. No offense meant to 50 Cent fans, but I can't stand him. This song, however, was wayyyyyy catchy. Hard to ignore! Can't stand it now, however. That Gareth Gates track is REALLY cool though, The Kumars are just HILARIOUS.

March 27, 2004:
US No. 1: Yeah
UK No. 1: Yeah

Oh GOD. I could not escape this song!!! It was really, really annoying after a while.

March 27, 2005:
US No. 1: Candy Shop
UK No. 1: (Is This The Way To) Amarillo

Oh God, 50 Cent again! WHY?! I don't know that other song...

March 27, 2006:
US No. 1: Temperature
UK No. 1: So Sick

One song I love, another I cannot stand. I really, really do not like Ne-Yo. I think he is terribly boring. Whoever wants him, can HAVE him. I like Temperature, though. It's damn catchy! Sean Paul may be, to me, a hot but kinda dumb dude, but his songs are really really awesome to dance around to!

Welllll there ya have it. That's my birthdays in music for ya! XD


  • tobymacfan

    I like Get Jiggy With It by Will Smith. 50 Cent was popular when he first came out but now they got all other rappers out now like The Game, Young Joc, and many more. That is a lot of hit songs just on your birthday.

    14. Nov. 2006, 18:10
  • McYaballow

    Whats so stupid about wanting to be like the Spice Girls? :)

    15. Nov. 2006, 19:48
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