7. Mär. 2011, 2:32

What I’m looking forward to in the coming month(s):

* Radiohead - The King of Limbs (physical release): Of course I’ve heard it, and of course I love it. I love the dynamic range and control that Thom Yorke seems to have on the mechanics of The King of Limbs. Above all that, instrumentation is just more minimal, which is very refreshing. So this is all the more reason to buy this once pre-orders ship out on May 9th.

* Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues: Their self-titled debut was absolutely wonderful, and did an excellent job in keeping me checking back for new music. Fleet Foxes released a new single titled Helplessness Blues as a little taste of what is to come on May 3rd. It’s available for free download from iTunes (so I suggest you grab it while you can). It’s an excellent and perfectly anticipated continuation of their success in 2008 with their self-titled debut.

* TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light: TV On The Radio released a new single, titled Will Do, for their fifth studio LP, Nine Types of Light, scheduled for release on April 12th. The sincerity and passion of TOTR is still strong from their fourth LP, Dear Science,. Will Do features rather romantic and insightful lyrics, clearly demonstrating how intelligent this band truly is. I wouldn’t mind hearing this song on a new episode of Breaking Bad in the future.

* OFWGKTA - Goblin: You’ve heard Tyler’s singles, and you probably love them, or you hate them. Hopefully you’re hyped for the release of Goblin in April. It’s kind of ridiculous to think of how young Tyler (Tyler turns 20 on March 6th), the Creator is, along with the rest of his crew that comprise of OFWGKTA. Yet it makes sense to have young geniuses hard at work redefining hip-hop for 2011. Some people have pointed out that this new sound that Tyler is producing is far more dark, and even “gothic”. Regardless of how it sounds, it’s incredibly fresh and amazing to come from someone who isn’t even twenty years old yet. And yes, Sandwitches has one of the most ridiculous album covers ever. Hopefully you have the maturity to understand that it’s purely for shock value, and plenty of artists and already accomplished this with far more controversial (or just disturbing) album covers: (Ahem, Scorpion’s Virgin Killer, Blind Faith’s S/T and Liars’ It Fit When I Was A Kid)


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