• Song of the Decade

    14. Dez. 2009, 5:59

    My song of the decade? Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks

    It came out at the beginning of the decade, loved it right away, and still do. It's totally mah thang. Plus, I danced to it all the time at AfterSkool in London. Oh, those days.
  • Really?

    17. Jun. 2009, 1:34

    Are you fucking kidding me? My sister logs into my sometimes to listen to the radio stations while she drives. Apparently she was all about the JoBro radio. HELL NO! That is so not me. I draw the line somewhere, people.
  • Music Ban

    24. Apr. 2009, 23:08

    The Saturdays just played while I was listening to my Recommendation Station. Uh, no. Just because I listen to Girls Aloud does not mean I will listen to any piece of pop crap. It took me ages to even warm up to them. There can never be another Girls Aloud for me.

    There was an option for me to ban it, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that. I mean, it seems weird to ban something when you can skip it. Besides, knowing me, I might love that girl group down the line.

    Speaking of love, I am loving the leaks of the new Patrick Wolf album. I cannot wait to get it properly. Oh, Patrick -- why aren't you a pop superstar? Was it the internet drama that hindered you? Never cry retirement on the internet, especially if you don't mean it (thankfully he didnt). I wish he was a bit bigger as I don't even live in his home city anymore, so I cannot go random shows put on in churches.

  • Music Recs.

    17. Apr. 2009, 1:57

    I would love for anyone who reads this to recommend me something. Please?
  • I'm baaaaaack

    11. Nov. 2007, 4:36

    I am on a computer that scrobbles now. Awesome.

    16. Mai. 2007, 23:04

    I love just surfing this site, finding new artists and events, but sometimes I am confused how we get connected to others. Like those who our my neighbours don't necessarily have me as a neighbour.

    Whatever though. I love this site. Because of it I was able to get tickets to see Modest Mouse and Billy Childish at the Royal Albert Hall.

    Which is quite the contrast from the song that is on. Lita Ford featuring Ozzy Osbourne on Close My Eyes Forever. I love the way power ballads build to the guitar wankery. Power ballads are my weakness.
  • Oh,, you are messing with me.

    6. Dez. 2006, 23:37

    First off, I LOVE the new features on that show you what events are on in the area. It's so good! I am going to see Patrick Wolf this month, was considering the other two shows coming up, but they are sold out. It's okay. I saw other bands were playing (Supersystem are coming to town, but on the same night as Patrick Wolf, so I can't go) that I could go see. Some I've already seen, like The Rapture, but I'm not too fussed to go again. I like Patrick Wolf enough to want to see him over and over again. But not that bothered, as I am aging and all and can't keep the youngin' child enthusiasm going. I bet when The Magic Position comes out and I will be digging it, I will want to go again. Oh well. Anyway, sold out and stuff. I never have seen Kings of Leon live and saw they are playing the Astoria in February. I think I might go. I like them, which surprised me. It's not usually my things

    And, speaking of surprises, I really am starting to dig She Wants Revenge. I found them a bit too derivative at first, but they've grown on me big time. I kept the track given to me in an mp3 exchange, and now I like them.

    In other, more annoying, news: why isn't it scrobbling what I listen to???! It keeps showing it as scrobbling, but it's not taking it. Others seem to be able to scrobble their tunes. Mine hasn't done it in ages. I want it to keep track. Maybe there is an alert I am just not seeing. I've re-downloaded the plug-in and it still doesn't work. It shows it reading the track, but just not the scrobbling.

    It's frustrating. Work, dammit!
  • Random ramblings on

    8. Okt. 2006, 11:38

    I've seen people comment on this journal I have, shout out to me and so forth.

    This layout makes it really confusing for me to respond to people. I honestly don't know how. I don't ignore people. I'm just confused.

    So I guess this is just my confession that I am a airhead.
  • Live music

    13. Apr. 2006, 20:40

    I've noticed in the past year I have been seeing less and less bands live. I still buy CDs, like music and want to see live music, but in many ways I don't seem as bothered. Is this what aging is like?

    I used to enjoy following Radiohead around, but now that they are touring I really can't be bothered. I am going to see Jenny Lewis this month and look forward to it, but after that I have nothing planned. A lot of the acts I like aren't touring or I have seen. It's weird. Have I possibly fulfilled some sort of musical quota?

    Nah. It's just a lull where my musical tastes aren't fitting with what's out and about. I did see Gogol Bordello and loved it. So I still like music. Hopefully that means I am not aging. Hopefully.

    I do have a wishlist for bands to tour, whether I have seen them before or not: The Faint, Death from Above 1979, M.I.A. and The Rapture. I just want to dance!
  • Music lovahs unite!

    20. Sep. 2005, 19:58

    Well, here I am. I think I've joined every site like this I can think of, excluding myspace. This one has a gimmick I can dig though -- musica.

    So yeah. I'm excited. And seeing Sufjan Stevens soon.