Nick DrakePink Moon Lieblingslied 57
OmniaAlive! Lieblingslied 55
OmniaEtrezomp-ni Kelted Lieblingslied 54
OmniaTine Bealtaine Lieblingslied 54
OmniaThe Well Lieblingslied 48
OmniaEn Avant Blonde Lieblingslied 43
OmniaPagan Polska Lieblingslied 35
OmniaRichard Parker's Fancy (Live) Lieblingslied 33
OmniaMoon Lieblingslied 32
OmniaWytches Brew Lieblingslied 31
OmniaLughnasadh Lieblingslied 30
OmniaWere you at the Rock? (Live) Lieblingslied 30
OmniaAlive! (Live) Lieblingslied 30
OmniaThe Elven Lover Lieblingslied 27
OmniaRichard Parker's Fancy Lieblingslied 26
OmniaThe Raven Lieblingslied 26
OmniaDance Until We Die Lieblingslied 26
OmniaTaranis Jupiter Lieblingslied 25
RandomSitges Savepoint Lieblingslied 24
Black PrairieRed Rocking Chair Lieblingslied 22
OmniaTOYS IN THE ATTIC Lieblingslied 22
Rodrigo y GabrielaTamacun Lieblingslied 21
OmniaSaltatio Vita Lieblingslied 21
Porcupine TreeOpen Car Lieblingslied 20
OmniaSISTER SUNSHINE Lieblingslied 20
OmniaWAKE UP Lieblingslied 20
Maria GasolinaKaroliina Kaunis Lieblingslied 19
OmniaThe Raven (Live) Lieblingslied 19
Omniajabberwocky Lieblingslied 19
OmniaSHAMANIAC Lieblingslied 19
OmniaWOLF SONG Lieblingslied 19
OmniaSolfeggio (guess who's Bach?) Lieblingslied 19
Andy McKeeArt of Motion Lieblingslied 18
OmniaLOVE IN THE FOREST Lieblingslied 18
MaybeshewillNot for Want of Trying Lieblingslied 17
OmniaFairy Tale (Live) Lieblingslied 17
OmniaWHEEL OF TIME Lieblingslied 17
Bob DylanMasters of War Lieblingslied 16
OmniaTEACHERS Lieblingslied 16
OmniaThe Bold Fenian Men Lieblingslied 15
All Shall PerishWage Slaves Lieblingslied 15
MaybeshewillWe Called for an Ambulance But a Fire Engine Came Lieblingslied 14
MaybeshewillC.N.T.R.C.K.T. Lieblingslied 13
Spiral DanceWeaving the Summer Lieblingslied 12
Dead in the WaterThe Silent Will Carry on Lieblingslied 11
RedcravingThe delayed Lieblingslied 9
Smoke CityUnderwater Love Lieblingslied 8
Mark KnopflerQuality Shoe Lieblingslied 8
Iron & WineSea and the Rhythm Lieblingslied 8
Subway to SallyMeine Seele brennt Lieblingslied 8