What time is it? SUMMER TIME!


7. Mai. 2008, 17:11

So, summer's on the horizon. You might even say it's here. And each summer needs a soundtrack. BBQs, hanging out in the garden, Summer Parties... here's my personal Summer Playlist:

Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Despite the obvious references to crystal meth (which I didn't actually realise until I researched the lyrics), this is a catchy, up-beat song that fills me with excitement about summer.

Shit Song - Kate Nash
"You can come round mine, we could drink some wine in the summertime, it could be quite nice... actually I think I might just have the bottle to myself."
This reminds me of last summer, BBQS and being on the boat! Good times, good times.

Smoke Detector - Rilo Kiley
"Danger to the smoke detector!" Why? 'Cause this BBQ's HOT!
Can't you just feel the smoke, the sweat and the heat?

Steal My Sunshine - Len
I mean, it's obvious.

Sober and Unkissed - Sia
"When are you coming around? 'Cause soon, I'll be sober and unkissed."

White Guilt - The Bronx
"That all you're ever gonna be is entertainment... so entertain me!"

My Number - Tegan & Sara
"It's a funny time to learn to swim - when you start to drown."

Summertime - Mae
"Take the map and point to anywhere, I don't care..."

Break It Out - The Rocket Summer
"I'm sick and tired of sitting down..."

Summer Love / Set The Mood Prelude - Justin Timberlake
"I can't wait to fall in love with you, you just can't wait to fall in love with me."

Release - Timbaland
I thought, originally, that this said "Release the models." but turns out it was "Release, I'm outta control." Potato, Potarto.

You're So Real - Matchbox Twenty
"A black-fly on your neck-tie, time after time..."

What Time Is It - High School Musical
"Summer Time!" Sorry, it had to be done.


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