The Dresden Dolls at Englert


15. Okt. 2005, 6:35

So, tonight I had the pleasure of seeing The Dresden Dolls tonight at the Englert Theatre. The are BEYOND fantastic. And I'm officially marrying them. Both of them. I mean it. They are so good at what they do. I love their stage show more than any other show I've seen, probably. They have such great chemistry on stage and bounce around and tell hilarious stories and do good covers and make a Friday night worth while to be out of bed. I can not get over how much fun I had. I went with my new friend Jessica and this was her first real concert. The opening acts, Faun Fables and DeVotchKa, were also amazing. I had such a great time and I reccomend everything by all the artists I've mentioned.

I am too tired to elaborate more. *le yawn*

Now, I can't wait for the Bright Eyes show in November.