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  • TheEnchantress

    Hello Marilyn, what lovely words you wrote below regarding Elena. So sad. Thank you for your shout. Yes the weekend weather is just superb, I have been out and about with Mella enjoying it all and I've also been cycling. I've had to come inside now as I think I've had enough exposure to the sun for today. Anyhow, I hope you too are having a good weekend and the weather is lifting your spirits. Much love to you and Charlie XOX

    18. Mai., 14:20 Antworten
  • charlieismydarl

    Rest in Peace Elena Baltacha, thoughts and prayers go out to Nino and family. Gone to young, she was an inspiration to us all, she will be sorely missed by all her tennis friends and followers. Despite her illness she always had a smile, and was such an inspirational person. British Tennis has lost a wonderfully warm person. She is with the angels now. God Bless.

    5. Mai., 18:28 Antworten
  • TheEnchantress

    Easter blessings to you Marilyn and hoping you feel better soonest. Praying for you - love and hugs (and licks from Mella) Suzy XOX

    18. Apr., 15:05 Antworten
  • p046752

    Hi Marilyn, thanks for the lovely comment. I've been staying healthy, just have been so busy. I hope you also have a lovely Easter. I would love to see the temperatures warm up a bit. It's been rather chilly over here and doesn't seem like Spring at all. Take care dear friend. :)

    18. Apr., 11:13 Antworten
  • TomKemlyn

    Dear Marilyn. How are you doing? Got busy weekend, so wanted to wish you Happy Easter now in case don't have time over Easter. Bye Tom.

    17. Apr., 12:58 Antworten
  • davidgeorgea Just a little glimpse of Constancia Many blessing Marilyn David .

    14. Apr., 13:37 Antworten
  • davidgeorgea

    Hello Marilyn I enjoyed my listen to Russell Watson I had to play it on Spotify or wait for ages . Good start to this month much dryer and the days are now getting much longer which is nice . I went for one week to visit my friends in Constantia Portugal , the weather almost identical to our own . It a real old part of Portugal steeped in history not a tourist destination so it was an education . Are you still doing you craft work I never ever saw your galleon I hope you did finish it ! Well I wish you a very happy week and I hope you enjoy you Easter which is almost on us now . Loving greeting and hugs David .

    14. Apr., 13:25 Antworten
  • TheEnchantress

    Hello Marilyn, I was just shouting at at John Denver song and there you were. I hope everything is well with you and Charlie of course. Mella is growing madly and has very long legs. I just wish she would stop digging up my garden grrrrrrrrr..... I broke up for the Easter holidays yesterday so I'm hoping for a little more time to catch up with LFM pals. Lots of love and hugs to you and Charlie XOXOX

    29. Mär., 15:08 Antworten
  • drumnvoice

    Hello, The K Square blue desert > CD Release 9/13 ,> amazing - enjoy the music, available > iTunes, emusic, amazon, musicload, ...., best regards:)

    19. Mär., 16:37 Antworten
  • p046752

    Hi Marilyn, thank you for the compliments for both me and my son. I am pretty proud of the man he's become. He seems to be very well liked by those who are around him regularly. :) I am very glad to hear you're doing well. Life can sure throw us curve balls when we least expect them. Have a wonderful week!!! :)))

    19. Mär., 0:50 Antworten
  • p046752

    Hi Marilyn, how are you dear friend? Hope things are going well for you. :) My life has become a little crazy. I forget if I told you but my son became a certified public accountant. I am so happy for him. He must have gotten his dad's brains. lol!!! My boss went out this week on an emergency medical leave for at least four weeks. It kind of has my head spinning. Hopefully someday I'll feel like I can get ahead with all the work that needs to be done at the office. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you're doing. :)))

    16. Mär., 0:33 Antworten
  • WednesdaysCath

    Hi Marilyn!!! finally took that break from facebook. Gonna be here with my ears tuned in to the music!! Hope all is well with you and yours!! Just wanted to say hello, take good care my friend!! :)

    20. Feb., 14:34 Antworten
  • TomKemlyn

    Dear Marilyn. Just got on to say hello. Noticed you have not been on for a while. Hope everything is O.K. your friend Tom.

    12. Feb., 10:13 Antworten
  • TheEnchantress

    Thanks for the shout Marilyn, Mella is keeping me busy and is an absolute bonus to my life right now. I hope to catch up some more over half term next month perhaps. Very busy at work - expecting an inspection any day and have just returned from a trip to London. Lots of love to you and Charlie XOXOXO

    26. Jan., 14:47 Antworten
  • p046752

    Hi Marilyn, I'm glad your life is going back to normal. You've been dealing with health issues for ages, it seems. :( Onward and upward as they say!! :) I've had a fairly rotten day today but am hoping things work out for the best. One of my friends has been trying to be very encouraging today telling me everything happens for a reason and we don't always know the reason at the time it happens. I'm trusting God will come through for me on this one. :) Hope you have a fantastic week. Oh, and welcome back!! :))) xxx

    22. Jan., 1:56 Antworten
  • TheEnchantress

    Thank you Marilyn for you sweet words. Mella comes from the Latin word mel for honey. I know a lot of people call their yellow labs Honey so I looked up the word in different languages until I fell upon Latin and thought it was easy to say, but is also very pretty. How is the weather with you? Here in Somerset we are suffering terribly with high rainfall and flooding. Driving back from work today was a complete nightmare, so many deep puddles and potholes hidden under them - the rain was so heavy that new holes had appeared in the road literally bubbling over like a volcano and then there was the debris from the fields swept onto the roads....... I just wish it would all go away! Hoping you have a good weekend and sending pats to Charlie XOX

    16. Jan., 21:15 Antworten
  • TheEnchantress ....... in 2 weeks - little Mella will be with me. Knew you'd want to know XO

    10. Jan., 20:28 Antworten
  • Emmelsbuell

    Hi Marily, I wish you all best best for this year.......Ille

    3. Jan., 20:00 Antworten
  • p046752

    Hope 2014 is an awesome year for you and yours!! :) You're right, that was a big word and you spelled it perfectly. :) It was nice catching up with you the other day. Hope you can get yourself back to 100% good health. Will be praying for you. Take care Marilyn. :) xxx

    3. Jan., 1:36 Antworten
  • Elyssyan

    Happy New Year Marilyn :-)) Thank You So Much for your KInd Thoughts and Wishes. Have A Good Year and I am sure we will be Enjoying a lot of the same Music again this Year. My Very Best to you and yours Ely.:-))

    2. Jan., 9:40 Antworten
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Über mich

Hello there. Welcome to my page. I am retired. I love animals. I have a rescue dog called Charlie, he is a lovely dog. I love going for walks in the countryside. I am intrested in cross-stitching, watercolour painting and photography. You are welcome to browse my music library. I have a very varied taste. I look forward to meeting new friends too.

"friendship is a promise made in the heart,
unbreakable by distance
unchangeable by time
Once a friend
Always a friend

"To love without condition
To talk without intention
To give without reason
and to care without expectation
is the heart of a true friend"

"A strong friendship
doesn't need daily
conversation, doesn't
always need togetherness
As long as the relationship
lives in the heart, true friends will never part"

"Why do we close our eyes
When we pray?
When we cry?
When we dream?
When we kiss?

Becasue the most beautiful things in
life are not seen
they must be felt
with the heart"

Good friends are part of our memories
that time can never erase
And when I am blessed with friends like you, my
my memories are worth more than Gold"

Got nothing to be thankful for, check your pulse.

Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly
and forgive quickly.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

This above all to thine ownself be true.

Words in my Avatar ( 15. 02. 2013)


Friendship is a Precious Gift
It cannot be bought or sold
But its true value is far greater
Than a mountain made of gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless
It can neither see nor hear.
And in the time of trouble
It is powerless to cheer.
It has no ears to listen
Nor heart to understand.
It cannot bring you comfort
or reach out a helping hand.
So when you ask God for a gift
Be thankful if he sends..........
Not diamonds, pearls or riches
But the love of real true friends.


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