A Weather - April 16, 2010, 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN


21. Apr. 2010, 21:26

A Weather is apparently a four-piece band from Portland, Oregon. They play soft rock tunes and (perfectly) describe their sound as what stuffed animals might say after they've had a few too many. Unfortunately, this vibe didn't quite translate at the 400 Bar. They were down a member, so maybe that threw them off a bit. But mainly they just seemed a little too loud for what is intended to be an intimate musical transaction. The main singer's vocals were drowned out most of the time. One nice exception was when the female drummer came to the fore to sing, and the guitarist and bassist sat on the floor to accompany her. Otherwise, most of the songs blended together. I was able to enjoy a few, especially Third of Life, mostly because I had listened to it so much in the past couple weeks. But I think A Weather might benefit from an acoustic set, or at least very finely tuned levels on all the instruments to get those key vocals across. But they did their best, they had fun (especially the bassist--actually, all members were very much "present" throughout the set) and I do wish them well in the future. After this tour maybe they'll tighten things up a bit, and those solid albums will certainly keep their career alive if they choose to stick with it.

The songs I remember in the order I remember follow. There were probably two more songs I forgot.

Giant Stairs
Spiders, Snakes
Midday Moon
Third of Life
Lay Me Down


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