• The Colour of Spring

    1. Jul. 2007, 15:03

  • Fantastic song.

    5. Mär. 2007, 22:58

    I love this song. A lot.
  • DM 12/8

    10. Dez. 2005, 20:02

    Okay, I'm really tired, but I'll take a stab at a synopsis of the other night..

    We didn't make it to Strawberry Fields. I kind of figured we wouldn't, and when we walked up from Penn Station to find food and my underdressed self began to freeze, I was all for camping someplace warm until showtime.

    We walked up 7th Ave. and hit the second place we looked at, which was Mustang Harry's (basically an Irish bar/restaurant type deal). My company was a 40 yr. old Englishman who's been a DM fan since the beginning and had never seen them before, and my 38 year old boss, who had seen them before, including the show at the Borgata in Atlantic City last Saturday. He's the one who put it in my head that the show would be somewhat disappointing. I had always had it in my head DM would be disappointing live, and they're one of those bands who has meant so much to me at various times, I couldn't bring myself to risk it. Also, I didn't think their sound would ever be able to translate to a good or great live show. Back to this subject in a bit.

    So the Englishman picked the beer (Newcastle Brown Ale), and we stood around for a few minutes while we waited for a table. They had music playing, and after a while DM came on. When we reacted to it, some fellow DM fans next to us started with the stories, and one of them claimed he had been at the first DM show in the US way back in '81.

    We sat down, had a nice chat, about women, and business, and blah blah blah. The Englishman was accosted by his former physical therapist, who apparently is also a DM fan. (Everyone should be, to some degree.) The food was good, the beer wasn't bad and the waitstaff was helpful and nice and unobtrusive.

    And onto the fun part.. (I'll cut out the part where my boss attempted to sell his extra ticket to the one of the very few scalpers outside. He eventually got $30 for it. And I'll also refrain from complaining about $35 and $40 tour shirts, especially when it's already $85 a ticket.) Our seats were on the right side, just above the floor, at a good angle from the stage. We got there during The Bravery's set, which MSG was just about empty for. I can't help but feeling I would've actually enjoyed them for the most part if the venue was about ten thousand times smaller and the crowd had been into them. Kind of sad since they're from NYC and all. They left on a high note with 'Honest Mistake,' 'Fearless' and 'Unconditional.'

    Going back to what I said earlier about DM not holding their own in live setting, or such a large venue as MSG is. Yeah, I'm an idiot. What's frightening about this show is that it could have been so much better than it was, and yet it was still clearly on the high end of all the shows I've ever been to. The new songs (mostly) sound fantastic live, and I've never heard Dave Gahan's voice sound better. He was absolutely flawless. Martin's voice hasn't aged as well's as his has, but it's still very good and of course I still enjoy the songs he sings. ('Home' was good, but lacked accompaniment and was different. 'A Question of Lust' was a bit slow and lacked energy, especially after hearing/seeing all the amazing Dave songs.)

    Honestly, I could have left after ''Policy of Truth,' which was the fourth song in the set. ('Reach out and touch faith!' over and over again.) It was that good. Just, wow. But then we got 'Precious,' 'Walking In My Shoes,' 'Suffer Well,' 'Macrovision,' 'Home,' 'I Want It All,' and 'The Sinner In Me.' Lots of new songs in a row, but all songs I really like and sang along to (I'm warming up to 'Macrovision.') And then came the <i>piece de resistance.</i> 'I Feel You,' 'Behind The Wheel,' 'World In My Eyes,' 'Personal Jesus,' and 'Enjoy The Silence.' All mindblowingly fantastic. It's 'I can now die happy' time. It's existing right under Dave's thumb and yelling when he commands you to yell, clapping when he commands you to clap, and singing at the top of your lungs when he wants you to sing. It really doesn't get any better than that. Then we got two encores, first being 'A Question of Lust,' 'Just Can't Get Enough,' 'Everything Counts,' and second 'Never Let Me Down Again' and 'Goodnight Lovers' (which we left at the start of and listened to on the walk around MSG.) Black Celebration is probably my favorite DM album, and it was great to hear 'A Question of Lust', but I would have much rather had 'Somebody' instead, and I'm sure had I attended the show on Wednesday night, I would have heard it, but c'est la vie. In this case, I'm happy with one show. (Vs. Morrissey, whom I am obligated in every way to see live as many times as I possibly can.) 'Just Can't Get Enough' and 'Everything Counts' of course brought me back to 101. Dave with his tight white pants and 'Hello Pasadena!' (We got a similar greeting, which I was thrilled about.) Those are the songs that should have ended the show. I really like 'Never Let Me Down Again,' but after all that it was a bit of a letdown, and there was no way in hell we were staying for 'Goodnight Lovers.' As I said, it could've been tons better, but there were so many perfectly performed (and in most cases, improved upon) songs, and everyone was just so spot on, it was a great show. I was impressed with the drummer, who gave the songs an extra kick (especially on the new songs), with Martin's guitar playing, Fletch, of course, Dave's brilliant voice (and eventually, half naked body; which I can't NOT mention) and song after great song, and I've been a fool for not seeing them sooner. Next time they tour, I'll be first in line, as I should have been for the last ten years of my love affair with DM. (And, oh yes, it's ongoing. They're dangerously close to surpassing the Beatles on my deadly accurate <a href="">'scrobbler profile</a>.)

    (And I could have snuck my new camera in there, damnit. They didn't even frisk me. Oh well. I didn't want to lose it after having it for half a day.)