acoustic rock album of life albums i own aliens 25 million light years away are headbanging to this shit amazing ambient anti-christian art rock astro metal atmospheric atmospheric black metal autumn beautiful stuff that makes me want to cry best shit ever existing in the whole world makes me vomit over my daddys pussy while… black metal blasphemy blowjob coffeecore colors concept cunnilingus cute cute drummer dainuojamoji poezija death doom metal deathgrind drone emotional epic fail erotic evil female fronted metal for hangover gazing at my shoes good shit gore gore gore grindcore grandpa rock great as usual grower happycore hate noisegrind hateful shit heavier than satans ballsack i hope they will never split up i jizzed in my pants when heard it i would eat her voice if it were candy if you tagged this as comedy you can fuck ov do you think this shit is fucking funny indie indie rock industrial post-sludge instrumental instrumental post-rock interesting it is so fucking best it makes me wanna put cooked cauliflower into my ears and… let them all have your neck lets fall in love and run away from here lithuanian lustful death metal masterpice of art mind-math-fuck music to murder people to nautical nautik neue deutsche härte noisecore oral sex out of this world post progressive djenty rock post-black post-black metal post-ironic beardcore post-rock post-screamo post-sludge prog-folk progressive progressive ambient progressive metal progressive rock ragga record to hear before you die reggae rock russian sacred feminine seen live self-titled sex sexy tunes sexy-time background soundtrack to my theoretical descent into alcoholism space metal stay down champion stay down stoner brutal death such a mysterious band technical death metal technical math there is no god tool trip-hop whalecore