The AmbientLive Experience


7. Feb. 2006, 15:35

What was it like to be there and record Live at Ambientlive 2k3, US? The experience was amazing. I met many of my online connections for the first time.

I started my way to Denver by going through kentucky and picking up Alan Evil of the Institute for Psychic Reform, who performed the second night of the festival). We managed to get Alan's equipment into my small trunk and began to take turns driving and smoking through Kansas and on into Colorado.

Once there we met up with owner and festival curator, Joe Dobzynski Jr., his wife and a few very cool people. I also had the chance to meet the brains behind Instruction Shuttle, Christopher Todd. The first evening was pretty much chilling out and catching up with everyone. WE had all met and talked via online mesengers and forums but had never met face to face. It was quite surreal. Knowing these people and meeting them at the same time.

Day 1 was an absolute mess. Between trying to get some satisfactory equipment for Robert Rich, who headlined the event, and my set discs not working the group was spread out all over the place. Joe eventually had to stop by Best Buy or Office Max and buy a new Zip drive (of Jaz drive, it's a daze) so we could do some last minute transfering of files and burn some new discs. All the time on the phone with Mr. Rich's manager making sure our speakers and equipment will do for his majesty.

That night the nerves snuck up on me. Everything was cool setting up and preparing. people started to file in and take their seats. Joe tried to do some grand entrance for me but I just walked on stage and laughed at him. "I ain't no superstar." I opened with Float Down Here and everyone got quiet. I really just fell into my own world at that point and don't remember much until i started fading out some samples in Cellar Dweller (a remix of a great track by the Opponent Process). I got a nice little applause and swept myself off the stage. Christopher Todd got a nice full recording of it on his Mac. Then Robert Rich got on and did his bit with lights and flutes and stuff.

We settled down at Project Aristotle headquarters afterwards for a nice and relaxed after party. Many people from the audioance came and we listened to some great down-tempo DJ work by Pagan Monk and Shan.

Overall I'd day I had the time of my life. I met some great people and played a solid set to a good applause. You really can't ask for much more.


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