Prince at the Trouabdour


12. Mai. 2011, 16:24

Wed 11 May – Prince

Through a miracle, I managed to snag a ticket to Prince's surprise 7pm show at the Troubadour. I had no idea what to expect - I just knew I had to be there.

Arriving in line at 6pm, there weren't more than 25 people in front of me. I quickly chatted up the people in line next to me, finding myself in company - fellow rock and roll geeks. Mark, the guy behind me, had apparently gotten into Prince's last few shows at the forum for $5 by buying tickets last minute on Craigslist. He told me to not expect a hit-filled set, since for a show like this, it wouldn't be Prince's style.

By 7:30pm or so, they began letting us in. We were held up as the Guest list line got let in first. I spotted James Mercer (lead singer of The Shins) moving up to the front as we prepared to enter. While there was only a minor pat-down, security warned us - no photos, not even on your phone. I knew they were serious.

After quickly using the restroom and grabbing a soda, I moved myself to the center of the venue, putting myself within 6 feet of the microphone. The excitement in the air kept the next round of waiting from growing tedious.

By 8:20pm, Prince's band appeared. His drummer exploded within seconds, and Mike Phillips on the sax would soon prove to be a God amongst musicians. After 20 minutes of jamming, the main man finally appeared.

Grabbing an orange guitar, Prince joined in the jam, wailing away on the funky number. After the close of this jam, the next forty minutes had Prince switching between his baby-making, slow jazz numbers to more rocking, singing-less jams that showed his and his band's amazing musicianship. Some people beside me tried to take photos, and we're met by a large, very angry security guard who cut them off, forced them to delete the photos, and threaten to kick them out if they did it again. Yikes!

Prince took a break to sit on the side balcony with his female singer-of-the-moment and two of the Kardashians (Kim and Khloe I believe). When he came back down, the lady singer joined him to lead in a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On", with a bit of "Sexual Healing" thrown in at the end.

After this is when Prince finally got into doing some songs. The first I recognized was Colonized Mind, a newer one, and then broke out a completely new song "When She Comes". The evening previously slow grooving pace was finally taking a turn for the ROCK, as Prince began breaking out the loud guitars and the upbeat jams that had the audience dancing. Prince himself seemed to be having a great time.

The only other song I recognized was Musicology, but the energy was so great, it was hard to lament the lack of popular hits. I've included the official set list below for you bigger Prince fanatics. I may not have been worthy for this event, and maybe should see one of his more mainstream shows, but it won't come close to being the same. Prince came out and did two quick encores before being forced to end so the 11pm show could come in.

Overall, a great, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stratus - (Billy Cobham cover) (with One Nation Under A Groove)
Power Fantastic
Somewhere Here On Earth
Instrumental Jam
Let's Get It On - (Marvin Gaye cover) (with Andy Allo on vocals. … more)
Colonized Mind - (with Mike Phillips saxophone solo)
When She Comes - (Tentative title, new song)
U Will Be With Me / Shhh
A Case Of U - (Joni Mitchell cover)
Pop Life
Beggin' Woman Blues


  • licoricepizza

    nice review! I was the 5th in line to get in (I ended up right in front of the stage, on the right side). and yeah, Prince is very adamant about NO PHOTO/VIDEOS! :D I knew that, so I didn't bother to even attempt to do that (I was too close anyway, I didn't want to get thrown out). Once-in-a-lifetime experience is so correct! If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and witness one of his Forum shows too. More "hits", different experience, but still waaay fun!

    12. Mai. 2011, 17:32
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