My Top 5 Albums of 1980


9. Apr. 2010, 23:23


5: TIE: Heart - Bebe Le Strange/Kiss - Unmasked

Bebe Le Strange is another great album by Heart. I especially love the title track and the song "Rockin' Heaven Down". "Even It Up", "Break", and "Sweet Darlin'" are other great ones.
Unmasked was the final album of KISS with the original 4 members, although technically Peter didn't play on it. I think he showed up to film the video for "Shandi", and then it was bye-bye. But this is still a great album. It's very pop, but nothing wrong with that. Catchy tunes including "Tomorrow", "She's So European" and "Talk To Me".

4: ABBA - Super Trouper

I think my favorite song on this album might be "Happy New Year". It's just cool to me to hear the lyrics "but who knows what we'll find...what lies waiting down that the end of '89." This also includes a song many people might know, "The Winner Takes It All". Also really love the song "On and On and On".

3: Billy Joel - Glass Houses

Another masterpiece. Most people know "You May Be Right", "It's Still Rock & Roll To Me" and perhaps "Don't Ask Me Why." But my favorites are "I Don't Want To Be Alone", "Sometimes A Fantasy" and "Sleeping With The Television On". "All For Leyna" is another great tune. Love this album!!

2: Linda Ronstadt - Mad Love

This is my favorite Linda album, and her most rock one. You can tell she was a huge Elvis Costello fan, as she covers three of his songs: "Party Girl" (my personal favorite!), "Talking In The Dark", and "Girls Talk". My other favorites are "How Do I Make You", "I Can't Let Go", "Justine", and the title track. Great album all the way through!

1: AC/DC - Back in Black

If you don't have this one...well you just live under a rock. This is one of those albums that you could put on while you're cleaning house (believe me, I've done it), in the car on a road trip, or at a party and it always works and everyone's happy. From beginning to end it's superb. Enough said.

Honorable mentions: Bob Seger - Against The Wind, Xanadu Soundtrack, Journey - Departure, Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion, Prince - Dirty Mind, Queen - The Game, REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity, Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July, Van Halen - Women & Children First.

Wow, what a great year...


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