altro test musicale.


24. Mai. 2008, 8:49

Dovete aprire il vostro programma di musica (media player,Itunes,ipod,lettore mp3...)e metterlo in modalità riproduzione casuale.La prima canzone che verrà riprodotta sarà quella che dovete mettere nella prima domanda. Premete avanti e scrivete la seconda canzone scrivete la seconda canzone nella seconda domanda,e così via,(non barate) ecco le domande:

Opening Credits: Aint she sweet
Ain't she sweet?
See her walking down that street.
Yes I ask you very confidentially,
Ain't she sweet?

Bahahahah, oddio.

Svegliarsi: Shake, Rattle And Roll
Well get out of that bed, wash your face and hands
Get out of that bed, wash your face and hands
Well get in that kitchen
Make some noise with the pots and pans
I believe it to my soul you're the devil in nylon hose

Haha, direi che è perfetta!

Primo giorno di scuola: Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones
It's too late and I gotta know
Oh what's that sum
It added up to nothing cause you're much too dumb

Boh, sì. No. Forse. Ma?

Innamorarsi: Sorry
I won't say sorry for what i've done
I won't say sorry for having fun
I won't take the blame
And i ain't gonna be ashamed


Perdere la verginità: Baby Blue
Boh, non conosco il testo, ma la canzone è carina.

Combattere: Iron Man
Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfold

Vaaaaaaaa beeneee.

Lasciarsi: Infinite Spark
Man is bleeding forever
Because of the weather
I hope soon to leave from the east
No more absolutes, no more absolutes

Direi che c'entra poco, ma è una bella canzone.

Ballo della scuola: One Step Beyond
I wonder if you really think that all your rules spell anarchy
react and call it revolution you're stuck in the first step
so don't pretend to be my friend
when all you're doing is standing on my head

Dubito che la metterebbero ad un ballo scolastico. :dunno:

Vita: Freedom

Crollo psicologico: Street Waves
I ride a street wave right by her side
and I can hear the city city comin round
The things I say hit the air and seem to fall apart
and I can see the faces faces fallin down
And then I'm
gone by her heart

Potrebbe anche, ROTFL.

Guidare: Era Vulgaris
I, play the game 'til I'm dead,
Or on a magazine.
I wanna look like I'm dead,
Dancing on strings.
I eat the food when it's there,
Make a mess of things.
Get that blood,
But keep that blood,
off my face.

Direi che non promette bene. =)

Rimettersi insieme: Miami safari
Vabè ma io i testi dei Verdena non ce li metto.

Matrimonio: No Way Back
Direi che il titolo dice tutto! ç____ç

Nascita: Publisher
Father don't you know
You have made me into a quiet man ... look at me
Mother don't you go
You are a long way away from me ... look at me

Mannòòòòòò. ç____________ç

Battaglia finale: On Fire
And I don’t think before I speak
And I don’t know how far my words reach
So wrong nearly every time, that I’m sorry I speak my mind
If what I said was unkind
Now it feels like I’m on fire
It’s burning the world through

Evidentemente la scatenerò io, la battaglia finale!

Morte: Mr. Tambourine Man
Oh beh. Questa canzone l'adoro.


End Credits:Don't Worry Be Happy


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