A Silver Mt. ZionGod Bless Our Dead Marines Lieblingslied 2
Against Me!Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious Lieblingslied 8
Anne HathawayI Dreamed a Dream Lieblingslied 5
Antony and the JohnsonsHope There's Someone Lieblingslied 0
Anya MarinaSatellite Heart Lieblingslied 24
Arcade FireWake Up Lieblingslied 0
Arcade FireMy Body Is a Cage Lieblingslied 0
Archers of LoafChumming the Ocean Lieblingslied 6
Band of HorsesThe Funeral Lieblingslied 9
Basia BulatSnakes and Ladders Lieblingslied 20
Ben HowardThe Wolves Lieblingslied 8
Blind PilotThe Story I Heard Lieblingslied 19
BlurSong 2 Lieblingslied 1
Bomb the Music Industry!Campaign for a Better Next Weekend Lieblingslied 16
Bon IverSkinny Love Lieblingslied 20
Brand NewSoco Amaretto Lime Lieblingslied 31
Brand NewJesus Lieblingslied 13
Brand NewDegausser (acoustic) Lieblingslied 1
Bright EyesDon't Know When But a Day Is Gonna Come Lieblingslied 10
Bright EyesLua Lieblingslied 12
Bright EyesApproximate Sunlight Lieblingslied 7
Broken Social SceneLover's Spit Lieblingslied 5
Cage the ElephantShake Me Down Lieblingslied 7
Chad VanGaalenBlood Machine Lieblingslied 3
ChromaticsInto the Black Lieblingslied 10
Clem SnideMoment In The Sun Lieblingslied 44
Clem SnideAncient Chinese Secret Blues Lieblingslied 46
Clem SnideJoan Jett Of Arc Lieblingslied 46
Clem SnideBread Lieblingslied 45
Clem SnideThe Water Song Lieblingslied 39
Clem SnideLet's Explode Lieblingslied 45
Clem SnideNo One's More Happy Than You Lieblingslied 55
Clem SnidePray Lieblingslied 35
ClinicDistortions Lieblingslied 3
Cloud CultWashed Your Car Lieblingslied 5
ColdplayThe Scientist Lieblingslied 4
Colour RevoltMattresses Underwater Lieblingslied 15
Colour RevoltBlood In Your Mouth Lieblingslied 18
Damien JuradoCloudy Shoes Lieblingslied 3
Damien RiceDelicate Lieblingslied 1
Damien RiceThe Blower's Daughter Lieblingslied 4
Dan ManganSo Much For Everyone Lieblingslied 17
Dan ManganRobots Lieblingslied 22
Dan ManganThe Indie Queens Are Waiting Lieblingslied 22
Dan ManganBasket Lieblingslied 26
Dead Man's BonesMy Body's a Zombie for You Lieblingslied 4
Death Cab for CutieTiny Vessels Lieblingslied 6
Deer TickThe Sad Sun Lieblingslied 14
Deer TickGoodbye, Dear Friend Lieblingslied 21
Deer TickChrist Jesus Lieblingslied 17