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Über mich

I love to laugh and have fun!!! I laugh out loud and often, I love my wife and friends with a deep abiding affection and sense of loyalty; and I am nearly obsessed with living life large, unrestricted and with passion.

I don't get into others affairs and I abhor being tread upon... A firm believer in the words, "Live Free or Die". I enjoy anything that enhances my sense of freedom and independence and am repelled by confines, physical, social or otherwise.

I am in almost all regards fearless and without hesitation; having said that I find it at times difficult to balance this attribute with enough caution. I HAVE observed more caution on my part as I age and mature.

I am creative and funny. Charming and clever when it suits me. Direct and nearly always honest... honestly. LOL Controlling, intelligent, intellectual, with a never ending curiouosity and sense of wonder about the world, its critters and peoples.

I am willing to follow if someone is truly leading. Generous and forgiving, I can be opinionated and quick to judge at times. Open minded with very little or no regard to what others may think of me. My friends love me and "Get" me... others... not so much.


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