Chel Mercado, 27, Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten
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New Found GloryUnderstatement 27. Jan., 0:44
Pop EvilOne More Goodbye 27. Jan., 0:40
10 YearsDancing with the Dead 27. Jan., 0:36
In This MomentBig Bad Wolf Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 0:31
Mayday ParadeBlack Cat 27. Jan., 0:27
YellowcardHang You Up 27. Jan., 0:19
Mayday ParadeYou Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings T 27. Jan., 0:15
In This MomentBig Bad Wolf Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 0:10
In This MomentBig Bad Wolf Lieblingslied 27. Jan., 0:04
The OffspringSlim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell 27. Jan., 0:02
In This MomentBig Bad Wolf Lieblingslied 26. Jan., 23:57
ApocalypticaBroken Pieces 26. Jan., 23:53
Mayday ParadeJamie All Over 26. Jan., 23:49
BuckcherryYou 26. Jan., 23:45
Papa RoachCrash 26. Jan., 23:42
ParabellePuppet On A String 26. Jan., 23:37
Egypt CentralLeap of Faith 26. Jan., 23:33
Hollywood UndeadBeen to Hell 26. Jan., 23:31
Hollywood UndeadBeen to Hell 26. Jan., 23:28
John MayerIf I Ever Get Around to Living 22. Jan., 23:30
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Über mich

My name's Chel!

I subscribe to both Cosmopolitan and Wired, write poetry and sing out loud to Sirius Octane in my little red Kia Spectra. I like to create websites using Notepad and read books and kiss boys and watch movies and beat you on and paint my nails. I'm the girl in line at EB Games fumbling through her designer purse to find her pink Hello Kitty credit card.

People like to ask me, "how can you listen to your music that loud?"

To which I usually reply, "what?"

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