• ignorantly, blissfully..

    11. Apr. 2011, 11:15

    if i could dream any dream.. i would dream each of the seasons. i would dream of a different season each night. i would dream them forever. as the life in these seasons change constantly. i would, however, dream it untouched, indestructible by anything other than the following season. though not destructed by the following, just altered, temporarily. i would dream of life and death in harmony.

    then, one day, i may forget you. so when i dream of you, all i will see is the same creation that i always see when i dream the ever-changing seasons. i will ignorantly and blissfully dream of your presence with no pain. only the same intriguing love and devotion i would feel towards the rest of life and nature.

    thus, i may be able to remove you from the pedestal i once so irrationally put you upon. and enjoy you once more for the creature you are, instead of the creature i thought you were.....
  • the unwinding tree..

    11. Apr. 2011, 11:13

    in this,
    my unwinding tree,
    the tree that holds all despair,
    the tree that catches all my tears,
    and from each tear flowers
    another blossom of divinity.
    the divine petals of each flower
    filled deep with hurt and pain.
    when it blooms you hear the cries
    of all whom have met their demise
    from happiness
    each cry carries on the unforgiving wind,
    down the mountain
    upon which the tree is nestled,
    deep, unmoving and immersing all in shadow.
    and in the darkness of it,
    down the rocky, rigid slope,
    surrounded by the cries of lost hope,
    the deepest, darkest caves
    of all your fears
    run through the mountain.
    and all your monsters
    creep round every crevice,
    each one
    waiting for their moment
    to catch a glipmse
    of the fears
    you try to hide
    within your eyes.

    in this,
    my unwinding tree,
    is a soul.
    an undying soul,
    trapped for an eternity
    by the despair of all.
    you must find hope
    among the barren ground
    of which you stand,
    only hope will set it free.
    all those who have tried
    have failed,
    be it by the cries
    that carry down the mountain,
    the beasts, wild and hungry
    for the flesh of the damned,
    or even the poison of every petal
    of every blossom upon the tree.
    where they have failed
    you must triumph.
    may you find light
    in the darkness,
    and save me
    from my unwinding tree.
    set my soul free
    from the despair of all who have fallen before you.