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All right. Time to talk about me. Well, I like to play music a lot. I play 9+ instruments and I hope to increase that number as much as I can. I love orange soda. I like to wear plaid things, hats, shoes, pants, boxers, etc. whatevs. My lucky number is 11. This is because i was born on the 11th, i graduate in 2011 and my favorite instruments to play (banjo and guitar) have 11 strings total. I have a platypus in some of my dreams that tells me things that sound like they should be in fortune cookies. I also like to sing along with playing instruments. I just love music which everyone says so i guess i'll be part of the crowd. Favorite cliche thing to say: music is my life. I actually never say that but when i hear people say it i smile because i like when people like music. Even if i don't like their favorite type and even if they don't live music as if it was their life. If I were to say music was my life it wouldn't be too far from the truth, but i still try not to say it. Even if i'm basically saying it right now. Reasons it wouldn't be far from the truth: I get up at 6:30 to go to Jazz Band or Show Choir or A Capella practice, I go to school and have music theory, choir and band, I go home and play my instruments, i listen to it as i sleep. It's basically the majority of my schedule is what i'm saying. I don't really have a favorite kind of music but it used to be Ska and i still like ska but i've also gotten into a lot of Indie stuff. I still love the classics though. I like to wear cool socks. I think that's all i have. YOU NOW KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME!!! way to go

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