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GodfleshSterile Prophet 15. Sep., 12:02
GodfleshWake 15. Sep., 11:58
YOBExorcism of the Host 15. Sep., 11:49
YOBBall of Molten Lead Lieblingslied 15. Sep., 11:38
YOBAsleep in Samsara 15. Sep., 11:21
YOBPain of I 15. Sep., 11:14
YOBRevolution 15. Sep., 10:56
YOBClear Seeing 15. Sep., 10:49
YOBAll the Children Forgotten 15. Sep., 10:37
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  • Funerary_Doom

    Agreed. His best work imo. Haha it's a bottle of Southern Comfort! A personal favorite of mine. I'm trying to see if i get this promotion at my job or not, it'll be more stable hours and give more time to get my MA. How's that thesis coming along?

    5. Sep., 16:57 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Yeahh that track is incredible! kind of became obsessed with it last night! LOL How are you?

    3. Sep., 6:40 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    I don't work with any of those guys (luckily since I've heard from my coworkers they can be very difficult to deal with) but i do interact with them. Cant imagine life being just going to work and then going home with nothing else to look forward to, no vacation or anything. It makes you really wonder where does all the government money go to if not into these kind of programs you know. If more is invested in these programs and helping the guys get on their feet i really truly think more of a profit (if that's what they're interested in) will come from the guys. I know right, it really shouldn't be so difficult to help someone but totally understand the concern about it.

    1. Jul., 19:14 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    No worries reply when you can or feel like it. :] I can't even imagine speaking Norwegian you're doing fine. I absolutely agree. The government definitely does not want to pay for actually meaningful interactions with the guys -- and that is what makes the difference. Socialization is so important and a lot of them are not socialized they are isolated. Obviously i do think if you have a mental disability there is some special attention that you do need; however, what ends up happening is that is all they get and just not enough regular everyday socialization. Yeah I know what you mean by those bad practices… we had one home in particular (i forgot the name at the moment) where the guys were basically laying in their own feces… :/

    1. Jul., 19:14 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    It's been a pain in the ass, but not because of the guys the company is ill-runned :/ but such is life you know. Ohh how cool! Most of my guys have mild MR (mental retardation-- this word sucks now but its really just a diagnosis with tons of connotations attached to it) but some of them have duel diagnosis so they'll have MMR and autism or MMR and psychotic disorder for example. It is rewarding for sure. I'm hoping to eventually find my niche in it which i think is not only to help them live independent lives but to also help them in creating meaningful lives through finding hobbies they enjoy, trying new things and building relationships with others at the same time. right now I'm working in an employment agency that helps to employ them and though its a great thing often feel as though I'm working for the higher ups and not the guys which sucks. But so cool look how small the world is that you also do something similar! whats the job you do for your individuals with autism?

    17. Jun., 2:47 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Dude for sure go next year! I'll definitely be there drinking beerz and will say hi!Wow, that stuff is super cool but I know very little archaeology. And by very little, I mean none at all. xD Hill forts are basically what armies use to fight right? Ha, never knew they served other purposes other than defensive/military ones! Sounds really cool man. I'm thinking about doing my MA in occupational therapy, actually. I currently work for a company that helps people with mental and developmental disabilities live independent lives, and I kind of want to continue on that path. I would love to do a sociological documentary on a few of them though. One of my guys is a savant. You give him any month, day, and date and he can tell you what day it falls on and the weather. He can go as far back in the past as 1990s and in the future (he wouldn't be able to say the weather in the future but he could tell you what day it will fall on) up until 2020.

    4. Jun., 2:14 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Ahhh awesome! I have to admit first hearing Antediluvian I was like O_o??? but it really opens up after a few listens. Dude MDF was fucking killer and honestly Pseudogod had one of the best sets of the show! Sooo many good bands though. Diocletian, Asphyx, Candlemass, Uncle Acid, Bongripper, Bolzer, ughhh wayy too many great shows and beer. Overall great time for sure. What are you writing for your masters and in what? Next year man! I need to get my masters soon i just hope no thesis comes my way during mdf -.-

    30. Mai., 2:55 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Fuck yeah! Yeah man Uncle Acid has a real groovy sound that doesn't end up sounding like an old school ripoff. I liked Teitanblood's Death a lot! It's really evil and chaotic and honestly may take a few listens to sink in but it is good. My only qualm with it is that the riffs don't really stand out to me. The atmosphere does, which is the best part about it imo but you know… I'd really would've enjoyed it more if I dug the riffs more than I did. If you enjoyed Seven Chalices, you would like this a lot. It does take some concentration in order for the album to stick, and I'd say the later half of the album is much juicer than the beginning. Definitely worth a shot as it is really such an evil fucking album, and honestly so far their best release yet.

    8. Mai., 1:18 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    I ust listened to Meat Puppets - Forbidden Places awesome! Nirvana did a cover by them that Lake of Fire track… should listen to the original soon. Ohh man Uncle Acid are great! Vol. 1 has to be my favorite album of theirs but all their albums are great. Really unique sound. Wow they played with Black Sabbath huh? I can't wait to hear 'em at MDF. Pseudogod's awesome too. They are getting an hour set at MDF this year but they only have one album out… so maybe new material from them is coming out soon.

    3. Mai., 16:23 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Oh wow! That's pretty damn sweet. Oh how times have changed. Will have to check out a fees artist from your library, btw. Think i'll start with Meat Puppets

    30. Apr., 6:41 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Touche. The internet is a beautiful thing, isn't it. Ha! Man mix tapes? Not even mixed c.d.s? Oldschool… I still have some of those hanging around too. Starting to use the internet at 11 years old was seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made in terms of discovering awesome music.

    26. Apr., 0:00 Antworten
  • Funerary_Doom

    Same to you! Really diverse taste, and over 5,000 artists? I think that might be the largest amount of artists I've seen on lastfm.

    24. Apr., 2:20 Antworten
  • Sjef87

    Det hørtes helt knall ut! Skal se om ikke jeg får kjøpt billett. :-)

    25. Feb., 15:34 Antworten
  • Sjef87

    Newsflash for meg! Får ikke med meg alt. :) Men det er rått da! Regner med du skal ta turen? Bør jo kunne skvises inn i budsjettet for min del også.

    24. Feb., 15:09 Antworten
  • Sjef87

    Godt nyttår a Lindh. :-)

    1. Jan., 21:35 Antworten
  • NebelTorvum

    I guess I know too many of you Norwegians, that's how I found it. ;)

    14. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • Cheryl_Prime

    It's certainly my favourite part of the magazine too. I am very honoured to write for that section.

    3. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • MaliniJay

    G'day from down under, thanks for the visit

    3. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • Cheryl_Prime

    Indeed! It's the best. Do you read the mag?

    30. Nov. 2013 Antworten
  • catoha

    hehe takker! Morsomt at de ikke hadde hørt den før :)

    13. Nov. 2013 Antworten
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