My Top 10 Albums


18. Mai. 2008, 13:12

Figured I'd record this for the sake of boredom, and the avoidance of studying.

10. Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Trip the Light Fantastic

TTLF has always been Sophie's best album in my eyes, mainly due to it's superb variety of styles and songs. Containing some of my favorite singles from her as well as some pretty fantastic b-sides, TTLF definitely deserves a spot in my top 10.

Favorite Track-Me and My Imagination

9. Koda Kumi-Black Cherry

Amazing, amazing stuff. I consider this to be the biggest milestone in Kuu's career, and this album alone made me love her as much as a I do. With so many amazing songs in store, I can't help but stick this in my top 10.

Favorite Track-Cherry Girl

8. Madonna-Confessions on a Dance Floor

Most definitely Madonna's best album, this album most certainly deserves this spot in my top 10. With a brilliant array of songs, COADF has so many amazing songs, and pretty much all of them deserve to be singles. B-sides are just as amazing as the a-sides, and for an experimentation of styles, this album flows splendidly.

Favorite Track-Future Lovers

7. Utada Hikaru-ULTRA BLUE

Ohh, such an amazing album...although I know a pretty large amount of people disliked a couple of tracks on the album, I found all of the songs to be just as perfect as the last, and I simply revere the album as a whole.

Favorite Track-Keep Tryin'


Although most of the songs were essentially remixes, SPECTRUM RAYS was such a perfect splendor of beauty and perfection that I couldn't help but add this to my top 10. Although Lia's ballady works have a much stronger portrayal of her vocals, the music on this album were simply superb.

Favorite Track-あなたがいるだけで ~Teranoid & MC Natsack REMIX~

5. Perfume-GAME

Alright, I admit it-I've always had a deep love for Perfume. Even back to their idol days with songs like OMAJINAI★ペロリ, I have, to this day, not found one Perfume song that I've particularly disliked. But GAME...was amazing in every way imaginable, and deserved all the attention it received.

Favorite Track-シークレットシークレット

4. Namie Amuro-PLAY

PLAY is just a nonstop orgasm of amazing music. Every track as an individual flare of brilliance, and marks the beginning of my constant love for Namie. Although it is better than Queen of Hip-Pop by only the slightest degree, I still found it to be exceptionally better than anything she's ever released.

Favorite Track-Hide & Seek


This is probably a biased opinion, but to hell with it. UZU-MAKI is a spectacular album, and albeit not her best, it still deserves this high a place in my top 10. With so many fantastic songs, I cannot help but revere this album to endless extents.

Favorite Track-月夜の舞踏会

2. KOTOKO-硝子の靡風

This album is one of my favorite steps back in time, and brings back several memories. To be honest, I pretty much relied on this album as well as 羽 -Hane- to get me through all of the shitty times in life. With a perfect array of perfect songs, all aligned in a perfect order, this album is closely tied with 1st place.

Favorite Track-Wing My Way

1. KOTOKO-羽 -Hane-

羽 -Hane- is...words can't describe. As the history I've described above should explain, this album is pretty much my savior. Perfect, perfect, perfect and perfect. Perfect songs, perfect layout, perfect vocals, perfect music, perfect photoshoot, perfect everything. This album, above all, has my highest regards, was a perfect major introduction to the rest of KOTOKO's perfect discography, and deserves naught but first place in the list of my top 10.

Favorite Track-冬の雫


  • KFC_customer

    Hane wasn't just my introduction to KOTOKO, it's the album that got me (and probably quite a few other people) interested in I've Sound as well. It's still an incredible album in its own right though, and deserves the number one spot I have Spectrum Rays but I haven't really listened to it yet, and I should do seeing as though I prefer her trance/electronic stuff

    18. Mai. 2008, 22:30
  • mormon88

    I don't think I've ever even listened to a single song from KOTOKO is that bad?

    1. Jun. 2008, 18:45
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