Top 25 Iron Maiden Guitar Solos

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Titel Dauer
1 Iron MaidenCaught Somewhere In Time Loved track 7:26
2 Iron MaidenPowerslave Loved track 6:48
3 Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son Loved track 9:54
4 Iron MaidenStranger In a Strange Land Loved track 5:45
5 Iron MaidenDance of Death Loved track 8:37
6 Iron MaidenBrave New World Loved track 6:20
7 Iron MaidenTo Tame a Land Loved track 7:26
8 Iron MaidenRime of the Ancient Mariner Loved track 13:36
9 Iron MaidenNo More Lies Loved track 7:22
10 Iron MaidenHeaven Can Wait Loved track 7:21
11 Iron MaidenAlexander the Great Loved track 11:08
12 Iron MaidenGates Of Tomorrow Loved track 5:12
13 Iron MaidenPaschendale Loved track 8:27
14 Iron Maiden2 Minutes to Midnight Loved track 6:00
15 Iron MaidenWasted Years Loved track 5:06
16 Iron MaidenThe Trooper Loved track 4:11
17 Iron MaidenThe Number of the Beast Loved track 4:52
18 Iron MaidenThe Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Loved track 6:31
19 Iron MaidenThe Angel and the Gambler Loved track 9:54
20 Iron MaidenFor the Greater Good of God Loved track 9:25
21 Iron MaidenSign of the Cross Loved track 11:17
22 Iron MaidenThe Clasman 8:59
23 Iron MaidenThe Legacy Loved track 9:24
24 Iron MaidenHallowed Be Thy Name Loved track 7:13
25 Iron MaidenFlight of Icarus Loved track 3:51


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  • JoaoPesca

    Holy Crap! Cade "Can I Play with Madness"??

    September 2010
  • Robert542

    Oh, sorry, I see these are supposed to be 25 best guitar solos, not songs. So where's "Where Eagles Dare"? This song has an awesome solo :).

    Juni 2010
  • Robert542

    Haven't you forgotten about Aces High? Or don't you like it?

    Juni 2010
  • Patrickgs96

    ai vey fico mt foda! Tem que ter mt paciencia pra poder classificar solos , Parabens!

    April 2010
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