• Favorite Shoutbox Messages

    9. Mär. 2009, 7:28

    Over the years, I've come across some amazing people here on Last.FM. These are a few of my favorite shoutouts. This journal will be updated often as I dig deeper through my shout history, and as more new shouts are made.

    hii, sugar! how are ya?! ;] I'm the first to post in your box, eep!
    - tresors (February 2006)

    God I fully agree. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. Keys, but Jill Scott has that soul not a lot artists have at all right now. I think her lyrics aren't simple enough for her to be popular or mainstreamed, if that makes sense. I seriously don't even consider her mainstream, considering I've never heard a song on the radio. I really do wish she'd get more recognition. Mad love for her
    - KimJakab (May 2006)

    Your taste is great! Now since this is the internet you can't tell im being completely sarcastic. If you are a very worried about your sexuality.
    - Mez1 (May 2006)

    * Oh look at first shoutbox snob. I'm always amused by people who are both closed-minded and insecure.

    ...Ive always wondered..why people prefer singers of the opposite sex? XD I mean I listen to like ONE female artist..and you only have a couple male artists you listen to
    - PooieHead (June 2006)

    * This little shout started one of most important friendships of my life. I love this girl. Also, what she said is pretty true...

    Paris Hilton's video is quite shit, but I do love the behind the scenes video I saw where her 'tits' kept coming out of her little top as she rolled around in the sand. Pure genius!
    - repeattofade (June 2006)

    You gay men and your charm, gets a girl every time, lol. Added you to my friends list. Madonna is amazing, and I do like a few artists on your chart. Britney's safe from me now, I can no longer hate the woman who sings Autumn Goodbye
    - Jazz13 (June 2006)

    You get too many messages, everytime I write you something its gone in a day
    - randalb89 (June 2006)

    ahh you look like the guy from The Sleeper Cell - darwin. Pretty eyes. He had grey though i think..

    hey i grew up during the late 90's teen pop craze too but do you see any boy bands on my top 10?
    - mookxi (May 2007)

    ...finally picked out my halloween costume for clubbing this weekend. last time i went i saw a leprauchaun peeing on trashcans and tinkerbell puking in an alley. it was glorious.
    - Jazz13 (October 2008)

    we share the same hopes too cause I hope SOOOOOOOO MUCH it's the next video!!!! It's such an amazing song... it can be a really sensitive video and be provocative at the same time... I don't know how to explain the feeling I get everytime I listen to Unusual You... it's enigmatic! I don't know uhahuauhauhua! and about The Beatles, I once posted in my blog how their songs make me fall in my own thoughts and look at life in a completely different way... and like you, when I watched Across the Universe, this sensations increased in a way I can't even explain... it's magical!
    - BielMilin (February 2009)

    * I love how Beil expresses his emotions about music. It's a lot like how I see music, but can never find the words to say. He's great.

    I don't think the new computer is that awesome to be honest. I dislike flat screens. The big weird as this sounds it's like they have a face, they have a body, they have substance. Flat screens reminds me of robots with nothing inside, no electronic soul. I dunno why but I have a habit of giving inanimate objects human qualities. There's a word for that, it's a literary term. For some reason it's escaped me though...Maybe 'cause it's 1:08 in the morning! I should be asleep...Ugh...I wanna waste my hours listening to music...

    Thanks, I'll be here 'til Tuesday, you're a great audience! Be sure to tip your waitress! No seriously, I used to be a waitress...3.22 an hour for being hit on, always moving, bending over backwards to the will of whiny customers, service with a "smile", and dressing up in awkward outfits? That sounds more like prostitution!...Oh yeah, my stand up material is gold. OK, maybe not, but I do have this one skit where I talk about Sean Connery and how his pronunciation of the letter 's' as 'sh' may cause some awkward situations...For example, if he's training a dog and says "sit" won't sound like "sit"...
    - BittersweetRiot (March 2009)

    i'm fantastic, was a lonnnnnng weekend though champ, we had the bikers in town all week and i was bartending friday and saturday night like 4 pm to close both nights, i saw some funny shit. we had a bar beauty pageant and this was just for qualifying, not even finals, so we get down to the final two girls and they're basically naked on stage and the DJ's on mic and says to one of these hoes "so what you gonna do to lock the win?" this girl puts a corona bottle onstage, and SITS on the farking thing. we were all speechless, she had certainly won the skank-off. my gay side was disgusted, but my straight side was umm.. also disgusted. it was nasty, lol...
    - ArctorTroy (June 2009)

    While not a Britney fan, I really respect your love & passion for her. It is genuine, keep rocking her man, much luv.
    - MusiQ3985 (October 2009)

    This fierce cunt deserves a section devoted to him alone.
    Arranged from newest to oldest:

    You've listened to Brooke Hogan more than Britney this week. You're fired. Hand in your gun and your badge and gtfo of my sight.
    umgz our ~musical compatibility~ has creeped up some more. i refuse to listen to some of your butch music so you're going to have to listen to more Cher gurr
    i'm going to castrate you later for liking Heartless by that race card playing douche.
    I would welcome Kylie Minogue and Madonna jumping off a cliff of my choosing.
    Genie 2.0 is the shit. It happens to be one of the, uh, 2 songs I like from her. :| ...The other song is Beautiful! That song is great, and she doesn't overdo it despite it being a ballad. Pretty sure a fair portion of Hell froze over when that shit was released.
    *** can jump off a fucking bridge. The Dutchess > Monkey Business > Elephunk > Dog Shit > Meet Miley Cyrus > BEP's pre-Fergie work.
    He's (Flo Rida) such trash and a complete disgrace to Floridians everywhere.. granted the majority of us are redneck sluts, so it's a fairly accurate depiction.
  • My Top 20 of 2008

    6. Dez. 2008, 6:45

    So I'll be the first to admit that there are probably truck loads of songs released this year that I haven't heard. With that said, out of the ones I did hear I created this little list. There were a lot of hits and misses this year, but I did feel that some artist managed to stand out from the pack. Without further ado, here are my top 20 songs of 2008:

    You may not know who The Vettes are now, but just give it time and I'm sure they'll be all over your radio. "Give 'Em What They Want" is a ridiculously catchy song that invokes an 80s new wave sound that blends with contemporary indie rock. Lead singer Rachel Vette sings with aggressive sass which could bring to mind a young Shirley Manson from Garbage. The song is funny and current yet is an delightful homage to the past. It shows massive potential for a band that proves the tradition of amazing musicians hailing from Louisiana is not dying out anytime soon.

    Don't get me wrong, the original version of "You'll Find a Way" is amazing, but there's something about the Switch & Siden Remix that just takes this song to the next level. It's a hot, sticky and spicy track that has a very sultry aura about it. Matched with Santogold's crisp vocals, this song has proved to be one of the most ear-intriguing of 2008.

    This is the first of only two songs in my list that are not in English. Tommy's beautifully sung ballad, "Pegadito", is one of those love songs that haunt you long after it's over. You can hear the longing in his voice and you can just feel the passion streaming through every guitar riff and every line he sings. This is the kind of song that makes you wish you had that one person who you'd give your all for. A person doesn't need to understand the words to feel the intent from this song. It's just that good.

    This is such a departure for Keane. Many of their hardcore fans were disappointed with "Spiralling", but I found the song astonishing. It's always a big plus for me when an artist escapes their comfort zone and that's exactly what Keane did with this song. Gone is the mellow piano and pretty melodies in substitute for a more electronic vibe. It works so well and lets me know that these guys are in no way predictable. Rejuvenation is key when you want longevity in the music industry.

    There's something special to be said about "Miss Independent". The song chants romance and oozes an old school style that's just not prominent anymore in modern R&B. You hear men on the radio sing about a woman's looks and why she's so fine all the time, but how often do you hear a man sing about a woman's self-sufficiency? Along with its smooth beat and sincere lyrics, this song seperates Ne-Yo from his shallow peers to establish him as...well, a gentleman.

    This is probably the only song in the list that I did not like on the first listen. Surprising, huh? That said, the song grew on me and showed that great art isn't always understandable at first sight. Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru is no stranger to success. Being one of the best selling artist of her generation is a testament to her ability of craft mind-blowing and alluring songs, and "Prisoner of Love" is no exception. An artist of pristine quality, Utada puts so much effort into everything she does and it always turns out nothing less than perfect.

    Janet's futuristic electronic romp, "Rock With U", is probably the most underrated song of 2008. The quiet sensuality along with the song's fiercely danceable beat blend in classic Janet style. Its all gloss. Its all glam. Its all kids of fabulous.

    You know the feeling you get when you're driving then suddenly a song that you've never heard of comes on the radio, and it's so good that it makes you almost get into an accident because you're trying hard to figure out who sings it? It's been years since I got that feeling...until I heard "Need U Bad". A dash of reggae, a sprint of nu-soul, and a hefty amount of spirited vocals by Jazmine all combined to make this feisty song. It's not often I become so impressed by an artist straight out the box, but Jazmine is not your typical artist. With a well deserved Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in her pocket, this girl is proving she's a future star in the making.

    Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" is one whirlwind of a song. Fast paced, supercharged, and insanely catchy, "Just Dance" has accomplished to crack American radio to be one of the only true dance hits this year. That takes skill and talent. Along with her glam rocked out image, Lady GaGa has proved that taking risks and being different is the signature base for being a great pop artist.

    How Lupe has yet to explode on a Kanye West-like level just baffles me. His music is meaningful, honest and, most importantly, addicting. "Paris, Tokyo" has the rapper crooning to his love about being a jetsetter for his career. He effortlessly rhymes over a smooth beat, the kind that makes you nostalgic for old school hip-hop, talking about all the perks of fame. It's romantic and glamorous...two structures rarely found in today's mainstream rap music.

    I'm so happy I discovered Estelle this year. Now this is the kind of R&B I go crazy for; it's so fun and easygoing with that lustrous kind of groove. Estelle sings about meeting that hot American boy we all wish for in our fantasies. Oh Estelle, honey, if you only knew...*sigh* Even before I knew this song was released as a single, I had this feeling it would be a massive hit. Glad to know my prediction was accurate.

    I knew Goldfrapp would make my list, but it was harder than I thought to choose which song was the best from their astonishing album, "Seventh Tree". I ultimately settled on "Clowns", the wistful ballad that, for lack of a better word, heaven. The song's serenity and peacefulness is among one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Allison Goldfrapp sings with a hopeful heart as her voice glides in and out of her blissful falsetto. The music starts off very light with an acoustic guitar, but builds into gorgeous splendor as it progresses. It's quite literally magic for the ears.

    Talk about throwback! Raphael Saadiq's "Oh Girl" sounds like it came straight out of 60s radio...and that's why it's amazing. Raphael uses his gifted voice to create a simplistic song of sweet enchantment. He lets his guard down and exposes his vulnerability to the world. The track is nothing but eloquent class. Words can't express the appreciation I have for this song.

    Who would have guessed that Madonna's melancholy song, "Miles Away", gave such a decisive glimpse into her marriage? Sadly, the song proved to be more truthful than most had hoped for, but that's perhaps the reason it's so wonderful. The breezy melody and Madonna's soft serene vocals give the track a definite breath of life. Always one to pour her soul into her craft, Madonna didn't disappoint with this spectacular piece of music.

    Am I the only one who thinks Caleb Followill's voice is like sex all on its own? Judging by how successful "Sex On Fire" has become, I think not. There's an definite heat, a passion that radiates from this that's undeniably erotic. The song's consuming hook is the driving force behind its instantaneous appeal; its not hard to realize why this track has been in so many playlists for months now.

    With an extremely versatile voice and innate sense for ethereal sounds, Janelle Monáe conquered my heart this year with her music...especially on the exuberant "Many Moons". Dead set on breaking stereotypes and enlightening the mind of youths, Monáe creates tunes that are both socially conscious yet otherworldly. She proves that being odd and marching to your own drum isn't always a bad thing.

    MGMT has pretty much taken this year by storm. Their psychedelic vibe and unique syth-pop sound made for one of the most interesting albums of 2008. No song stuck out more to me than "Electric Feel". I'm very happy to see a group with such individual and unique style gaining momentum. Like their style, MGMT aren't afraid to be blatantly bold with their music. They're like an erupting volcano that can't be stop...and we're more than happy to be engulfed within their flames.

    What can I say? It's Britney, bitch! As always, our girl keeps pop music fresh, inventive and fun. "Womanizer" is a dangerously sassy song that, in my opinion, should be championed as an anthem for all scorned women. There's something quite sinful about "Womanizer"...its dark sensuality and sinister tone makes this by far one of Britney's edgiest songs.

    Sam Sparro's "Black & Gold" is drenched in sick dazzling beats, powerhouse vocals, and an enticingly catchy hook. What makes this song shine above all others is its amazing blend of soul and pop. Sam's rhythmic voice is an odd paring with the electronica sound, but he pulls it off brilliantly and without sounding inauthentic. Sparro's music is a breath of fresh air in a gerne filled with cliched imitators (I'm looking at you Christina).

    Was there really any doubt? Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" is the very definition of epic. From the moment the song starts to the second it ends, the vivid message and rich sound is nothing but a pleasure to hear. The glorious church bells, the harmonic orchestra, the pulsating bass, and Chris Martin's heartfelt voice all combine in elegant grandeur. When a song like this, after a year full of mediocrity (discounting my top 20 of course), is able to make it #1 on the charts it gives hope that maybe music isn't dead after all.


    Feel free to share your opinions. Let me know who you think I've missed or who you think I should not have included (Blasphemy! All the songs listed are amazing). To hear these songs and more of my favorites from 2008, listen to my playlist.
  • Britney Spears: Blackout

    28. Okt. 2007, 18:40

    "Blackout", the appropriately titled fifth-studio album from Britney Spears, is a rhythmic dance record that will without a doubt surprise most listeners. The name fits perfectly. Britney, against the odds, has managed to blackout the personal dramas, all the media blitz, and harsh criticisms to create not only her strongest album, but also the best commercial pop album of the year. From start to finish, "Blackout" is a ride of pure enjoyment. The album does exactly what it needs to do: Draw attention back to Britney for her music.

    The smash hit "Gimme More" opens the album with the now notorious line "It's Britney, Bitch" and indeed it is…back in true form no less. Britney chants the words 'gimme more' a number of times throughout the harmonious chorus, and she definitely delivers more throughout the rest of the album. The robotic jeer "Piece of Me" nonchalantly pokes fun at her fame, and lyrically shows Britney's sass along with her thick-skin. The blazing and hyped anthem "Hot as Fire" is a track that could have easily failed, but with Britney's unique vocal styling and carefree charm the song transforms into an addictive techno treat. Following the fun is "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)", producer Danja's creatively fierce piece that has an amazing beat, and allows Britney to raise the stance of erotic energy. Really tearing up the floor though is "Freakshow", an eerily delicious song with hot lyrics and a darkly sexual sound perfect for Halloween parties this time of year.

    Not one song is bad, but most cynics would site that while "Blackout" may be club ready and fun, it lacks real artistic depth. This is true, and a fact that I won't deny, but with that said Britney's conscious decision to keep the album upbeat lies ironically in the most melancholy song of the album. "Why Should I Be Sad" is the finale that allows the listener to peer somewhat into Britney's turbulent marriage with Kevin Federline. Pharrell produced track is heartfelt and sorrowful, but it is not a pity party, in fact the song dignifies the entire album perfectly. The tone of not lingering to the past, having no regrets and moving on with life is vastly heard in "Why Should I Be Sad" and "Blackout" as a whole.

    What's alluring about Britney's music is Britney Spears herself. While brilliantly crafted with the help of top-notch producers, it is in Britney's persona that gives the album spirit. Her aggressiveness and confident tension soar here, and it's easy to see why "Blackout" is perfect as it is: Fun, carefree, upbeat, and at times a little goofy. This is who Britney Spears is, always has been, and probably always will be. It's all about having a great time, and if we learned one thing about Britney over the past few years…it is that she knows how to have a great time.
  • Top 25 Greatest Pop Songs

    12. Sep. 2007, 6:53

    If you know me you would know that I'm a pretty big pop music fan. The word "Pop" has had a bad rep for a few years now, but ironically it is pop music that's the number one most listened to genre in the world. When someone says pop music, most will immediately think sugary, bubblegum or manufactured music, but they forget that pop actually stands for POPULAR. Popular music is something that everyone loves, music that is universal and transcends race, gender, and sexuality. Pop is really the only genre that incorporates every form of music out there, which is the reason for its universal standards. Pop songs can be influenced by country, rock, soul, jazz, R&B, folk and so much more. I'm a big pop fan. I love pop music, and I'm dedicating this journal, Top 25 Greatest Pop Songs, to everyone else out there who loves pop music.

    In the mist of 2001's wave of Hip-Hop inspired rap and R&B music, Kylie Minouge came from nowhere to conquerer the radio with her infectious hit, "Can't Get You Out of My Head." The song was a different taste for most American listeners with its European dance sound and electronic vibes. Released with perfect timing, it rejuvenated Kylie's career and completely opened her up to a new generation of fans. It was such a breath of fresh air and exactly what listeners need at the time: Refreshing, care-free, and fun dance pop.

    TLC were to the 90s what The Supremes were to the 60s, a great girl group who destroyed the boundaries of R&B and Pop to create some of the catchiest songs ever conceived. The song "Waterfalls" was a huge success due to the simplicity of the track; it had straight-forward great beats sung along with meaningful lyrics. The video was also a big milestone at the time, using computer graphics to make the grils look as if they were made entirely of water. "Waterfalls" remains a testament to this day as to why TLC will always be a group of prominence in music history.


    Donna Summer
    Last Dance

    From the sweet, softly sung opening to the high energy disco beats, Donna Summer's 70s classic is greatness from start to finish. Donna's "Last Dance" captures the era of 70s dance music excellently, transporting you back to that hip time. Donna's vocals are just as grand as the song, hitting notes with the strength and confidence of a true diva.


    Britney Spears

    By time Britney Spears released her sensational mega-smash "Toxic" she was already a international superstar with great profits. Unfortunately, while Britney's success overseas was still as hot as ever, in the U.S. her musical star was fading. That was all changed when this sleek, stylish and sexy song hit airwaves. The insanely catchy hook and harmonic strings were pop perfection, and brought attention back to Britney's music rather than her personal life. Highly praised by both critics and fans alike, "Toxic" remains one of the best pop songs ever made and earned Britney her first Grammy Award.


    George Michael

    From the first guitar riffs to the deliciously fun hook, George Michael's "Faith" takes you on a ride worth repeating over and over. Before Michael's notorious arrest, he was considered pop royalty who was on his way to Michael Jackson-esque super stardom. When you listen to "Faith" it's not hard to believe why those comparisons were made. Still to this day fans dance to the irresistible groove "Faith" creates. It's like your mom's homemade apple pie, you always gave to have a second slice!


    No Doubt
    Don't Speak

    Who says pop songs have to be happy? The melancholy brilliance of No Doubt's "Don't Speak" captured a generation and angst ridden teens and catapulted the band to fame. Written about Gwen Stefani's relationship with band-mate Tony Kanal, the song's dark, and maybe unpleasantness, comes from that personal experience. The painfully truthful lyrics matched with Gwen's passionate vocals made for a formula that couldn't fail.

    After tackling the transition from adolescence to adult with her breakthrough album, "Control," and speaking out on world issues with "Rhythm Nation 1814" Janet wanted not only a new image, but a new sound to go along with her ever-evolving career. All the barriers from young naive teenager to a full-fledged independent woman were shattered to bits with Jackson's album, "Janet." and her insanely addictive song "That's the Way Love Goes." This song not only showed Janet in a new light, it opened her up to new fans who were more mature. As she whispers, "Like a moth to the flame, burned by the fire..." You know something real is about to go down. Still to this day, "That's the Way Love Goes" is Jackson's biggest hit, and an announcement to the world that Janet Jackson was a firm and untainted superstar.


    Cyndi Lauper
    Time After Time

    It was a real surprise when I heard "Time After Time" for the first time. In my mind, Cyndi Lauper was always this crazy and fun pop singer from the 80s who had wacky hair. That all changed when I heard this song. "Time After Time" is a powerful pop ballad that flows with beautiful emotion and carelessly serene melodies. It established Cyndi as more than a gimmick and made people realize that she had potential as a real artist. Also, the song very well shows that this woman can SANG (that's right, not sing, but SANG) her butt off.

    Who doesn't know this song? I knew "Dancing Queen" before I knew who ABBA (or even what music) was. The song is dream pop to the fullest extent and is an instant classic. Once you hear the opening piano and the female vocals "Oooo" you know your feet are in for some good ol' tappin.


    Whitney Houston
    I Will Always Love You

    With this single song, Whitney Houston took hold of the music world and set in stone her status as an icon. Whitney also defined perfectly of how a cover should sound: Remaking the music to fit the artist completely, while still paying homage to the original. Here Whitney does Dolly Parton's original proud, as she surpasses it and makes this song her own. No one could escape this song, and when you think about it, why would anyone want to?



    Funky, soulful, sassy, and sexy...not only do these words describe the classic song "Kiss," but also the song's creator, Prince. A mastermind of musical melodies and composition, Prince is unlike any other when it comes to creating songs. "I just want your extra time and your...kiss," and as Prince squeals these words you are convinced that this man can have any person he wants, either man or woman, at his beckon call. Prince has an unparalleled skill for incorporating sexual phrasing in music that will keep the listener drooling for more. "Kiss" is a great representation of a man whose legacy will never be forgotten.


    The Beach Boys
    Wouldn't It Be Nice

    When you listen to The Beach Boys you're in store for nothing but good vibrations (I'm sorry lol, I couldn't help that pun). This band has created some of the all-time best feel good songs, and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" sits right on top of their golden catalogue. The beautiful song, about hoping for future dreams and goals, just sweep the ears like a summer breeze. Matched with a beautiful bridge, "Wouldn't It Be Nice" is the ultimate summer classic.


    Backstreet Boys
    I Want It That Way

    Some of you may be thinking, "What?! Backstreet Boys?!?!" Well...yes! The thing about the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" is that this song does everything a great pop song should. It's amazingly catchy, feel-good, care-free, well sung, well composed, well produced...everything is just done RIGHT. The song is pop perfection in everyway of the word. Those who do not care to admit that they like anything by the Backstreet Boys will attest to enjoying this song (Don't deny it, you know you love this song). Personally, I was always for *NSYNC, but this song is better than everything *NSYNC ever put out. And that's my fact.


    Carly Simon
    You're So Vain

    Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" wins hands down the best song by an angry woman award (Yes, it beats out Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"). The notorious song about a woman singing to a man calling him out as a narcissist is one of the best guilty pleasures ever. Musically, Carly Simon has made better songs, but the pure emotion and cultural impact of this song warrants its spot on this list.


    John Lennon

    This, this song. Just thinking about John Lennon's "Imagine" makes me tear up. A song of the most heartfelt and musically endearing spirit, "Imagine" has defied time itself to be established as one of the best songs ever, period. The subject manner is true, the profound simplicity of the song is mind-boggling. This song alone, in my opinion, really has the power to unite the world. If you haven't heard it, please do yourself a favor and listen. It may change the way you view your world.

    I say this all the time, and I will stand by it fully: This song can be released in any era, both past and future, and it will be an astounding hit. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" still sounds as fresh as the day it was created, and was a foreshadowing of the greatness to come, which was Michael Jackson. Listening to the song you remember Michael, the young adult with a slight self-esteem problem, but who knew how to create the best dance/pop music you'll hear in years. Michael's ability to hear (and use that word intensely, to hear) the potential of a song and mold it into something well beyond what was imaginable is where his greatness is shown. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" is a soul/dance/pop classic that will always be remembered.



    Madonna's "Vogue" is to pop music as milk is to the cereal you make in the morning, without that milk your cereal is just dry and bland. What Madonna did with "Vogue" was not only create a good song, she created a grand culture. It's rare today to see a true pop song with style, class and substance. Madonna took pop music beyond good beats and glittering looks, and she created an art form. "Vogue" doesn't take itself too seriously, and for that we're able to just enjoy the song. Madonna says it all, "Let your body move to the music...Let your body go with the flow."


    Stevie Wonder

    Funky, slinky, swanky...hell every word that ends with "ky" Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" has. "Superstition" ranks top bill with most of Stevie's fans and it's not hard to figure out why. Incredibly hip, "Superstition" is a showcase of soul/pop at its best. The somewhat disarming and odd sounding beat along with Stevie's smart witty lyrics makes for a song well fitted for its campy title. With great vocals to match, this song is classic heaven.


    Elton John
    Your Song

    "How wonderful life is while your in the world." That line alone qualifies this piece as maybe the greatest love song ever written. So beautiful in its harmonies, Elton John's "Your Song" will simply brighten your day. Really, there is possibly no song that will uplift your spirit more than this song. Go ahead, after a hard day or if something bad just happened to you, play "Your Song" and I guarantee your mood will be lifted. As a gifted musician most, if not all, Elton songs have this amazing effect. "Your Song" is at the top of a list full of undeniably moving classics that Elton John has mastered.


    Britney Spears
    ...Baby One More Time

    This song brings the words "instant classic" to new heights. Within days of premiering, the song "...Baby One More Time" sky-rocketed the small country girl from Louisiana to a type of fame that she herself wouldn't have ever imagined. This girl is of course Britney Spears. The insatiable hook, the beyond addicting melodies and the sweet vocal styling of Britney all united to create one of the biggest hits of the late 90s. Although everything was done right from the video to her image, it is in Britney's persona that gave this song its spunk. Now honestly, can you imagine anyone other than Britney singing this song? I didn't think so. This song neither followed a trend nor did it create one. Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" was the trend. Many (and I mean many) tried to recapture what this song did, and they all failed. This song, along with Britney herself, was a force to be reckoned with, and no one can deny that this song was just a fun, delightful treat to the ears.

    "Baby, don't leave me. Mmmm baby don't leave me...all by myself." Yes, you don't even need to hear the song to know what it sounds like. The Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go" is one of those songs that you feel like your born knowing, as if the song was second nature to you. This is what a great pop song should do. What The Supremes did for music not only affected that industry alone, they redefined society itself. Some may find it hard to believe that three songstresses were one of the core reasons for most of the songs we have today, but that is a true fact. With their blend of soul, jazz, R&B and pop The Supremes created an entirely new sound that captivated listeners, and still to this day sounds just as great. "Where Did Our Love Go" is without a doubt their shining song, the melodic doo-wop and the soft nonthreatening vocals makes a easy song to relax to. The song is just exquisite.

    How to describe this song to someone who hasn't heard it? I'd say it sounds like a song that would come from an extraterrestrial. I really though I was listening to something from another planet when I heard this song for the first time. Then it went to it's exciting verse that began, "Mama just killed a man..." and I was hooked, and I mean completely taken in. There was still over 5 minutes left to the song! Classic doesn't begin to do "Bohemian Rhapsody" justice as this song casts a surreal spell over its listeners. It literally sounds like 3 or 4 songs in one, and they all blend excellently together. I won't write out how the song's sounds, it is something that must be experienced for the listener to fully appreciate it; and by now I'm sure most people not only know this song, but adore it without reason. Wait, I take it back...I can describe this song. Breathtaking.


    The Beatles

    You know, there really is something to that old saying, "less is more." That is indeed the case with The Beatles song "Yesterday," which strikes the heart with intensity and passion. One of the most melodic and glorious pieces of music, the song has nothing more than an acoustic guitar and string quartet backing as Paul McCartney sings nostalgically of a lost love. The song is so beautiful in fact, I began to cry the first time I heard it. That experience alone showed me the true power of music, and why The Beatles are credited as the greatest band of all time. There are many good things I can say about this song, but I will take The Beatles note to mind and just remember that less is more.


    Michael Jackson
    Billie Jean

    *Sigh*...Billie Jean...where do I even begin. I really don't know, I'm seriously at a loss for words for once. It's just that this song is so profound, so creative and so GHAAAAAAA! I just don't know what to say. You already know this song, and you already know how brilliant it is. I'm really amazed myself right now, I don't know what to say O_o

    So yea...what did you do today? :-P

    Ok guys, so unlike number 2, I can find the words for this song. There was no question in my mind what my number 1 song would be, there was no hesitation it was just known. Madonna's "Like a Prayer" is in fact a prayer, it's a prayer answered by the heavens (am I being over dramatic enough for you yet?). This song is what music and an artist strives to be: A true representation of self while capturing the emotions of every listener who hears the song. Madonna explores her own questions, confusion, doubts and faith for religion in "Like a Prayer." Her personal lyrics and soulful (I don't mean R&B soulful, I mean spiritual soulful) vocal can ring in the heart of every person who listens because we all feel this way at one point of our lives. Then when you put aside all the spiritual references, the song is just catchy. The great choir in the background adds a church feel to the song, and the ambient but still upbeat music brings true life to "Like a Prayer." This song is the epitome of quality, a song that has a message to say but is still good fun to listen too. When it comes to pop music, no one can do it better than Madonna.
  • My Meloncholy Album

    9. Jul. 2007, 7:46

    For some reason, I always return to this album. Thorough my life there is no album that I’ve probably listened to more than Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly”. I only realized this tonight though, as I’m feeling a little down for reasons that I’ll keep to myself. But I want to write about this album and what it has done for me, guiding me and helping me through rough times. Why? Why this album? Out of the hundreds of albums in my collection, why does this one have a tight grip on my emotions? I think there are a number of reasons, one mainly being that “Butterfly” was my very first album; the first album that I personally owned. Maybe another reason is because it was presented to me at a time of great change. It was my 11th birthday and my aunt gave me my first CD as a present. I was so happy because up to that point I’d lock myself in my room listening to every album that she owned, I guess that was her way of making me leave her possessions alone. My aunt was like my second mother, she taught me everything I know and was a major part of how I was raised. My aunt passed her love and passion for music onto myself. Alicia, my aunt, also gave me a CD player (yes, I know how ancient that seems now-a-days) to go along with it.

    Unlike my expected thoughts, which were solely based on the upbeat and irresistible first single “Honey,” Mariah’s album had a surprisingly melancholy aura around it. “Butterfly” possessed feelings of sadness, but also the depth of uplifting inspiration. It may sound foolish to say an 11 year old boy could relate to a woman in her twenties who had experienced much more, but I really did feel a connection with Mariah. I consider my 11th year one of the most defining in my life, I was beginning to get my first taste of life, true life that is. I was going through puberty and started to feel emotions that were unknown to me, mostly the feelings of attraction. I was 11 years old when I discovered I was gay. Not knowing what to do or who to tell, I escaped through Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly,” which at that time conveyed all the feelings I was going through. Mariah herself was also going through changes, of course at that time I had no idea because I was too young to either care or understand. Mariah was divorced and experimenting with her music, facing true risks as she was venturing into places she’d not taken musically up to that point. Mariah’s feelings of uncertainty, sadness, curiosity, and loneliness matched perfectly with me, as I was feeling the same things.

    When I got my first crush (as silly as it sounds) on a boy named Marc, I played “My All” constantly. “Close My Eyes” is a gorgeous song with uplifting and truthful lyrics that I instantly connected with. While the title sounds cutesy and girlish, “Butterfly” was the most poignant title for this album. The butterfly: a creature that morphs itself from a weak meager existence into a being of such beauty and power. I saw that in Mariah, and in myself I wanted to emulate that. As each year passed, and I began to learn new things, I returned to the emotions of “Butterfly.” The album encouraged me while stopping me to actually feel my sadness and grow from it. When I was 17, just a mere 5 moths from my 18th birthday, the woman of my life, my aunt, passed away. I had never felt such pain. It was “Butterfly” that I turned to, the album given to me by the woman who raised me. It was funny in a way, the woman who guided me throughout my childhood and adolescence disappeared right before I started my journey into adulthood. The song “Butterfly” was always beautiful to me, but it wasn’t until I experience this loss that I understood the lyrics. Although they weren’t exact, they still represented the tone of emotions I felt. Again, it was Mariah’s “Butterfly” that comforted me.

    Many people who do not listen to or understand Pop/R&B may disregard Mariah as just a stage act with a good voice, but “Butterfly” is the best example of a woman who is a musical genius. Lyrically and vocally, “Butterfly” is Mariah’s finest work. As I go through yet another crisis I instinctively begin playing this album. Now I’m at an age of maturity where I’m actually catching my actions, and how it’s this album that both soothes and saddens me. As I’m approaching my 21st year and tenth year of owning this piece of musical art…I understand that I have much yet to learn and experience. I am evolving and growing, just as Mariah did when she created this album, and I am grateful to have this music as my safety net.

    I guess I’m writing this journal as therapy for myself, but I’m writing out of curiosity as well. I think most people can relate to what I’ve written, and have their own “melancholy albums.” So what’s are yours? I’d really like to know :)
  • Album Leaks: Is It Advance Listening or Down Right Stealing?

    11. Sep. 2006, 8:46

    So I was just thinking...what the hell is up with album leaks??? I mean, especially lately, it seems any and every major artist's new album can be found on the net weeks in advance. At first I payed no mind, but now it's happening so frequently that I can no longer turn a blind eye. I just don't get how it's happening, I would assume that record labels are very protective and selective about who gets to have these albums before their release date, but no matter how secretive, these records all manage to find themselves available to the public...for free. Beyonce's "B'Day", Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair", Nelly Furtado's "Loose", Madonna's "Confessions On a Dance Floor", Utada Hikaru's "ULTRA BLUE" and plenty more have all been a victim of leaks. I can only figure that some one steals a copy of the CD then just shares it, maybe while the records are being transported to stores and such, I would imagine it would be difficult to account for every album that crosses through cities, so that's my theory. Anyone else have any answers? The funny thing though is that albums are finding themselves on the net extremely ahead of the release date. Just recently Christina Aguilera's new album, "Back to Basics", was open for download almost 2 weeks before it was officially released. And just the other day Evanescence's new album "The Open Door" has been made public...a whole MONTH before its scheduled release.

    Now the question lies in the moral of downloading, is it right? Well I won't lie, I usually and happily oblige myself in downloading advance albums (which sometimes aren't even the official copies), but I make sure to purchase the album as soon as it's available. Or so I say. At least up to now, every leaked album I downloaded I've also bought, basically because I only download leaked albums from artists I really like. But recently, I've downloaded two leaked albums: John Mayer's "Continuum" and Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds". Both of these albums are being released this coming Tuesday on Sept. 12, 2006 and my problem is that I know I can only afford to buy one at the moment. So what should I do? Should I delete the album that I don't purchase, or should I keep it until I buy the music? The first instinct is to keep the album because I'll be sure to buy it really soon, but really soon turns into weeks and weeks turn into months and months goes onto...well yea, you get the point. This is my fear of what will happen, maybe not to me, but to the thousands of other music listeners that tell themselves what I just did. We all know that music in terms of purchases are at an all-time low, people just aren't buying music like they used to, and that's mostly due to recent technology.

    It's up to the person to decide whether or not to download leaked albums for whatever reason they see fit, but for me, it's a constant battle between what I know is right and what I know is fun. I hate to admit this, but I've been searching for the new Fergie album, "The Dutchess", because I know it's only a matter of time before it's available. And with big names like Janet Jackson, The Killers, Ludacris, Beck, Jet, JoJo, Ruben Studdard, My Chemical Romance and John Legend all releasing new albums this upcoming fall, the leaks are just inevitable. What we, the music listening community, have to realize is that if we truly want change, and bring back the industry to how it once was, we're going to have to break our bad habits and stop falling into temptation. But that is, of course, easier said than done.
  • My Quest For Top Fandom!

    28. Aug. 2006, 8:02


    After two years of being a member of, I've finally accepted my fate and the realization that I will NEVER be a top fan of anything on the site. Why, you may ask? Well because I listen to too much music. Dammit, I always shoot myself in the foot! I guess one would say, "Hey, dumb-ass, becoming a top fan includes listening to TOO much music!" If you are one of the people who just shouted this to me, yes you are right, but then again there is a hitch. I listen to too many different artist and songs :( I will never become a top fan because of my everlasting need to shuffle and redefine what I listen to. If you know me personally, which a few people on my friends list do, then you know that I get bored EASILY. I just can't stand to anything routine like jobs, school,....boys (don't ask)....etc. And the same goes for music. For people who frequently visit my page, they've probably noticed that my weekly charts rarely show the same artist. Overall, there are probably 5 artist that may make my weekly chart regularly, and those are: Britney Spears, U2, John Mayer, Utada Hikaru and Madonna. But even so, they don't often make it on at the same time, or even week after week. I can't bare to listen to the same thing over and over and over...and yes...over again. Even with my favorite artist, my goddess Britney Spears, I still can't listen to her enough to get on her top fans list (which breaks my heart lol). And you all know how much I love me some Britney. So then I thought, "Wait! Maybe I could become a top fan of a song!!!" Then I realized, nope, that will never happen either. I looked at the song that is number one on my list, Get Right (isn't that song catchy?!!), but the number 1 listener of this song has a play count of 364!


    Dammit! Foiled again Dx

    So yea, not gonna happen for me. The top played song in my iTunes isn't even past the 100 play count *sigh* Whenever I see someone with their top artist with over 2000 or 3000 plays, I'm like "WOW! How do they do it???"

    OK, I guess to figure out the issue, I'll have to examine my way of listening to music, as everyone has their own pattern. First of all, I very seldom listen to one artist for a long time, I'll usually do that when I'm listening to a complete album. For example, Christina Aguilera has been at the top of my weekly list for 3 weeks straight, obviously because of the release of new material from her. But after a few days of playing, I don't like to listen to albums full through anymore, I just typically play my favorite tracks (as I'm sure a lot of other people do as well). Now, I think the thing that gets me is that I use shuffle mode...A LOT. For a person like me, the shuffle button is a dream! I have a really big library, mostly in part to my obsession with all types of music, so my favorite thing to do is just chill and let my library do the selecting. Because I do this, I get a ton of "1" plays every week, both for songs and artist. I love doing that, because I get to hear songs that I may have forgotten I had or just haven't heard in a really long time. Sometimes though, this will make me want to hear a certain song or artist even more, and that's the reason why my weekly charts may change a little every so often. Finally, there is the obvious reason, which is I just don't listen to music on my computer as often as some other people. I tend to be online mostly at night, which is of course when I listen to music on my computer, so that leaves a whole day of unplayed tracks :(

    So with all this said, the main point of the journal is that I will never be a top fan of anything even though I REALLY want to lol

  • Twin Pix 2

    23. Aug. 2006, 22:26

    This is just a little hobby of mine :) I like to find pictures of my favorite artist that look similar to one another. This time around I have Madonna in a promo photo from her 1994 album "Bedtime Stories", and Christina Aguilera in a promo photo for her 2006 album "Back to Basics."

    Who looks cuter???
  • Current & Previous Obsessions

    22. Aug. 2006, 5:56

    So if you look on the right at my About Me section, you'll see what my current favorite song is and what my previous favorite song was before that. This journal is an extention of that idea, just way for me to keep a record on what my favorite songs are/were and how long I enjoyed them before they were bumped for another song. Simple, eh? Haha well yea that means I'll be updating this pretty often. Let's see how it goes :)

    Current favorite song:
    (My #1 Ear Worm of the Moment!)

    Jennifer Lopez

    Que Hiciste
    Favorited on Feb. 03, 2007

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Previous favorite songs:
    (I still very much love these songs, btw)

    Anna Tsuchiya

    Kuroi Namida
    Favorited on Jan. 15, 2007
    Loved for 3 days.

    Katharine McPhee

    Favorited on Jan. 11, 2007
    Loved for 4 days.


    Love Today
    Favorited on Dec. 29, 2006
    Loved for 12 days.

    Jennifer Hudson

    And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
    Favorited on Dec. 4, 2006
    Loved for 24 days.

    ayumi hamasaki

    Favorited on Nov. 27, 2006
    Loved for 8 days.

    Gwen Stefani

    4 in the Morning
    Favorited on Nov. 21, 2006
    Loved for 6 days.

    Josh Groban

    You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
    Favorited on Nov. 17, 2006
    Loved for 4 days.

    John Legend

    Favorited on Nov. 11, 2006
    Loved for 6 days.


    Winter Love
    Favorited on Nov. 6, 2006
    Loved for 5 days.

    Amy Winehouse

    Favorited on Oct. 23, 2006
    Loved for 14 days.

    Under The Influence of Giants

    Mama's Room
    Favorited on Oct. 18, 2006
    Loved for 5 days.

    Robin Thicke

    The Evolution of Robin Thicke
    (Complete Album)
    Favorited on Oct. 8, 2006
    Loved for 10 days.

    The Pink Spiders

    Little Razorblade
    Favorited on Oct. 5, 2006
    Loved for 3 days.

    Koda Kumi

    Yume no Uta
    Favorited on Oct. 4, 2006
    Loved for 1 day.


    Favorited on Sept. 29, 2006
    Loved for 5 days.

    Justin Timberlake

    My Love
    Favorited on Sept. 19, 2006
    Loved for 10 days.


    All That I Got (The Make Up Song)
    Favorited on Sept. 15, 2006
    Loved for 4 days.


    Favorited on Sept. 09, 2006
    Loved for 6 days

    John Mayer

    Favorited on Aug. 28, 2006
    Loved for 12 days


    Morris Brown
    Favorited on Aug. 22, 2006
    Loved for 6 days

    The Killers

    When You Were Young
    Favorited on Aug. 19, 2006
    Loved for 3 days.

    Van She

    Favorited on Aug. 13, 2006
    Loved for 6 days.
  • So Puuurdie :-)

    28. Jul. 2006, 7:55

    Awwww album covers...don't ya just love them?! Aren't they oh so very purdie ^__^

    And what's better than new album covers from hot female pop stars? I'll tell you what...NOTHING!

    So whose cover do you like best???

    Jessica Simpson for "A Public Affair"

    Beyonce for "B'Day" ...or

    Christina Aguilera for "Back to Basics"

    Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm it's so tough!!! But if I must choose, I guess I'd have to say >_< ughh dammit, it's so hard! Ok, My favorite is (drum roll) Jessica's! I guess I like hers because it's so simple, she's all au natural, me likey. But I love all three to death, I can't wait for the release of these albums, my mouth is watering!!!