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William FitzsimmonsAfter Afterall 25. Nov. 2012
Early WintersTurn around 25. Nov. 2012
Katie HerzigLost And Found Lieblingslied 25. Nov. 2012
A Fine FrenzyWhat I Wouldn't Do 25. Nov. 2012
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Über mich

random fun facts about moi:

hello! my name is david. *points at nametag* i'm a photographer. vegan. i bleed chocolate soymilk. you could say i have an eclectic taste in music: 80's hip-hop, bagpipes, electronica, indie rock and everything obscure in between. i have an accent fetish. big time sensuality by björk is my favorite music video of all time. i collect kidrobot & mindstyle vinyl toys figures. i could never narrow down a favorite band or song. insomniac. i play connect the dots with my freckles -- redhead, FTW! i've always been drawn towards photography. i'm amused by bad puns. love art: edward gorey, andy warhol, coop, kathie olivas, jamie hewlett, frank miller, and huck gee just to name a few. my hobbies include origami, underwater basket weaving, and sarcasm. i sometimes repeat repeat words when typing. i've written several indie comedies in my head. i'm not emo although i was once an emo emu for halloween. i don't watch much tv, but some of my favorite shows are dexter, dead like me, six feet under, pushing daisies, wonderfalls, and nip / tuck.

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