• Westville Citizens Crime Prevention Associations

    28. Jan. 2009, 14:02

    Executive for Oct. 2005 - Oct. 2007
    Police department liaison – Don Hussher
    President – Tom O'Brien
    Vice President – Vernon Pittman
    Treasurer – Rita Stewart
    Recording Secretary – Shirley Bonnar
    Past Executives

    Excerpt from “ National Crime Prevention Council of Canada ”
    “The evidence is conclusive that the most effective way to prevent crime is to ensure healthier children, stronger families, better schools, and more cohesive communities. Crime prevention through social development is a sound investment. The dividends include less violence, safer communities and significant cost savings in the criminal justice system and in almost every other area of public and private spending.”

    This is the thought behind the driving force of the members of the Westville Citizens Crime Prevention Association. Our membership is very diverse including Business personnel, trades, retirees, homemakers and former Westville Town Councilors. Our investment is in our youth and to promote a safer town for them.
    Membership in our community organization is FREE and we hold our meetings in the Westville Town office at 7 PM on the first Thursday of each month. July, August and September are forgiven for summer vacations and everyone is always welcome.

    Senior Watch Program is fully funded and sponsored by Westville Crime Prevention membership. In the middle of spring our membership will be found working at the “May indoor cellar to attic yard sale” a yearly event held in the Westville Curling Club Rink. Our community organization funds raised are for such things as hiring a Summer Crime Prevention Coordinator (student hired each summer to coordinate our programs) to promote tickets sales for the July 1 st festival. Sale of the 911 signs for our Civic Numbers is a fundraiser. Above all we receive generous donations from our citizens of our community.

    Westville School Bike Rodeo grades primary to six, also the D.A.R.E. program for young students conducted by Constable Howie Dunbar of the Westville Police Service are supported and funded by our organization. Our July 1 st Float Committee organizes and constructs a float for the Canada Day Parade sponsored by the Westville Fire Department. Working with Westville Princess Committee we sponsor a young student for the July 1 st princess competition for the Canada Day Festivities. In the fall, our group supports the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 35 with November 11 th Memorial Service at the Westville Epitaph and in December Crime Prevention supports another float in the Festival of Lights Parade at Christmas also sponsored by the Westville Fire Department.

    Westville Citizens Crime Prevention Association maintains a very strong and independent autonomy. We maintain a strong relationship with the Westville Police Service, the Westville Police Commission, the Westville Town Council and the Pictou County and Nova Scotia Crime Prevention Associations.

    To look to a great future and to prosper, we must look to the past and recognize the contribution made by the former Executives of the Westville Citizens Crime Prevention Association. In particular the Chief of Police, Donald E. Hussher, who was not only the police department liaison for the organization but a person who showed great dedication, time and patience.
    A very special thank you to all past and present community leaders.