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GojiraBackbone Lieblingslied 22. Sep. 2013
NirvanaStay Away 22. Sep. 2013
RadiofixBitter Explorer 22. Sep. 2013
Brad20TH Century 22. Sep. 2013
EnslavedPath to Vanir 22. Sep. 2013
SoundgardenDusty Lieblingslied 22. Sep. 2013
Thin LizzyCowboy Song Lieblingslied 22. Sep. 2013
RiversideThe Same River Lieblingslied 22. Sep. 2013
Temple of the DogHunger Strike 22. Sep. 2013
NecrophagistIgnominious & Pale 11. Aug. 2013
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Über mich

Abstract contemporary artist by night. Philosophical thinker by day.

My music tastes are extremely eclectic. I grew up in a house full of High School musicians and we constantly had the stereo on (it was all LPs and 45’s then!) playing a huge variety of music. We listened to everything from classical trumpet, to country, to pop, soul, opera, oldies and disco. Ok, we did not play much rock then. I started getting into rock when I was much older, don’t ask me why. I guess because I hung around more people that liked rock then, things like AC/DC, the Clash, Ozzy, U2, Rolling Stones, the Who, etc. Lately (probably not until 2005) I’ve been delving more into older rock like Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, etc. Even later (not until 2010) I’ve gotten into more black, death and progressive metal, usually the more melodic type. I find these new genres to be interesting in their own way and they actually help me be a better visual artist in various ways. Some of the music in these new genres is high complex once you get used to the growls and yelling. I find this intellectually stimulating more so than the basic “American” rock so many others like.

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