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Mayer HawthorneFinally Falling 12. Jan., 6:55
BreakbotEasy Fraction 12. Jan., 6:52
SoreCermin 12. Jan., 6:49
Mayer HawthorneA Long Time 12. Jan., 6:45
Raphael Saadiq100 Yard Dash 12. Jan., 6:42
QuadronHey Love 12. Jan., 6:39
Mayer HawthorneThe Walk 12. Jan., 6:36
Bag RaidersGone Away 10. Jan., 21:00
ChromeoJealous (I Ain't With It) 10. Jan., 20:56
BleachersRollercoaster 10. Jan., 20:52
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Über mich

"Pensa prima di sparare. Pensa prima di dire e di giudicare. Trova a pensare. Pensa che puoi decidere tu. Resta un attimo. Soltanto un attimo di più con la testa fra le mani" - Fabrizio Moro

"Daylight tells the world your secrets and your dreams. Daylight is onto all your dark and shady schemes. Daylight shows all the world all the bad things you've done. Daylight knows everything underneath the sun" - Jump Little Children

"The Moon and the Stars are ganging up on the sun...Rebellion" - Guster

"She likes to take the train. Down to washington square and hear the buskers sing oh suzanah. She likes to let it come right to the tip of her tongue and then she feels like an angel talking" - Jump Little Children

"I wanna relive all my adolescent dreams inspired by true events on movie screens" - Guster

"I wanna live in a magazine. I wanna go in cheap and come out clean. " - Jump Little Children

"Everytime I see your eyes I want to walk with you in moonlight. And I know you're not intending to go on just pretending but I think it's for the best" - Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson