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7. Mai. 2012, 6:27

1368 songs, 3.6 days, 9.47 GB

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First: AC/DC- Hells Bells
Last:12 Stones- Enemy

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First: Nirvana- About A Girl
Last: Green Day- 86

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Shortest: Fair to Midland- Heavens to Murgatroyd (44 seconds)
Longest: Nirvana- All Apologies/Gallon Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (31 minutes, 32 seconds)

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First Song: Alter Bridge- Slip To The Void (AB III)
Last Song: Green Day- I Want To Be Alone (1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours)

Most Recently Played: The Smashing Pumpkins- Mayonaise
Most Played : Chevelle- Dos (54 plays)
Most Recently Added : Evans Blue- This Time It's Different

First song that comes on shuffle: Nirvana- Been A Son

How many songs come up when you type...

Sex : 5
Love : 51
You : 139
Death : 1
Hate : 2
Wish: 3
Dream: 37
Life : 13

AC/DC 12 Stones Nirvana Green Day Fair to Midland Alter Bridge Razorlight Chevelle Evans Blue Smashing Pumpkins

Back in Black The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday Bleach Insomniac Arrows & Anchors In Utero AB III 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Razorlight Point #1 Graveyard of Empires Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

Hells Bells Enemy About a Girl 86 Heavens to Murgatroyd All apologies/Gallon of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip Slip To The Void At the Library Who Needs Love Dos This Time It's Different Jellybelly


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